Wheelhouse Weekly – November 16, 2001

November 16th 2001


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Volume 5. . . . . Number 46. . . November 16, 2001





The Maritime Executive, a magazine which carries the subtitle “Intellectual Capital for Executives”, features MITAGS Executive Director Glen Paine in its Third Quarter 2001 edition. MITAGS and maritime security training is also slated to be spotlighted in the magazine’s upcoming Fourth Quarter 2001 edition “Case Study” section.

In the interview, Paine discusses the new STN Atlas full mission ship’s bridge simulators which are being put in place at MITAGS. When asked about the current bridge simulators, Paine explained that “our present simulator has the functionality and level of sophistication that we think is competitive within the training industry today. However, with the bridge systems in the new generation of ships and boats today more technologically advanced, we felt that it was necessary for our simulator training system to mirror these advances.”

Paine remarked that “we chose the STN Atlas ANS5000 system due to its robust operating system design, advanced graphics platform and strong worldwide support. During an extensive review of available simulation systems, we found the STN Atlas system to display unusually high fidelity and rich textured graphics, coupled with precise and accurate ship simulation behavior.”

The new simulator, which is expected to be on-line at the beginning of 2002, employs joystick steering from Kanewa and backup tiller steering from Raytheon-Anschtuz. “The complete training system will be constructed to DNV Class A simulator standards and configured for one-man bridge operations, as defined under the DNV Watch-1 certification rules,” said Paine. For more info about The Maritime Executive magazine and to read selected excerpts from their print publication, visit their website at

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The actions of the officers and crew of the MM&P-contracted NPR MAYAGUEZ were honored at last week’s Admiral of the Ocean Seas Award ceremony in New York City for their rescue of five people 70 miles off of the coast of Cape Canaveral last April 5. As previously reported in the Wheelhouse Weekly, the MAYAGUEZ rescued the crew of the sailboat SPINNING JENNY OF LUNE as it was taking on water after a fierce storm. The MAYAGUEZ crew was commended for their quick response and dedication that successfully led to the rescue of five lives.

Citations of honor were also bestowed on many New York harbor watercraft operators who repeatedly sailed into harms way to evacuate and provide transportation for the survivors of the Sept.11 terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center. Those honored included MM&P’s Sandy Hook Pilots Association and MM&P-contracted US Army Corps of Engineers.

Among those honored for lifetime achievement was Erik Johnsen, President of the MM&P-crewed International Shipholding Corp. which includes Central Gulf Lines and Waterman Steamship Corp. After graduating from the US Merchant Marine Academy, he became a member of MM&P and sailed both for the US Navy and the private sector. Along with his brother and late father, he grew the shipping company from a one-vessel operation 50 years ago to a Fortune Top 50 transportation company having assets of more than $600 million today.

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In response to the recent economic downturn, MM&P-contracted Matson Navigation Company, is reducing its Hawaii Service fleet from eight to seven ships beginning in early December.

The revised fleet schedule will better match capacity with current freight demands and allow the company to operate its ocean transportation services more cost effectively. With the new schedule, Matson will offer seven arrivals from the U.S. mainland every 14 days, providing the state with a total of 182 round-trip voyages annually.

The new schedule continues to provide customers with the best frequency in the trade. From Southern California, Matson will offer twice weekly service, with direct sailings from Los Angeles to Honolulu every Saturday and Wednesday.

From Northern California, the schedule offers twice weekly service, with direct sailings every Tuesday and every other Friday from Oakland to Honolulu. The alternate Friday sailings will include a Los Angeles call prior to Honolulu. The Pacific Northwest service will continue to offer a weekly Sunday departure.

The seven ship fleet schedule will have no impact on the company’s Neighbor Island service to and from the U.S. Mainland. All three of the company’s Neighbor Island barges will remain in service.

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The House-Senate conferees on the Fiscal Year 2002 appropriations legislation for the Departments of State, Justice, Commerce, the Judiciary and related agencies including the Maritime Administration have completed their work. The agreed upon legislation, HR 2500, includes FY’02 appropriations in the amount of $98.7 million for the Maritime Security Program. That is the exact amount needed and requested by the Administration.

There is also $33 million for the Title XI Shipbuilding program which is $33 million more than the Administration had requested but less than the industry had wanted. HR 2500 was passed 411-15 in the House on Nov.14 and was sent to the Senate.

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William Schubert, the Bush Administration’s nominee to head the Maritime Administration, experienced smooth sailing yesterday during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee. Senate approval of Capt. Schubert to head the Maritime Administration is now expected after the Thanksgiving recess.

Schubert, is a Texan who graduated the US Merchant Marine Academy in 1974 and runs a marine consulting business in Pinehurst, Texas. He formerly worked for MARAD in its Washington office, and has about a dozen years of seagoing experience and holds an unlimited master’s license.

He enjoys wide support within the maritime industry. Among the issues Schubert will face if confirmed is developing a replacement for the Maritime Security Program, the US-flag vessel subsidy program that expires in 2005.

The program has come under fire from some foreign shipowners that participate because of its requirement that most vessels in the program be operated by US-owned and operated ship management companies.

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Earlier this week, Rear Admiral David Brewer III (USN), Commander of the Military Sealift Command, updated the Washington, DC Propeller Club on the MSC’s recent activities and future outlook.

Some points he made included:

  • In surveys with MSC civilian mariners, it was found that the driving factors are vacation or leave time, on-time relief and money. The MSC is working those issues and has initiated a four-month tour of duty option for our CIVMARS. MSC is also streamlining the ship assignment process, improving pay and adding recruiting and retention bonuses.
  • Another way MSC is working on retention is through education. MSC is helping ordinary seamen to upgrade so they can move up. Since the ordinary seaman to able seaman upgrade program was started, the MSC has promoted 68% of the almost 300 participants. On the officer side, 67% of program participants have earned their engineer license.
  • Force protection, not often considered a hot-button issue until after the terrorist attack on USS Cole in Yemen, is now the number one concern. Port and container security and screening are also issues of concern.

Speaking of the future, the Admiral said there will be many educational opportunities opening up for MSC mariners through distance learning via the Internet. MSC ships are being equipped so crews can take advantage of hundreds of courses offered through the Navy’s E-learning portal courses. The MSC is also exploring with the USCG the possibility of distance learning for portions of the new standards of training, certification and watchkeeping.

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“The Charleston 5 situation has been resolved,” reports Cathy Howell of the North Carolina AFL-CIO, who credits the victory to months of solidarity work by union activists around the country.

According to a report provided by the Metropolitan Washington, DC, AFL-CIO, all five ILA defendants, originally threatened with prison terms and huge fines, walked free after pleading no contest to a minor misdemeanor charge and paying $100 fines. “Thanks especially to all of you who rode the bus to Columbia or raised money for the defense fund!” says Howell.

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STCW-95 Certificate

Please note that schedule above shows classes available through January. Remember that merely having completed all required courses does not satisfy the STCW-95 requirement. You will need to have the certificate in hand in order to sail on February 1, 2002. Processing times at Coast Guard Regional Examining Centers are already long and the workload will only increase between now and the first of February. MITAGS will continue to make every effort to expand capacity to accommodate demand but it is still possible that you may end up with all requirements complete except for one — the STCW-95 certificate itself! Don’t delay!


Class “No Shows”

The demand for STCW-95 courses has served to highlight both the frequency and impact of “no shows”. An empty seat is not only a lost training opportunity but also a waste of resources. Obviously, there will be occasions when an empty seat is unavoidable, but often, with timely notification, Admissions can move someone from the “standby” list to fill the seat. Please make every effort to inform Admissions when you realize that circumstances will preclude your attendance as scheduled.


Openings in Classes Through the End of the Year

  • 11/26-30: BRM, TPIC, HAZ
  • 12/1: ROR
  • 12/3-7: BRM, FF-ADV
  • 12/10-21: GMDSS
  • 12/10-14: BRM, COMP-NET, DCS
  • 12/17-21: FF-ADV, ARPA, COMP-MAR
  • 12/17-20: SMA

Schedule Info

Schedule through June 2002 is being maintained on the website. Hard copies of the January-June 2002 schedule have been mailed to the halls. Check the MITAGS website at: for up-to-date info. For additional course info, contact Mary Matlock at voice: 443-989-3226 or Email:

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Openings in classes through December

  • 12/3-7: ARPA
  • 12/10-14: ARPA, GMDSS, BRM
  • 12/17-21: ARPA, BRM

The first Medical Person-In-Charge course will commence on February 18, 2002 in Seattle. Successful candidates will receive STCW certificates in Elementary First Aid, Medical First Aid Provider and Medical Person in Charge.

Registration is available on-line at

For further info, contact:

    Gregg Trunnell, Director Pacific Northwest Maritime Institute 2333 Third Avenue Seattle, WA 98121-1711

Phone: 206-239-9965; Fax: 206-441-2995; Email:

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+323.60 for the week


 +81.47 for the week
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