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MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly

Volume 29… Number 52, December 26, 2023


In This Issue:

Mark Your Calendar:

Attention All Mariners:

Job Opportunities:



Wishing all of our members and applicants at sea and ashore and your families a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.

For those at sea, and particularly those in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean, may you and your shipmates stay out of harm’s way and have uneventful voyages.
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The Winter 2023 issue of the MM&P magazine will be in your mailbox soon.

In the meantime, look for it online on bridgedeck.org under News and Announcements. In this issue:

— History was made when merchant mariners were allowed to participate—for the first time ever—in the Presidential Veterans Day wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery;

— Friends and family of Captain George Quick celebrate his life and achievements;

— Crew of USACE YAQUINA rescues drowning woman;

— Secretary of the Navy calls for new maritime strategy;

— MM&P salutes James T. Brady, who rescued thousands of refugees during the Vietnam War;

— EMPIRE STATE VII arrives at SUNY Maritime;

— MV MAHIMAHI teams up with San Francisco Bar Pilots to rescue man overboard;

— Shaver Transportation christens new tug.

MM&P officials, representatives and staff wish everyone happy holidays and a safe and healthy New Year!

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During the past 12 months, hundreds of thousands of American workers went out on strike… and won.

“It’s been a monumental moment for America’s labor movement,” said AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler in a message to the federation’s affiliates.

“In November, the UAW ratified powerful new contracts with each of America’s Big Three automakers: Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.”

“SAG-AFTRA reached an industry-defining agreement with the television and film industry studios.”

“The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 (UNITE HERE) reached its best tentative agreements ever with three Las Vegas titans: Caesars, MGM, and Wynn.”

“And the Detroit Casino Council reached a terrific tentative agreement for thousands of casino workers in Michigan.”

These landmark deals “will provide life-changing gains for America’s workers,” she said.

“And they were made possible by the unwavering strength of union members standing united for a better future, with all of our union family and people across the country standing in solidarity with them.”

“This moment is even bigger than these huge victories,” she added. “This is about the labor movement.”

“We’ve seen more than 300 strikes this year, involving more than 450,000 workers. Every industry. Every state.”

“Working people are reclaiming their power, taking on the companies that have given them the short end of the stick for too long.”

“Look at WGA, which won an extraordinary deal for Hollywood writers with the major film and television companies.”

“Look at OPEIU, IFPTE, and SEIU, which won a groundbreaking deal for health care workers with Kaiser Permanente.”

“Look at Starbucks stores all over this country. Two years ago, there were zero unions. Today, we have more than 360.”

“Workers are holding the line and standing in solidarity so that every worker gets the fair contract they deserve.”

“And we are growing our movement to bring in more working people, to elect more pro-labor leaders and to lead in the future of work on key issues like artificial intelligence and green energy jobs.”

“We can’t remember a moment when our movement had this kind of momentum. This is the story of how workers win.”

Masters, Mates & Pilots is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, the democratic, voluntary federation of 60 national and international labor unions that represent 12.5 million working people.
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Philly Shipyard held a keel-laying ceremony earlier this month for the fourth new state-of-the-art training vessel destined for America’s state maritime academies.

MARAD’s National Security Multi-Mission Vessel program was designed to provide world-class training for America’s future mariners and to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions in times of need.

The fourth NSMV is scheduled to be delivered to Texas A&M Maritime Academy in 2025.

Each NSMV features instructional spaces, a full training bridge, and accommodations for up to 600 cadets to train in a maritime academic environment at sea.

Congress appropriated funding to replace aging training vessels with NSMVs at SUNY Maritime College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Maine Maritime Academy, Texas A&M Maritime Academy, and California State University Maritime Academy.

The NSMVs will all be owned and operated by MARAD.

The first NSMV, TS EMPIRE STATE VII, was delivered to SUNY Maritime College in September.

NSMV 2 and NSMV 3 are both under construction in Philly Shipyard’s outfitting and building docks.
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A spokesperson for Maersk said Sunday in a statement that the company is preparing to resume shipping operations through the Red Sea.

Maersk had announced last week that because of the attacks by Houthi rebels, it would reroute ships to go around Africa via the Cape of Good Hope “to ensure the safety of our crew, vessels, and customers’ cargo.”

The company’s decision to resume operations in the Red Sea came after news that the U.S. and several other nations were launching a security force, Operation Prosperity Guardian, to protect merchant ships.

Other shipping companies have said they are also evaluating when to resume using the route.

The Houthis have been attacking ships using drones and short-range ballistic missiles.

The alternative route, around the Cape of Good Hope, adds about 3,500 nautical miles to the journey.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Maersk said that with the security initiative underway, “we are preparing to allow for vessels to resume transit through the Red Sea both eastbound and westbound.”

“We are currently working on plans for the first vessels to make the transit and for this to happen as soon as operationally possible.”

The company did add, however, that despite the security measures, “the overall risk in the area is not eliminated at this stage.”

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A chemical tanker operating in the Indian Ocean was struck by an Iranian attack drone on Saturday, a Pentagon spokesperson said.

The news was first reported by CNN.

“The motor vessel CHEM PLUTO, a Liberia-flagged, Japanese-owned, and Netherlands-operated chemical tanker was struck at approximately 10 a.m. local time (6 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time) today in the Indian Ocean, 200 nautical miles from the coast of India, by a one-way attack drone fired from Iran,” the official said in a statement.

“There were no casualties and a fire on board the tanker has been extinguished,” the spokesperson said.

India’s coast guard said there were 20 Indian crew members, and one Vietnamese, on board at the time of the attack.

After conducting damage assessment and repairs on its power generation systems, MV CHEM PLUTO headed to Mumbai with a coast guard patrol vessel escort.

Another chemical tanker operating in the southern Red Sea reported a “near miss” Saturday from an attack drone, a spokesperson for U.S. Central Command said.

Additionally, two “anti-ship ballistic missiles” were fired into the southern Red Sea from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen but did not hit any vessels, the statement said, and the USS LABOON, a Navy destroyer, shot down four aerial drones that were heading toward it.

The Pentagon said that more than 20 nations have so far signed on to Operation Prosperity Guardian, the maritime coalition formed to protect merchant ships in the southern Red Sea.

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A Ukrainian missile struck a Russian warship in the port of Feodosia in southeastern Crimea early Tuesday morning.

Ukraine’s Air Force released a statement saying that it had destroyed the landing ship, NOVOCHERKASSK.

A video that was reportedly shot by a local resident showed an explosion followed by a huge fireball.

“The fleet in Russia is getting smaller and smaller!” Mykola Oleshchuk, the commander of Ukraine’s Air Force, wrote in a post on the Telegram messaging app.

He noted that in 2022, Ukraine had sunk the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

This year, Ukraine has targeted the fleet several times: It struck a warship in August and hit the fleet’s headquarters in September.

Ukraine’s Air Force said it had used cruise missiles in Tuesday’s attack.

The NOVOCHERKASSK is a 360-foot-long landing ship that is capable of transporting as many as 10 tanks and hundreds of troops.

Analysts told The New York Times that judging by the size of the explosion, it was carrying a load of explosives.
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A court of appeals in Norway has affirmed a suspended prison sentence for the watch officer who was at the conn of the Norwegian frigate HELGE INGSTAD when it collided with a tanker in 2018.

“The root causes of the accident were entirely human error, primarily on the bridge of the warship,” according to Navy Lookout, a British publication of maritime news and analysis.

“It was a clear and calm night and there were no technical problems that contributed to the initial collision.”

The INGSTAD collided head-on with the SOLA TS off the Sture oil terminal in Norway’s Hjeltefjord on Nov. 8, 2018.

The frigate gradually sank on a rocky seabed near the terminal. All members of the crew escaped without injury. The vessel was a total loss.

A report from Norway’s Accident Investigation Board found that a significant share of the fault for the collision lay with the INGSTAD’s watchstanders, who said they thought that the oncoming tanker was a fixed object.

Despite extensive attempts at communication among the crew of the SOLA, the VTS center, and the INGSTAD, the frigate’s bridge team did not attempt to alter course until it was too late.

Norwegian prosecutors brought several criminal cases, but all were dropped except one: the officer of the watch aboard HELGE INGSTAD was convicted of criminal negligence and received a suspended sentence of 60 days in prison.

The officer contested the ruling and filed an appeal on the basis of the fact that he had just become an officer, there were others on the bridge, and he should not have been the only person held criminally liable.

In a unanimous verdict, the appeals court found him guilty and confirmed the 60-day suspended prison term.

“The defendant knew the competence and duties of the bridge team,” the court ruled.

“He was responsible for using the bridge team effectively.”

“Nevertheless, he never communicated anything to the others on the bridge about his insecurities related to the object on the starboard side or requested that the object be checked out.”
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All MM&P union halls, the MM&P Plan Office, the MM&P Federal Credit Union, and MM&P headquarters will be closed for the holidays on Dec. 22, Dec. 25, Dec. 29, and Jan. 1.
The Plan Office will be closed on Jan. 1-2, 2024.
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The MM&P United Inland Group has jobs available with Grand River Navigation, Weeks Marine, Cetacean Marine, and Key Lakes.

At Grand River Navigation on the Great Lakes, there are:

— licensed deck jobs for those with Great Lakes pilotage;

— jobs for open water mates with a Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR);

— licensed engineering jobs.

GRN now offers a signing/retention bonus of $3,000 to all mates and assistant engineers who complete the 2023 sailing season and return for the 2024 sailing season.

At Cetacean Marine, there are licensed and unlicensed engineering jobs.

At Weeks Marine, there are licensed and unlicensed engineering jobs aboard their growing fleet of dredges.

WMI is offering a $3,000 new hire sign-on bonus. It is payable in three payments of $1,000 each, the first $1,000 after the successful completion of the second hitch, the second $1,000 upon successful completion of the third hitch, and $1,000 upon successful completion of the fourth hitch.

Cross-shipping rights for Offshore applicants/members are available for licensed personnel, with sea time and points counting towards upgrading Offshore membership.

Key Lakes is looking for a mate with Great Lakes pilotage and an open-water mate.

The regular relief is for 30 days but could be modified if mutually agreed on.

These are long-term, permanent jobs.

For more information, go to the Jobs page on bridgedeck.org.

If you are interested, please contact UIG Vice President Tom Bell (tbell@bridgedeck.org or 216-776-1667) with any questions.
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CM needed for HAINA PATRIOT.

Positions available aboard Patriot LMSR’s at all levels including new vessels SEAY and PILILAAU.

Members and applicants who are interested in MSC training, please sign up with MITAGS and for those who do not qualify for training benefits yet, please email Jeremy Hope, VP Gulf and Gov’t Contracts at jhope@bridgedeck.org with the subject line MSC TRAINING.
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There are openings for engineers in the MM&P Offshore fleet and the Great Lakes & Gulf Region.

For engineering jobs in the Offshore Group, contact Atlantic Ports Vice President Tom Larkin, tlarkin@bridgedeck.org, or 201-963-1900.

For engineering jobs on the Lakes, contact MM&P Great Lakes & Gulf Region Vice President Tom Bell, tbell@bridgedeck.org, or (216) 776-1667.

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MITAGS is seeking a dynamic and experienced Instructional Design/LMS Administrator to work on the East Coast campus.

The role requires instructional design expertise and technical proficiency in managing Learning Management Systems.

The ideal candidate will play a pivotal role in designing, developing, and maintaining effective learning experiences through the integration of instructional design principles and LMS administration.

The position reports to the Instructional Design Coordinator for day-to-day activities and to the directors of the East and West Coast campuses for long- and short-term development strategy and funding needs.

Duties and responsibilities include:

— developing engaging and effective instructional materials, including e-learning modules, courses, and multimedia content;

— administering and maintaining the Learning Management System;

— providing training and support to instructors, content creators, and end-users on instructional design best practices and LMS functionality;

— conducting workshops and webinars to enhance the skills of internal stakeholders in instructional design and LMS usage.

Required qualifications include:

— Bachelor’s degree in Instructional Design, Education, or a related field;

— proven experience in instructional design and development of online learning materials;

— in-depth knowledge of Learning Management Systems, with experience in administration and troubleshooting;

— familiarity with multimedia tools and e-learning software;

— experience with popular Learning Management Systems (e.g., Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas).

Preferred qualifications include:

— Master’s degree in Instructional Design, Education Technology, or a related field;

— certification in instructional design or LMS administration;

— knowledge of maritime training standards.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact MITAGS Human Resources Manager Jane Sibiski: jsibiski@mitags.org.

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For registration contact our Admissions Department: 866.656.5568 or admissions@mitags.org

Classes are 5-day unless otherwise noted

Class dates followed by an * are full
AB – Able Seaman (5-Day): 01/22/24, 01/29/24

AIS-1 – Automatic Identifications Systems Orientation (1-Day): Not currently scheduled

ARPA-OIC– Automated Radar Plotting Aids (4-Day): 03/04/24

AZIPOD (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

BRM – Bridge Resource Management (5-Day): Not currently scheduled

BRMP –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

BRMP-EMR –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots with Emergency Shiphandling – (Now also included in BRMP-Refresher) (3-Day): Not currently scheduled

BRMP-Refresher (Now including Emergency Shiphandling for Pilots) (3-Day): Not currently scheduled

BT – Basic Safety Training (5-Day): 01/15/24*, 01/22/24, 05/06/24

BT-Revalidation (2-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years): 01/29/24, 03/18/24, 04/22/24, 06/10/24

BT-Refresher (3-day): 01/29/24*, 04/22/24, 06/10/24

CHS-OIC – Cargo Handling Basic (5-Day): 04/15/24

[CMM – Chief Mate and Master Courses]

ADVSTB-CMM – Advanced Stability (5-Day): 01/29/24, 04/29/24, 06/24/24, 10/07/24, 12/09/24

ADVWX-CMM – Advanced Meteorology (5-Day): 01/22/24, 04/22/24, 06/17/24, 09/23/24, 12/16/24

CHS-CMM – Advanced Cargo Operations (10 Days): 02/05/24, 10/14/24

CM-OPS 1 – Chief Mate Operations (5-Day): 02/26/24, 07/08/24

CM-OPS 2 Maersk – Chief Mate Operations II Maersk Specific (5-Day): 03/04/24, 07/15/24

CM-OPS 2 APL – Chief Mate Operations II APL Specific (5-Day): Not currently scheduled

ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (5-Day): 03/11/24, 08/12/24, 11/11/24

LMS – Leadership and Managerial Skills (Management Level – Formerly MCL-CMM) (5-Day): 03/18/24, 08/12/24, 11/04/24

MPP-CMM – Marine Propulsion Plants (5-Day): 03/11/24, 09/30/24

(DCS-1 available on request – contact Admissions)

SHMGT-CMM- Ship Management (5-Day): 02/26/24, 10/28/24

SHS-ADV-I-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 1) (5-Day): 01/08/24*, 02/19/24, 03/18/24, 04/08/24*, 05/06/24, 06/03/24, 07/08/24, 08/05/24, 09/09/24, 09/30/24, 11/04/24, 12/02/24

SHS-ADV-II-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 2) (5-Day): 01/15/24*, 02/26/24, 03/25/24, 04/15/24, 05/13/24, 06/10/24, 07/15/24, 08/12/24, 09/16/24, 10/07/24, 11/11/24, 12/09/24

**SHS-ADV-I & II are now approved to include SAR-CMM assessments at MITAGS**

VPEN-CMM – Voyage Planning & Electronic Navigation (5-Day): 02/19/24, 11/18/24

WKP-CMM – Advanced Watchkeeping (5-Day): 03/18/24, 09/16/24

WX-HW-ATL – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Atlantic Ocean (2-day) – Not Currently Scheduled

WX-HW-IND – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Indian Ocean (2-day) – Not Currently Scheduled

WX-HW-PAC – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Pacific Ocean (2-day) –01/27/24

CIW-DPA/IA – Continual Improvement Workshop: Designated Person Ashore & Internal Auditor (3-Day) ** This course is NOT covered by the MATES Program ** Online: Not Currently Scheduled

CIW-SMS – Continual Improvement Workshop: Successful Safety Management (2-Day) – Online: Not Currently Scheduled

CNAV-OIC– Celestial Navigation (15-Day): 05/06/24

CRISIS-COMMS – Crisis Communications (1-Day): Not currently scheduled

CRSMGT – Crisis Management and Human Behavior (1-Day): Not currently scheduled

CDMGT – Crowd Management (1-Day): Not currently scheduled

CSE – Confined Space Entry (3-Day): Not currently scheduled

CSE-AWR – Confined Space Entry Awareness (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

DDE – Great Lakes (20-Day): 02/05/24

ECDIS for Pilots (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

ERM – Engine Resource Management (5-Day): 04/08/24, 12/09/24

ADV-FF – Advanced Fire-Fighting (4-day): 02/19/24, 03/24/24

FF-BADV – Fire Fighting Combined Basic & Advanced (5-Day): 01/15/24*, 05/06/24

FF-ADV-Rev (1-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years) – Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation: 01/31/24, 03/20/24, 04/24/24, 06/12/24

FF-ADV-REF (2-day) – Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher: 02/01/24, 04/25/24, 06/13/24

FSM – Fatigue, Sleep, & Medications (1-Day): Not currently scheduled

Online: Not currently scheduled

GL-Pilot – Great Lakes Pilotage Familiarization (2-Day): 02/02/24

GMDSS – Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (10-Day): Not Currently Scheduled

HAZ – Hazardous Materials (5 day): Not Currently Scheduled

LAP – License Advancement Program for Mate to Master (20-Day): 03/04/24, 07/22/24

LAP-Great Lakes – License Advancement Program – Great Lakes (15-Day): 02/05/24

LAP-ORG3rd – License Advancement Program for Original 3rd Mate, Oceans, Any Gross Ton License (15-Day): 06/03/24

LEG – Legal Aspects of Pilotage (1-Day): Not Currently Scheduled

LNG-BADV – Basic and Advanced IGF Code Operations (3 Day): 01/08/24*, 02/07/24, 02/12/24*, 03/11/24*

LTS –Leadership and Teamworking Skills (Formerly MCL-OIC) (1-Day): 04/04/24

MEECE – Management of Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment (Assessments /not included): 04/01/24, 12/02/24

MED-PIC – Medical Person in Charge (10-Day): 01/08/24*, 04/01/24, 05/13/24, 08/19/24, 09/30/24

MED-PIC-REF– Medical Person in Charge Refresher: 01/22/24, 03/18/24, 05/26/24, 07/29/24, 11/18/24

MED-PRO – Medical Care Provider: (5-Day): 01/08/24*, 04/01/24, 05/13/24, 07/08/24, 08/19/24

MED-DOT-DA – Dept. of Transportation Drug & Alcohol Testing (1-Day): 01/13/24, 01/27/24, 03/14/24, 03/23/24, 04/06/24, 05/05/24, 05/18/24

[MSC – Military Sealift Command Courses]

MSC-CBRD-1 – Military Sealift Command Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defense Orientation (Basic) (1-Day): 02/29/24, 05/09/24, 06/07/24, 08/08/24, 09/12/24, 10/31/24

MSC-DC – Military Sealift Command Damage Control (2-day): 03/01/24, 05/10/24, 06/07/24, 08/09/24, 09/13/24, 11/01/24

MSC-ENVPRO (1-Day – Evening Class): 03/01/24, 05/10/24, 06/07/24, 08/09/24, 09/13/24, 11/01/24

MSC-FF-HELO (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

MSC-SMA – Military Sealift Command Small Arms Qualifications (4-Day): 01/08/24, 03/04/24, 05/13/24, 06/10/24, 07/15/24, 08/12/24, 09/16/24, 11/04/24

MSC-Security Watch Basic (1-Day/ 8-hour): 03/02/24, 05/11/24, 06/08/24, 08/10/24, 09/14/24, 11/02/24

MSC-Security Watch Advanced (1-Day): 01/08/24, 03/03/24, 05/12/24, 06/09/24, 07/14/24, 08/11/24, 09/15/24, 11/03/24

MSC-Ship’s Reaction Force (3-Day): 01/12/24, 03/08/24, 05/17/24, 06/14/24, 07/19/24, 08/16/24, 09/20/24, 11/08/24

NDMS-ENAV – Navigational Decision Making Series – Best Practice in eNav (3-Day): Not currently scheduled

NSAP-MMP – Navigational Skills Assessment Program-MM&P (2-Day): 01/22/24*, 01/24/24*, 05/13/24*, 05/15/24*, 08/19/24, 08/21/24, 12/09/24, 12/11/24

PSC – Personal Survival Craft (Lifeboatman) (5-Day): 01/29/24, 02/05/24

PSC-REF – Personal Survival Craft Refresher (2-Day): 01/25/24, 04/18/24

RFPNW – Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (3-day): 01/10/24

ROR-1 – Radar Observer Renewal (1-Day): Not Currently Scheduled

ROR-1N – Radar Observer Renewal Evening Classes (1-Night): 01/31/24, 04/24/24, 06/12/24

ROU-OIC – Radar Observer Program – Unlimited: 01/29/24, 02/26/24

SAR – Search & Rescue – (Now with OIC and CMM assessments) (3-Day): 04/01/24

SHS-BAS-OIC – Basic Shiphandling: 04/29/24

SHS-EMR5 – Emergency Shiphandling (5 Day): 03/04/24

STB-OIC – Ship Construction and Basic Stability: 04/05/24

TCNAV/CO – Terrestrial Navigation and Compasses (15-Day): 02/05/24

TPIC – Tankerman Person in Charge: 01/29/24, 03/04/24

TRAC-TUG-2 (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

TTT – ** NOT covered by the MATES Program **: Not Currently Scheduled

VPDSD – Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties: Not Currently Scheduled

VSO – Vessel Security Officer (3-Day): 02/19/24

WKP-OIC – Watchkeeping (Operational Level) (10-Day): Not Currently Scheduled

WX-OIC –Meteorology (Operational Level): 04/22/24
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You can enroll online at www.mitags.org or contact our Admissions Department 866.656.5568 or admissions@mitags.org

January 2024

8-12 Basic Training

15-18 Advanced Firefighting

22-26 Leadership & Managerial Skills

29-30 Basic Training Revalidation

29-31 Security Officer – Vessel, Company & Facility

29-2 Medical Care Provider

29-9 Medical Person-In-Charge

31st Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

February 2024

5-23 Celestial Navigation


19-23 Basic Training

19-1 GMDSS

19-23 Advanced Shiphandling I

26-27 Basic Training Revalidation

26-1 Advanced Shiphandling II

26-1 Able Seaman

28th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

March 2024

4-8 Meteorology – Operational Level

4-8 Advanced Stability


14th Flashing Light Assessment

18-22 Basic Training

25-26 Basic Training Revalidation

25-29 Able Seaman

27th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

April 2024

1-4 Advanced Firefighting

8-12 ECDIS

22-23 Basic Training Revalidation

24th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

May 2024

6-10 Basic Training

13-17 Medical Care Provider

13-24 Medical Person-In-Charge

20-22 Security Officer – Vessel, Company & Facility

30-31 Advanced Firefighting Refresher

June 2024

1-2 Basic Training Revalidation

1-3 Basic Training Refresher

3rd Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

3-7 Basic Training

3-21 Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation

24-25 Basic Training Revalidation

26th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
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