Offshore Membership Group

MM&P vessels sail in the coastal trade between continental U.S. ports and Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories, as well as on international routes. Photos of some of the ships under MM&P Offshore contract can be viewed in our Photo Gallery.

There are 14 MM&P Offshore Halls nationwide. We share some of our union halls with the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (MEBA).

The Offshore Membership Group holds regular monthly meetings. The meetings are announced in the union’s electronic newsletter The Wheelhouse Weekly. To receive The Wheelhouse Weekly free of charge, click here.

As per the MM&P International Constitution, the Offshore Membership Group operates under the auspices of the five-member Offshore Advisory Committee (OAC). The members of the OAC include the three Offshore Area Vice Presidents (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific); the International President and the International Secretary-Treasurer. The OAC meets four times a year, usually at MM&P Headquarters.

Leadership of the Offshore divison consists of:
Thomas Larkin, Vice President – Atlantic Ports
Jeremy Hope, Vice President – Gulf Ports and Government Contracts
Lars Turner, Vice President – Vice President Pacific Ports

MM&P Offshore Group Hiring Hall Process

MM&P uses a hiring hall process whereby you register to ship and bid your dated national shipping card for a particular job. Certain jobs require specific training or a specific level of license. To find out more, contact your MM&P Area Vice President. The oldest dated card with the highest status has the opportunity to acquire the job first. If a Class A/1 member does not bid on the job, bidding continues until an applicant has a chance to bid on the job if he/she is qualified.

To sail in a professional capacity aboard any U.S.-flag vessel, you must have a valid Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC). The TWIC card is issued by the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration. To apply for a TWIC, go to the Department of Homeland Security’s official website.

Please keep in mind that training requirements must be met for every job. This includes members transferring to the Licensed Offshore Group, who must comply with STCW-95 requirements. An A-book or B-book member with an older card who does not meet the training requirements for that rating can lose the job to a lower book member or an applicant who does have the required training.

Also, please refer to your copy of the shipping rules (also posted on the MM&P Member’s section) to determine the exact time of job call in the port you are shipping out of. Your shipping card is a national shipping card and is valid for use in any of the hiring halls. The applicant’s card is valid for two years from the date of issue. The member’s shipping card is valid for one year from the date of issue.

All Offshore registration shipping cards are valid for shipping in any of the ports where the organization maintains a union hall. Port Relief Officer (PRO) cards are valid only in the registered port. You cannot be registered simultaneously in more than one port.

For Offshore union hall contact information, click here.