Wheelhouse Weekly – October 13, 2000

October 13th 2000


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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 41. . . October 13, 2000



On Oct. 11, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed a lawsuit lodged by the American Maritime Officers (AMO) against the Military Sealift Command, which had sought to declare invalid the LMSR contract that had been awarded to Patriot Holdings, a MM&P employer.

Judge William B. Bryant found that AMO lacked standing to challenge the award because they were not employed by a successful bidder and because AMO had not challenged the alleged faulty offering until they were sure that an AMO contractor had not been awarded the contract. MM&P and SUP vigorously challenged AMO’s lawsuit by filing a Motion to Intervene and by fully participating in court hearings and filings.

On August 12, 1998, the Military Sealift Command had issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) which sought bids for the maintenance and operation of 11 Large Medium Speed Roll-on/Roll-off LMSR ships, including 5 that had been manned by Bay Ship Management, an AMO employer. The RFP contemplated the award of a five year contract and allowed bidders to negotiate lower fringe benefits on years two through five when ships were operating in Reduced Operational Status (ROS).

Although AMO complained about that provision they did not file a formal complaint, but instead negotiated an agreement with their unsuccessful contract bidder, AMSEA, on the same basis as all other bidders. It was only after MM&P-contracted Patriot Holdings was awarded the contract that AMO brought a formal complaint.

In dismissing the action, Judge Bryant stated:

“Not only did Plaintiff willingly enter into [Collective Bargaining Agreements] with contractors (in particular AMSEA, which submitted the next lower bid) that submitted non-[Service Contract Act]-compliant bids, but also Plaintiff waited until after the contract was awarded to launch its formal complaint as it did in MARAD (a previous case). One can easily presume that in the event Plaintiff’s contractor won the bid then it would not have filed the complaint. However, by waiting until the contract was awarded, Plaintiff is no longer able to claim an interest in the procurement thus eliminating its right to redress under the SCA.”

MM&P and the Sailors Union of the Pacific had joined together in filing Intervention Motions to oppose AMO. Both unions will begin to crew these LMSR ships beginning in November. It is not known whether AMO will file an appeal, but such an appeal would not prevent Patriot from taking over the Contract. As the court noted, “it is worth noting that MSC has now reformed the contract with Patriot so that it is fully compliant with the SCA.”

Any inquiries should be to addressed to John Singleton, International Counsel for MM&P at 410-850-8700×19 or Email:

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On Tuesday, October 10, MM&P’s Matson contract negotiating team met with Matson officials at MM&P headquarters in Linthicum Heights. Progress continues to be made towards a new contract. The next round of bargaining is set for October 19 at Matson’s offices in San Francisco. In addition to MM&P, Phil Clegg, Secretary-Treasurer of the American Radio Association, was present as an observer.

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A harbor work boat that was helping to moor a US Navy destroyer in the ancient Arabian port of Aden, Yemen, suddenly exploded alongside the ship Thursday morning, October 12, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 35 more.

Though severely damaged, the USS COLE was not in danger of sinking, Navy officials said. The massive blast left a hole 20 feet high and 40 feet wide in the warship’s armored hull which is made of half-inch-thick steel plates.

The destroyer, en route to the Persian Gulf, was on a routine refueling stop that was scheduled to last only a few hours. The crew, including armed sailors watching from the deck, had no reason to suspect the 20-foot tender boat, which had secured a line from the warship to a mooring buoy and appeared to be returning for another line when it pulled along the COLE’s port side and exploded in an apparent suicide attack, Navy officials.

U.S. military forces around the world went on heightened security alert after the explosion. The US State Dept. has issued a travel advisory for Americans tansisting the area and has closed embassies in the Middle East and Africa.

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The Journal of Commerce reports that the next development in protecting seafarers from the rising incidence of pirate and terrorism attacks is an armored life jacket said to resist knife and bullet penetration. Weighing about 7 pounds, the Lorica Armoured Lifevest is lightweight body armor encased in a high-tensile polymer fabric combining buoyancy and water resistance as well as protection. The jacket is being tested by German customs in the Baltic and has been ordered by police in Thailand, said the British firm that devised the vest.

Sales inquiries for the vests have ranged from a naval service wanting 5,000 units to an individual private yachtsman voyaging for seven months through some known pirate-infested waters.

William O’Neill, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, has commended the project as “timely in view of the global increase in maritime crime–especially piracy.” Others supporting the idea include the International Maritime Bureau arm of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. The IMB operates an antipiracy center in Malaysia, which said the project would be of clear importance to law enforcement.

Attacks on merchant shipping jumped 40% in the first half of the year over the 1999 period. The International Maritime Bureau says 25% of the 161 piracy incidents worldwide were in Indonesian waters, already notorious for danger. Other bad areas include the Malacca Strait–one of the world’s trickiest and busiest waterways, dividing Malaysia and Indonesia–Bangladesh and India.

Southeast Asia had more than half the 285 piracy cases reported worldwide in 1999, IMB figures show. A total of 158 attacks took place in the region, up from 99 in 1998.

The governments of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore promised previously to increase round-the-clock patrols in the Straits of Malacca. Marine police of the three countries launched joint patrols to check what they term ‘robberies at mid-sea.’ Malaysian air force reconnaissance aircraft and naval vessels also regularly patrol the route.

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The following classes are available:

  • 10/30-11/05: MED-1ST; FF-ADV; DCS; SHS-EMR; BRM
  • 11/6-12: BRM, CBRD-1, BRMP
  • 11/13-19: BST, BRM, ROP, VPM, COMP-OPS, SMA, DC
  • 11/27-12/3: MED 1st, HAZ, BRM, WX-HWA, ARPA, EINS, TPIC, TTT
  • 12/11-17: BST, SHS-INT II, BRM, ROP, COMP-NET, CBRD-1

VPM Class: More attendees are still required to run the Vessel Personnel Management class as scheduled on Nov.13. Class will be canceled if four more persons are not confirmed by Oct.30.

MSC Classes: A package of Small Arms and Damage Control will be offered at MITAGS from November 14 through 19. The Small Arms will be four days and the Damage Control will take place on the weekend. Call or Email Mike Wein at (443) 989-3238 or Email: for info.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Course changes are posted on the MITAGS website as soon as they are made and are also updated in the Wheelhouse Weekly. It is highly recommended to check with Mary Matlock, MITAGS Admissions, for the latest course info. She may be reached at: Voice: 410-859-5700 ext. 3246; Fax: 410-859-5181; Email:

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Ballots were mailed to all members eligible to vote in the MM&P 2000 election on Aug.21. Members who have not received a ballot should contact MM&P Controller John Gorman at 410-850-8700×12 or Email, to request a duplicate ballot request form. To be counted ballots must be received at the collection facility by Monday, Nov. 20.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Since the Wheelhouse Weekly is usually distributed before the markets close on Friday, the numbers cited will be from Thursday’s close unless otherwise specified.



-690.34 for the week



-397.42 for the week

We have also received requests to list the following six funds that are representative of many members’ IRAP holdings in Vanguard and Chase Mutual Funds. In future weeks, the change up or down for the week will also be indicated for the stock averages quoted above and the mutual funds listed below:

 Vanguard 500 Index Fund


 -9.82 for the week

 Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund


 -3.35 for the week

 Vanguard International Growth Fund


 -1.14 for the week

 Vanguard Morgan Growth Fund


 -1.95 for the week

 Vanguard Windsor II Fund


 -0.91 for the week

 Chase Growth Fund


  -1.25 for the week

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