Wheelhouse Weekly – October 23rd, 2018

October 23rd 2018

Volume 23… Number 43… Oct. 23, 2018


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Maritime authorities in the United States have issued an alert regarding GPS interference in the area of Jeddah Port, Saudi Arabia.

On Oct. 15 and 18, according to the alert, GPS interference was reported in the vicinity of position 21-29N, 039-09E.

The authorities have said the reported incidents, which are said to have resulted in either inaccurate positions or no position, have not been confirmed.

Ships are advised to exercise caution when transiting the area.

See U.S. Maritime Advisory 2018-007 and for additional GPS info, including how to report GPS problems or anomalies.

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The United States wants the International Maritime Organization (IMO) pollution limits on ship fuels to be introduced in phases rather than all at once, a spokesperson for the White House said last week.

Under the IMO rule, unless ships are equipped with scrubbers, by 2020 they will not be allowed to use fuels with more than 0.5 percent sulfur, compared with 3.5 percent now.

In September, several shipping groups–and the Bahamas, Panama, Liberia and the Marshall Islands–also asked for the cap to be phased in over time rather than implemented all at once.

But IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim has insisted that the rollout will go forward as planned.

Nautilus, the union for British, Dutch and Swiss ships’ officers, says any delay in implementing the cap would expose seafarers to unacceptable health risks.

The union, which partners with MM&P and a number of other unions in the Nautilus Federation, has called for “robust enforcement of the cap from day one to ensure a level playing field for responsible operators who take their environmental concerns seriously.”

“The implementation of the 0.5 percent sulfur cap is a welcome and necessary step which will benefit not only the seafarers who are exposed to the toxic exhaust emissions on a daily basis, but also those living in coastal communities close to busy shipping lanes,” says Nautilus Professional and Technical Officer David Appleton.

Appleton cites statistics that show that a five-year delay in imposing the cap—as is being proposed by the shipping group Intercargo–would result in 200,000 premature deaths from lung cancer and heart disease.

A.P. Moller-Maersk, the world’s biggest container shipping group, has said it will add scrubbers to reduce harmful exhaust emissions to some of its ships ahead of the 2020 effective date for the rule.

“Using scrubber technology is a small part of–and just one of several elements in–our overall 2020 fuel sourcing strategy to ensure compliance in time,” a company spokesperson says.

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The bipartisan Save Our Seas (SOS) Act has been signed into law by President Trump.

The legislation is intended to stem the flood of trash and marine debris clogging the world’s waterways and shorelines.

Introduced by Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), it is aimed at strengthening national and international efforts to fight the epidemic of plastic waste and garbage that litters our coasts and pollutes the oceans, disrupting tourism and harming birds and marine life.

A bill to implement some of the safety recommendations made in the wake of the sinking of the EL FARO was incorporated into the SOS Act and has also become law.

The provisions call for strengthening the Coast Guard’s vessel inspection regime, helping ensure crews have all necessary safety equipment and timely weather forecast charts, and that in the event of an accident, voyage data recorders float free.

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With just a few weeks left before Election Day, the AFL-CIO has launched a huge digital ad campaign to mobilize working people across the country.

The online advertising push will deploy a blend of Facebook, Instagram and Google ads to boost labor-endorsed candidates in 27 gubernatorial, Senate and House races.

By Election Day, this single largest digital ad campaign in the AFL-CIO’s history will reach more than 10 million voters in 15 states.

It is part of a broader get-out-the-vote campaign that includes a nationwide member-to-member field program, direct mail and radio ads.

“In these final weeks, the labor movement is going to bring it home for pro-worker candidates at every level,” says AFL-CIO Communications Director Josh Goldstein.

“For months, we’ve been mobilizing our members and getting ready for this moment, winning key victories along the way. Now, we’re poised for a labor wave across the country and this creative digital campaign is a key part of it.”

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Weather forecasters say Hurricane Willa, traveling on a path towards Mexico’s western coast, has grown rapidly into an “extremely dangerous” storm.

On Tuesday morning, it was a Category 4, with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph.

The National Hurricane Center is predicting that Willa could produce “life-threatening storm surge,” wind and rainfall over portions of southwestern and west-central Mexico.

Tourist resorts and fishing villages in the area where the hurricane is expected to make landfall are under evacuation orders.

Hurricane center forecasters said up to 18 inches of rain would fall, raising the danger of flash flooding and landslides in mountainous areas of the country.

In combination with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, Willa is expected to bring significant rainfall from Texas all the way to the western Florida Panhandle.

Farther to the south, Tropical Storm Vicente weakened but was still expected to produce heavy rainfall and flooding over parts of southern and southwestern Mexico, where authorities said it was already responsible for at least 13 deaths.

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In accordance with federal regulations, the Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center (NMC) will issue duplicate Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMCs) free of charge to anyone whose credentials were lost or destroyed as a result of Hurricane Michael or subsequent flooding.

To obtain an expedited replacement credential, mariners should first provide “a statement of loss” to the NMC either by fax to (304) 433-3412 or e-mail to

The statement should contain the mariner’s full name, date of birth, mariner’s reference number or Social Security number, mailing address, phone number and/or e-mail address and a brief description of the circumstances surrounding the loss/destruction of the credential.

Unless otherwise requested, any duplicate MMCs issued by means of the process above will include a corresponding Medical Certificate.

The agency says it will make every effort to have duplicate credentials mailed out the next business day.

Alternatively, mariners may submit a CG-719B, Application for MMC, to one of the Regional Examination Centers with the information above.

If the credential is unserviceable due to damage, or if a lost credential is subsequently found, the damaged or newly located credential should be mailed to Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard, National Maritime Center, 100 Forbes Drive, Martinsburg, WV 25404.

For questions, visit the NMC website or contact Customer Service by e-mailing, using the online chat system or calling 1-888-IASKNMC (427-5662).

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A mariner found unconscious in a refrigerated tank aboard a fishing trawler on Aug. 14 was killed by lack of oxygen, according to the UK Marine Accident Branch.

The accident took place when the fishing boat SUNBEAM was tied up at a pier in Fraserburgh, Scotland.

According to the authorities, the crew had pumped out a refrigerated salt water tank and opened its lids for cleaning.

The second engineer entered the tank sometime afterwards, the authorities said, probably to sweep out the remaining water.

After an unspecified amount of time, other crewmembers saw him lying unconscious at one end of the tank.

Three of them jumped in to save him, but they soon became dizzy and disoriented.

One managed to escape; the other two were pulled to safety by crewmembers equipped with breathing apparatus.

All three of the would-be rescuers recovered fully, but the second engineer could not be saved.

The authorities said that tests of the atmosphere in the tank determined that the level of oxygen at the bottom was less than six percent, well below the recommended minimum of 19.5 percent, and well within the potentially fatal range.

Freon R22, a refrigerant gas, was also found in samples.

Freon is much heavier than air and tends to settle towards the bottom if released in a confined space, displacing the breathable atmosphere.

The inspectors concluded that Freon had escaped from failed tubes into the seawater side of the system, which carried it into the salt water tank.

MAIB reminds all seagoing professionals that confined space work is particularly hazardous and that crews should use defined plans for confined space entry and for confined space rescues.

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The Union Boot Pro is expanding.

Now at the, besides a wide selection of American-made, union-made work boots, you can find work clothes that are made by union members here in the United States.

Recent additions to the product line include heavyweight winter work socks, layered acrylic knit-work hats, face masks, beanies and an arctic thermal-lined heavyweight hi-vis hoodie, all woven, sewn, knitted and union-made in the USA.

Also new to the site: 1620 Workwear, a line of work shirts and work/shop pants that use modern fabric technologies to achieve unprecedented comfort, quality and functionality.

Use discount code 1620TEN for $10 off first purchase.

The Union Bootpro offers lifetime discounts for union families and retirees, as well as free shipping.

Call The Union Bootpro for the best union member price M-F 10-5 Wisconsin time: 1-800-723-5384.

Or go to

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MM&P Atlantic Ports Vice President Don Josberger will hold an Offshore Membership Meeting at the Charleston Union Hall on Friday, Oct. 26, at 1100.

MM&P President Don Marcus and Great Lakes & Gulf Vice President Tom Bell will also attend the meeting.

All Offshore members in the area are encouraged to attend.

The Charleston Union Hall is located at 1481 Tobias Gadson Blvd., Suite 2C, Charleston, SC 29407-4794.

The phone number is 843-766-3565.

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All MM&P union halls, the MM&P Plan Office, the MM&P Federal Credit Union and MM&P headquarters will be closed on Monday, Nov. 12, for Veterans Day.

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is seeking a marine accident investigator to serve in the Office of Marine Safety in Washington, D.C.
The position closes on Oct. 29.

It is posted under USA Jobs Announcement number MS-10319958-19-SS.

The incumbent will provide experience and expertise in marine accident investigations, marine operations and marine safety.

This includes organizing and managing the investigation of major marine accidents, the on-scene fact-finding of the investigations, and all related group activities in order to develop all the pertinent facts, conditions and circumstances surrounding the accident.

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The mid-term elections are right around the corner.

Do you know whether your member of Congress stands with American mariners and the U.S.-flag fleet?

To find out, go to, enter the Members’ Only site and click on “Who We Support.”

There you will find the list of all the Congressional candidates who have received a contribution from the MM&P Political Contribution Fund (PCF) and/or the ILA COPE for their 2018 races as well as others who we support for election on Nov. 6.

The list will be periodically updated as additional information about the candidates and their position on issues important to the Masters, Mates & Pilots become available.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, send an e-mail to

And remember, every MM&P member, pensioner and employee should contribute to the union’s political contribution fund!

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MITAGS-PMI is interested in receiving photo submissions from MM&P members for use on the official MITAGS-PMI social media platform.

The goal is to document members’ voyages. As suggestions, photos can be of events and sights onboard, crewmembers at work or scenic locations.

If you are interested in sharing photos, please send them with caption information to or

Be sure to tell us whether you would like to be credited for the photo.

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MITAGS needs your current address! Have you moved recently? Did you remember to send MITAGS your new address for communications regarding courses? Please send your current contact information to or to the fax number below.

New dedicated fax line for Admissions only: 1-443-568-1928. For all other MITAGS business, please continue to use: 410-859-5181.

For class availability or information on MITAGS courses and programs, contact Amanda Meadows, Admissions Coordinator, toll-free at 866-656-5568 or by e-mail:

Why not try our on-line calendar to register for class:

For Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) processing, MMC problem resolution advice, STCW compliance and VA GI-Bill questions, contact MITAGS-PMI Student/Instructional Services Manager Jennifer Pitzen at 206-739-0720 (direct line); (888) 893-7829 (toll free); or by e-mail:

Please include your Mariner Reference Number, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number in all emails.

\\Classes are 5-day unless otherwise noted\\

Class dates followed by an * are full

AB – 4/15/19

AIS-1 – Automatic Identifications Systems Orientation (1-Day): 5/2/19

ARPA-OIC (4-Day) – Automated Radar Plotting Aids: 1/15/19, 4/2/19

AZIPOD (2-Day) – 3/11/19, 5/2/19

BRM-35 – Bridge Resource Management: 2/18/19

BRMP –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots (2-Day): 12/19/18, 1/29/19, 3/11/19, 4/9/19

BRMP-EMR –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots with Emergency Shiphandling – (Now also included in BRMP-Refresher) (3-Day): 3/13/19, 4/29/18

BRMP-Refresher (Now including Emergency Shiphandling for Pilots) (3-Day) – Not currently scheduled

BT – Basic Safety Training: 1/14/19, 4/8/19

BT-Revalidation (2-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years) – 10/31/18, 12/18/18, 2/5/19, 3/6/19, 4/3/19, 4/30/19, 6/19/19

BT-Refresher (3-day) – 12/17/18, 2/4/19, 3/6/19, 4/29/19

CHS-OIC – Cargo Handling Basic: 4/29/19

[CMM – Chief Mate and Master Courses]

ADVSTB-CMM – Advanced Stability: 12/10/18*, 1/14/19, 3/11/19, 6/10/19

ADVWX-CMM – Advanced Meteorology: 12/3/18, 1/7/19, 4/8/19, 6/3/19

CHS-CMM – Advanced Cargo Operations (10 Days): 3/18/19

CM-OPS 1 – Chief Mate Operations – Week 1: 3/18/19, 5/6/19

CM-OPS 2 Maersk – Chief Mate Operations II Maersk Specific: 3/25/19, 5/13/19

ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display Information Systems: 11/12/18, 3/25/19

LMS – Leadership and Managerial Skills (Management Level – Formerly MCL-CMM): 11/26/18, 2/18/19, 5/20/19

MPP-CMM – Marine Propulsion Plants: 4/15/19 (DCS-1 available on request – contact Admissions)

SEC-APPS – Practical Defense Tactics: Not Currently Scheduled

SHMGT-CMM- Ship Management: 10/29/18, 2/25/19

SHS-ADV-I-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 1): 11/5/18*, 11/26/18*, 1/21/19, 2/4/19, 3/4/19, 3/18/19, 4/8/19, 4/29/19, 5/13/19, 6/3/19, 6/17/19

SHS-ADV-II-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 2): 11/12/18*, 12/3/18*, 1/28/19, 2/11/19, 3/11/19, 3/25/19, 4/15/19, 5/6/19, 5/20/19, 6/10/19, 6/24/19

**SHS-ADV-I & II now approved to include SAR-CMM assessments at MITAGS effective immediately**

VPEN-CMM – Voyage Planning & Electronic Navigation: 4/1/19

WKP-CMM – Advanced Watchkeeping: TBD

WX-HW-ATL – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Atlantic Ocean (2-day) – 3/11/19, 6/10/19

WX-HW-IND – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Indian Ocean (2-day) – 3/15/19, 6/14/19

WX-HW-PAC – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Pacific Ocean (2-day) – 3/13/19, 6/12/19

CNAV-OIC (10-Day) – Celestial Navigation: 4/8/19

CRISIS-COMMS – Crisis Communications (1-Day): 2/19/19

CRSMGT – Crisis Management and Human Behavior (1-Day) – Not currently scheduled

CDMGT – Crowd Management (1-Day) – Not currently scheduled

CSE – Confined Space Entry (3-Day): Contact Admissions

CSE-AWR – Confined Space Entry Awareness (2-Day): 5/23/19

CY-MAR – Cyber-Skilled Mariner – 12/10/18
DDE – Great Lakes (20-Day): 1/21/19, 6/3/19

DPA (2-Day) – Contact Admissions

ECDIS for Pilots (2-Day) – 12/17/18, 2/18/19, 4/30/19

ERM – Engine Resource Management: 11/26/18, 3/4/19, 4/22/19

FF-BADV – Fire Fighting Combined Basic & Advanced: 1/14/19, 4/8/19

FF-ADV-Rev (1-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years) – Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation: 10/30/18*, 12/20/18, 2/7/19, 3/5/19, 4/2/19, 5/2/19, 6/18/19

FF-ADV-REF (2-day) – Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher: 12/15/18, 3/9/19, 4/27/19

FSM – Fatigue, Sleep, & Medications (1-Day): 1/29/19, 4/9/19

GL-Pilot – Great Lakes Pilotage Familiarization (2-Day): 1/18/19

GMDSS – Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (10-Day): 3/4/19

HAZ – Hazardous Materials (5 day): 12/10/18, 4/15/19

IEN – Integrated Electronic Navigation (3-Day) – Not currently scheduled

LAP – License Advancement Program for Mate to Master (20-Day): 2/25/19*

LAP-Great Lakes – License Advancement Program – Great Lakes (20-Day): 1/21/19

LAP-ORG3rd – License Advancement Program for Original 3rd Mate, Oceans, Any Gross
Ton License (15-Day): 6/3/19

LEG – Legal Aspects of Pilotage (1-Day): 1/30/19, 3/12/19, 4/10/19, 4/30/19

LNG-TPIC (10-Day) – 12/3/18

LTS –Leadership and Teamworking Skills (Formerly MCL-OIC) (1-Day): 4/1/19

MEECE – Management of Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment (Assessments not included): 12/3/18, 2/25/19, 4/29/19

MED-PIC – Medical Person in Charge (10-Day): 11/26/18*, 1/21/19, 3/18/19, 5/6/19

MED-PIC-REF– Medical Person in Charge Refresher: 1/7/19, 3/11/19, 6/24/19

MED-PRO – Medical Care Provider: 11/26/18*, 1/21/19, 3/18/19, 5/6/19

MED-DOT-DA – Dept. of Transportation Drug & Alcohol Testing (1-Day): 10/29/18, 12/1/18, 12/21/18, 1/12/19, 1/26/19, 2/8/19, 3/9/19, 3/23/19, 4/1/19, 5/3/19, 5/11/19, 6/17/19

[MSC – Military Sealift Command Courses]

MSC-CBRD-1 – Military Sealift Command Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defense Orientation (Basic) (1-Day): 11/14/18, 2/22/19, 5/21/19, 6/5/19

MSC-DC – Military Sealift Command Damage Control (2-day): 11/12/18, 2/18/19, 5/21/19, 6/5/19

MSC-ENVPRO (1-Day) – 11/4/18, 2/24/19, 6/2/19

MSC-FF-HELO (2-Day) – 10/31/18, 6/3/19

MSC-SMA – Military Sealift Command Small Arms Qualifications (4-Day): 11/5/18*, 1/7/19, 2/25/19, 5/13/19, 6/9/19

MSC-Security Watch Basic (1-Day) – 11/2/18, 2/23/19, 5/12/19, 6/7/19

MSC-Security Watch Advanced (1-Day) – 11/3/18*, 1/11/19, 3/1/19, 5/17/19, 6/8/19

MSC-Ship’s Reaction Force (3-Day) – 11/9/18*, 1/13/19, 3/2/19, 5/18/19, 6/13/19

NSAP-MMP – Navigational Skills Assessment Program-MM&P (2-Day) – 11/12/18*, 11/14/18*, 12/17/18*, 12/19/18*, 1/24/19*, 3/18/19, 4/22/19, 4/24/19, 6/24/19, 6/26/19

ROR-1 – Radar Observer Renewal (1-Day): 1/14/19

ROR-1N – Radar Observer Renewal Evening Classes (1-Night): 10/31/18*, 11/7/18, 11/14/18, 11/28/18, 12/5/18, 12/12/18, 12/19/18*, 1/9/19, 1/30/19, 2/5/19, 2/20/19, 3/6/19, 3/20/19, 4/3/19, 4/17/19, 4/24/19, 4/30/19, 5/8/19, 5/15/19, 6/5/19, 6/12/19, 6/19/19

ROU-OIC – Radar Observer Program – Unlimited: 1/7/19, 3/4/19

SAR – Search & Rescue – (Now with OIC and CMM assessments) (3-Day): 12/17/18, 4/21/19

SHS-BAS-OIC – Basic Shiphandling: 1/28/19, 5/13/19

SHS-EMR5 – Emergency Shiphandling (5 Day) – 10/29/18*, 12/10/18*, 2/25/19*, 4/1/19, 6/17/19

STB-OIC – Ship Construction and Basic Stability: 1/21/19

TCNAV/CO – Terrestrial Navigation and Compasses (15-Day): 1/28/19

TPIC – Tankerman Person in Charge: 1/14/19, 4/8/19

TRAC-TUG-2 (2-Day): Contact Admissions

TTT – Not currently scheduled

VPDSD – Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (1-Day): 2/14/19, 4/23/19

VSO – Vessel Security Officer (3-Day): 2/11/19, 4/24/19

WKP-OIC – Watchkeeping (Operational Level) (10-Day): 2/18/19

WX-OIC –Meteorology (Operational Level): 3/18/19

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Summer-Fall 2018

For registration, contact our admissions department: 206.441.2880 or

Please also see our schedule and enroll online at

October 2018
31-1 Basic Training Revalidation
31-5 Basic Training Refresher

November 2018
2nd Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
5th Radar Renewal
5-8 Advanced Firefighting
5-9 Basic Training
12-14 Security Officer – Vessel, Company, and Facility
13-16 Advanced Firefighting
16th Medical DOT
16th Vessel Personnel w/ Designated Security Duties (VPDSD)
19-20 Basic Training Revalidation
21st Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
26-30 Radar Observer Unlimited
29-30 Basic Training Revalidation

December 2018
3rd Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
3-7 Leadership & Managerial Skills
3-7 Medical Care Provider
3-14 Medical Person-In-Charge
10-13 ARPA
10-14 Basic Training
14th Radar Renewal
14th Medical DOT
14-18 Basic Training Refresher
17-18 Basic Training Revalidation
17-20 Search & Rescue
18-21 Advanced Firefighting
19th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

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