Wheelhouse Weekly – November 12th, 2019

November 12th 2019

Volume 24… Number 45… Nov. 12, 2019


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The campaign by Alaska’s Republican governor to defund and privatize the Alaska Marine Highway System will do irreparable harm to residents of coastal communities and to the state as a whole.

The Maritime Alliance unions warn of the consequences of the plan—which is already being put into effect–in the November 2019 issue of their newsletter, “Delivering the Goods.”

Today, all but three of the 11 AMHS ferries have been laid up, and the future of the entire system is in doubt.

Critics say Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R)–now the object of a recall campaign–pushed through the defunding plan to further his own short-term goals.

“It doesn’t take a political scientist to understand his motivations,” the MLA unions write.

“It is all too clear that the ferry system—a first-rate government service–is losing the funding it needs to serve a portion of the state population that in many locations is isolated, underprivileged and less vocal.”

“In short, it is an easy political target.”

Ferries are the only transportation available to many residents of Alaska’s island communities.

Hundreds of Alaskans have rallied in the state capital, Juneau, to protest the cuts and the governor’s plan to privatize the AMHS.

“A privately operated for-profit ferry service of sufficient magnitude to serve these communities is destined to fail,” the unions say.

“Public services are just that—services to the public. Ferry services, like highways, city transit systems and public services, are rarely positioned to be self-sustaining or to generate profits.”

The governor has also pushed through deep cuts in education, health care and other social services.

In the meantime, Alaskans have set a record with their “Recall Dunleavy” campaign, collecting over 49,000 signatures in just four weeks.

The MLA member unions are: the American Radio Association, the Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association and Masters, Mates & Pilots.

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MM&P has joined 32 other transportation sector unions in calling on Congress to help rebuild the country’s maritime industry by enabling development of a domestic short sea shipping industry.

“By supporting a domestic short sea shipping industry, we can create good U.S. jobs, enhance sound environmental and energy policies and relieve congestion on highways—all with minimal cost to taxpayers,” the unions said in one of six policy statements issued by the AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department at the end of its autumn Executive Committee meeting.

MM&P was represented at the TTD meeting by International Secretary-Treasurer Don Josberger.

The major obstacle standing in the way of development of a domestic short sea shipping sector is the Harbor Maintenance Tax, which is levied on waterborne cargo when it arrives in a second U.S. port.

The result is that unlike truck or rail freight, waterborne cargo is subject to double taxation.

To add insult to injury, much of the money derived from the HMT—which was originally intended to finance dredging projects and port improvements—is diverted by legislators to fund non-maritime projects.

“This discriminatory double taxation creates a significant economic disincentive for shippers to use waterborne transportation to move cargo from one U.S. destination to another,” TTD says.

“It must be repealed.”

“In addition to reducing freight congestion, short sea shipping would help rebuild our U.S. maritime industry,” TTD adds.

“And since short sea shipping would take place between U.S. destinations… [covered by the Jones Act], the vessels would be crewed by U.S. mariners afforded the fair pay, benefits and safety that come with a union contract.”

“It is imperative that our government pursue responsible transportation policies that support our growing population and commercial needs, while also addressing environmental challenges,” TTD unions say.

“Short sea shipping will not only help address these needs, it will be an important middle-class job creator in a vital part of our national intermodal transportation network.”

In policy statements issued at the end of its Oct. 30 meeting, the TTD Executive Committee also called for:

— an injection of money into federal transportation programs, to be funded by a modest gas tax hike;

— strong labor protections for new funding and public-private partnerships, as well as for workers in public transportation;

— domestic sourcing—or “Buy America”—provisions;

— limits on the ride-sharing industry, which misclassifies workers as independent contractors and undercuts public transportation; and

— new measures to help stop the nationwide epidemic of assaults against public transit workers.

America’s economy moves with transportation workers.

Congress must rise to the challenge and provide the support they need to carry out their jobs.

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With Boeing pledging to return the 737 Max to service early next year, members of the Air Line Pilots Association are speaking out, calling for changes to the FAA certification process and a seat at the table for professional airline pilots.

The failures that caused the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes must be thoroughly identified, and all necessary corrective actions implemented, writes ALPA President Joe DePete in an OpEd published in USA Today.

“While we cannot know the depth of grief that the families and loved ones of the 346 victims of the Ethiopian Airlines and Indonesian Lion Air accidents are experiencing, the Air Line Pilots Association shares in the determination to leave a legacy of safety improvements in their honor,” he writes.

“For airline pilots, ensuring the highest standards of safety has always been at the forefront of our flying careers.”

The failures that caused the two 737 Max accidents touch on areas that include aircraft design, certification and pilot training, he writes.

ALPA is advising industry regulators to make modifications to the certification process, including the rules that govern the approval of “derivative models.”

“The experience of line pilots who operate these aircraft every day must not be overlooked, and ALPA experts must have the opportunity to review both new aircraft and iterative designs to provide our valuable input,” he writes.

“Finally, a minimum of two well-trained, highly qualified pilots in the cockpit for every flight must be the global standard for aviation safety.”

“ALPA is committed to ensuring North America’s aviation system remains the safest in the world, and we will be vital to the Max’s safe return to service,” he writes.

“We will never stop fighting against those who put profits before the safety of passengers and crews.”

ALPA and MM&P partner with 31 other transportation sector unions in the AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department.

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The San Francisco Bay Area and Vicinity Port Maritime Council honored Captain George Quick, a champion of maritime labor, at its October meeting.

Quick is vice president of the MM&P Pilot Membership Group and an international expert on maritime law, regulations and policy.

Delegates to the monthly San Francisco Port Council meeting unanimously passed a resolution honoring him on Oct. 13, his 90th birthday.

The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, Captain George Quick has been a member of the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots since 1951, and has been the Vice President, Pilot Membership Group, of the Union since 1982, and

WHEREAS, Captain George Quick throughout his nearly seven-decade career has been a stalwart advocate for working and retired mariners of all ranks and ratings, sailing aboard ships under the flags of all nations, including especially the United States, and

WHEREAS, Captain George Quick relentlessly pressed for national and international regulation that is favorable to seafarers, that protects the rights of seamen, that prevents de-skilling and commodification of maritime expertise, that sustains and expands seagoing jobs, and that brings a measure of dignity to the maritime workplace, and

WHEREAS, Captain George Quick has advocated for these principles in ports around the world, as well as before the U.S. Congress in Washington, and as a member of the delegation of the International Transport Workers’ Federation to the International Maritime Organization in London, and

WHEREAS, Captain George Quick is viewed as an expert in all aspects of maritime law, policy and regulation and continues to inspire members of MM&P and other maritime labor organizations with his knowledge and vision of maritime matters, and as such is a treasured hero of the U.S. Merchant Marine, and

WHEREAS, Captain George Quick is about to celebrate a milestone birthday,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Maritime Trades Department San Francisco Bay Area and Vicinity Port Council, at its regular meeting on October 9, 2019, adopts this resolution by unanimous vote and herewith recognizes and thanks Captain Quick for his tireless efforts and considerable achievements on behalf of mariners throughout the world and wishes him a Happy 90th Birthday and continued success.

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Our armed forces relied on America’s merchant mariners to carry supplies, cargo and personnel into both theaters of operation during World War II.

They paid a heavy price in service to their country: thousands perished, and thousands more were wounded; dozens were captured and tortured.

The Merchant Marine suffered the highest per capita casualty rate in the U.S. armed forces during World War II.

The contributions of these brave mariners have been overlooked for far too long.

In September, legislation to honor World War II merchant mariners with a Congressional Gold Medal was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives.

The measure would authorize a Congressional Gold Medal to collectively honor World War II merchant mariners.

The gold medal would be displayed at the American Merchant Marine Museum at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in New York.

Duplicates would be struck and made available to the public.

The bipartisan House bill, which was sponsored by Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), had amassed 290 cosponsors before it was brought to the floor for the vote.

A companion bill in the Senate, introduced by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R), has 41 cosponsors but has not yet been scheduled for a vote.

You can view the list of cosponsors of S 133 at

If your senators have not yet added their names to the list of cosponsors, please remind them of the crucial role American mariners played in the Allied victory in World War II.

You can call your senator through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

You can also send a ready-made letter to your members of Congress by signing on to the U.S. Navy League campaign at:

It is time we show our gratitude to these brave veterans and honor the sacrifices they made on behalf of our nation.

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The towering inflatable rodent known as “Scabby,” long a familiar figure at strikes nationwide, is in the crosshairs of the National Labor Relations Board.

Judges and courts have consistently found that use of the inflatables is a protected form of free speech.

But Scabby and other giant union protest balloons have been the object of a recent series of memos and court filings by the NLRB, which now has a majority of members appointed by President Trump.

Scabby’s supporters worry that he could soon be exterminated by the board, which argues that use of the balloons constitutes illegal picketing, in particular when a campaign involves “a secondary target.”

A secondary target would be, for example, a business that uses a contractor who employs non-union labor.

The board has gone to court this year to stop a construction union from using the rat and a giant cockroach in protests against three Staten Island supermarkets.

That case is ongoing, but on July 1 U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufi, siding with LIUNA affiliate Construction & General Building Laborers Local 79, denied the board’s request.

“As a threshold matter,” he ruled, “the court notes that Local 79’s peaceful use of stationary, inflatable rats and a cockroach to publicize a labor protest is protected by the First Amendment.”

The judge went a step further, warning the NLRB that “serious constitutional concerns” would be raised if the balloons were to be banned.

Unions have been using the inflatables for at least three decades.

Besides Scabby, with his bloodshot eyes, buckteeth and protruding, scab-covered belly, there is also Greedy Pig, a giant swine wearing a fancy vest and a pinky ring, whose pockets are stuffed with cash.

Another inflatable, Fat Cat, is a cigar-smoking feline, dressed in a suit, holding a bag of money in one hand and a union worker by the neck in the other.

NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb, appointed by Trump in 2017 after a long career representing management in labor disputes, is seeking a reinterpretation of federal labor laws that in certain cases would classify the use of inflatables, including Scabby, as “unlawful coercion” of businesses that don’t directly employ protesting workers.

His efforts so far have involved memos and cases brought in lower-level courts, but they may well be the opening shots in a formal NLRB ruling against Scabby.

If that happens, a serious court fight over the First Amendment and labor rights would ensue.

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All MM&P union halls, the MM&P Federal Credit Union, MM&P headquarters and the MM&P Plan Office will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 28 and Friday, Nov. 29 for Thanksgiving.

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MITAGS is interested in receiving photo submissions from MM&P members for use on the official MITAGS social media platforms.

The goal is to document members’ voyages and promote the maritime industry. As suggestions, photos can be of events and sights onboard, crewmembers at work or scenic locations.

If you are interested in sharing photos, please send them with caption information to MITAGS Marketing Manager Lindsay Moran, at

Be sure to tell us whether you would like to be credited for the photo.

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MITAGS needs your current address! Have you moved recently? Did you remember to send MITAGS your new address for communications regarding courses? Please send your current contact information to or to the fax number below.

New dedicated fax line for Admissions only: 1-443-568-1928. For all other MITAGS business, please continue to use: 410-859-5181.

For class availability or information on MITAGS courses and programs, contact Amanda Meadows, Admissions Coordinator, toll-free at 866-656-5568 or by e-mail:

Why not try our on-line calendar to register for class:

For Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) processing, MMC problem resolution advice, STCW compliance and VA GI-Bill questions, contact MITAGS-PMI Student/Instructional Services Manager Jennifer Pitzen at 206-739-0720 (direct line); (888) 893-7829 (toll free); or by e-mail:

Please include your Mariner Reference Number, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number in all emails.

Classes are 5-day unless otherwise noted

Class dates followed by an * are full

AB – Able Seaman – 4/13/20, 8/17/20, 10/5/20

AIS-1 – Automatic Identifications Systems Orientation (1-Day): 9/4/20

ARPA-OIC (4-Day) – Automated Radar Plotting Aids: 1/14/20, 3/31/20

AZIPOD (2-Day) – 3/9/20, 4/30/20

BRM-35 – Bridge Resource Management: 2/24/20, 5/11/20, 8/3/20, 9/28/20

BRMP –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots (2-Day): 1/15/20, 3/9/20, 3/31/20, 4/30/20, 5/18/20, 7/13/20, 9/15/20

BRMP-EMR –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots with Emergency Shiphandling – (Now also included in BRMP-Refresher) (3-Day): 3/11/20, 4/27/20, 7/15/20, 10/7/20

BRMP-Refresher (Now including Emergency Shiphandling for Pilots) (3-Day) – Not currently scheduled

BT – Basic Safety Training: 2/24/20, 4/20/20, 8/10/20, 10/12/20

BT-Revalidation (2-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years) – 10/29/19, 12/17/19, 2/4/20, 3/4/20, 4/2/20, 4/28/20, 6/15/20, 7/28/20, 8/31/20, 9/23/20, 10/28/20, 12/15/20

BT-Refresher (3-day) – 12/16/19, 3/4/20, 4/27/20, 7/27/20, 9/23/20, 12/14/20

CHS-OIC – Cargo Handling Basic: 4/6/20

[CMM – Chief Mate and Master Courses]

ADVSTB-CMM – Advanced Stability: 12/16/19, 2/3/20, 4/13/20, 6/8/20, 7/27/20, 10/5/20, 11/30/20

ADVWX-CMM – Advanced Meteorology: 12/9/19, 1/27/20, 4/6/20, 6/15/20, 8/3/20

CHS-CMM – Advanced Cargo Operations (10 Days): 2/10/20

CM-OPS 1 – Chief Mate Operations – Week 1: 12/2/19*, 3/16/20, 6/1/20, 8/24/20

CM-OPS 2 Maersk – Chief Mate Operations II Maersk Specific: 12/9/19*, 3/23/20, 6/8/20, 8/31/20

CM-OPS 2 APL – Chief Mate Operations II APL Specific – 12/2/19*, 3/9/20*

ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display Information Systems: 12/2/19, 3/9/20, 6/1/20, 8/17/20, 11/9/20

LMS – Leadership and Managerial Skills (Management Level – Formerly MCL-CMM): 12/16/19, 3/2/20, 4/20/20, 6/22/20, 8/10/20, 11/16/20, 12/14/20

MPP-CMM – Marine Propulsion Plants: 1/13/20, 9/14/20 (DCS-1 available on request – contact Admissions)

SEC-APPS – Practical Defense Tactics: Not Currently Scheduled

SHMGT-CMM- Ship Management: 10/28/19, 1/6/20

SHS-ADV-I-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 1): 12/2/19*, 1/13/20, 2/10/20, 3/2/20*, 3/16/20, 4/13/20, 4/27/20, 6/1/20, 6/15/20, 7/20/20, 8/10/20, 9/14/20, 9/28/20, 10/12/20, 11/2/20, 1/30/20

SHS-ADV-II-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 2): 12/9/19*, 1/20/20*, 2/17/20, 3/9/20, 3/23/20, 4/20/20, 5/4/20, 6/8/20, 6/22/20, 7/27/20, 8/17/20, 9/21/20, 10/5/20, 10/19/20, 11/9/20, 12/7/20

**SHS-ADV-I & II are now approved to include SAR-CMM assessments at MITAGS**

VPEN-CMM – Voyage Planning & Electronic Navigation: 2/24/20

WKP-CMM – Advanced Watchkeeping: 1/20/20

WX-HW-ATL – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Atlantic Ocean (2-day) – 5/18/20

WX-HW-IND – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Indian Ocean (2-day) – 5/22/20

WX-HW-PAC – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Pacific Ocean (2-day) – 5/20/20

CIW-DPA/IA – Continual Improvement Workshop: Designated Person Ashore & Internal Auditor (3-Day) ** This course is NOT covered by the MATES Program ** – 6/24/20, 10/14/20

CIW-SMS – Continual Improvement Workshop: Successful Safety Management (2-Day) – Not currently scheduled

CNAV-OIC (15-Day) – Celestial Navigation: 4/27/20

CRISIS-COMMS – Crisis Communications (1-Day): 2/21/20

CRSMGT – Crisis Management and Human Behavior (1-Day) – 2/14/20, 7/24/20

CDMGT – Crowd Management (1-Day) – 2/13/20, 7/23/20

CSE – Confined Space Entry (3-Day): 7/20/20

CSE-AWR – Confined Space Entry Awareness (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

CY-MAR – Cyber-Skilled Mariner ** This course is NOT covered by the MATES Program ** – Not currently scheduled

DDE – Great Lakes (20-Day): 2/3/20

ECDIS for Pilots (2-Day) – 11/21/19, 1/20/20, 4/30/20, 7/20/20

ERM – Engine Resource Management: 12/9/19, 3/9/20, 6/8/20, 8/17/20, 12/7/20

FF-ADV – Advanced Fire-Fighting (4-day) – 1/13/20

FF-BADV – Fire Fighting Combined Basic & Advanced: 2/24/20, 4/20/20, 8/10/20, 10/12/20

FF-ADV-Rev (1-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years) – Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation: 12/19/19, 2/6/20, 3/2/20, 4/1/20, 4/30/20, 6/17/20, 7/30/20, 9/2/20, 9/22/20, 10/27/20, 12/17/20

FF-ADV-REF (2-day) – Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher: 12/14/19, 3/7/20, 4/25/20, 7/25/20, 9/26/20, 12/12/20

FSM – Fatigue, Sleep, & Medications (1-Day): 1/7/20, 4/7/20, 9/15/20

GL-Pilot – Great Lakes Pilotage Familiarization (2-Day): 3/14/20

GMDSS – Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (10-Day): 3/16/20, 8/24/20

HAZ – Hazardous Materials (5 day): 11/18/19, 4/13/20, 8/24/20, 11/16/20

IEN – Integrated Electronic Navigation (3-Day) – Not currently scheduled

LAP – License Advancement Program for Mate to Master (20-Day): 1/6/20*, 7/27/20, 9/28/20

LAP-Great Lakes – License Advancement Program – Great Lakes (15-Day): 3/9/20

LAP-ORG3rd – License Advancement Program for Original 3rd Mate, Oceans, Any Gross
Ton License (15-Day): 6/1/20

LEG – Legal Aspects of Pilotage (1-Day): 1/8/20, 3/12/20, 4/8/20, 5/18/20, 9/16/20

LNG-TPIC (10-Day) – Not currently scheduled

LTS –Leadership and Teamworking Skills (Formerly MCL-OIC) (1-Day): 5/26/20

MEECE – Management of Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment (Assessments not included): 12/2/19, 3/16/20, 6/15/20, 8/24/20, 11/30/20

MED-PIC – Medical Person in Charge (10-Day): 12/2/19*, 1/20/20, 3/16/20, 5/4/20, 7/6/20, 9/28/20, 11/30/20

MED-PIC-REF– Medical Person in Charge Refresher: 1/6/20, 3/9/20, 6/22/20, 8/17/20, 10/19/20

MED-PRO – Medical Care Provider: 11/18/19, 1/20/20, 3/16/20, 4/13/20, 5/4/20

MED-DOT-DA – Dept. of Transportation Drug & Alcohol Testing (1-Day): 12/7/19, 12/20/19, 1/11/20, 1/25/20, 2/7/20, 3/21/20, 3/31/20, 5/1/20, 5/9/20, 6/18/20, 7/11/20, 9/3/20, 9/21/20, 10/3/20, 10/26/20, 12/5/20, 12/18/20

[MSC – Military Sealift Command Courses]

MSC-CBRD-1 – Military Sealift Command Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defense Orientation (Basic) (1-Day): 2/20/20, 5/21/20, 6/3/20, 8/5/20, 9/11/20, 11/10/20

MSC-DC – Military Sealift Command Damage Control (2-day): 2/18/20, 5/19/20, 6/1/20, 8/3/20, 9/9/20, 10/30/20

MSC-ENVPRO (1-Day) – 2/23/20, 5/31/20, 8/2/20, 11/1/20

MSC-FF-HELO (2-Day) – Not currently scheduled

MSC-SMA – Military Sealift Command Small Arms Qualifications (4-Day): 1/6/20, 2/24/20, 5/11/20, 6/7/20, 7/6/20, 8/9/20, 9/14/20, 11/2/20 (2020 dates may shift based on gun range availability)

MSC-Security Watch Basic (1-Day) – 2/21/20, 5/10/20, 6/4/20, 8/6/20, 9/12/20, 11/2/20

MSC-Security Watch Advanced (1-Day) – 1/5/20, 2/22/20, 5/15/20, 6/5/20, 7/10/20, 8/8/20, 9/13/20, 11/6/20 (2020 dates may shift based on gun range availability)

MSC-Ship’s Reaction Force (3-Day) – 1/10/20, 2/28/20, 5/16/20, 6/11/20, 7/11/20, 8/14/20, 9/18/20, 11/7/20 (2020 dates may shift based on gun range availability)

NDMS-ENAV – Navigational Decision Making Series – Best Practice in eNav (3-Day) – 1/22/20

NSAP-MMP – Navigational Skills Assessment Program-MM&P (2-Day) – 11/18/19*, 11/20/19, 12/16/19, 12/18/19, 1/13/20*, 3/16/20, 4/9/20, 6/22/20, 6/24/20, 7/13/20, 8/31/20, 9/2/20, 10/26/20, 10/28/20, 12/14/20, 12/16/20

RFPNW – Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (3-day) – Not currently scheduled

ROR-1 – Radar Observer Renewal (1-Day): 1/13/20

ROR-1N – Radar Observer Renewal Evening Classes (1-Night): 12/18/19, 3/6/20, 3/7/20, 4/27/20, 4/28/20, 7/27/20, 9/15/20, 12/14/20

ROU-OIC – Radar Observer Program – Unlimited: 1/6/20, 7/27/20

SAR – Search & Rescue – (Now with OIC and CMM assessments) (3-Day): 12/2/19, 3/28/20

SHS-BAS-OIC – Basic Shiphandling: 2/3/20, 5/18/20, 8/24/20, 10/19/20

SHS-EMR5 – Emergency Shiphandling (5 Day) – 11/18/19, 12/16/19*, 1/27/20*, 3/30/20, 5/4/20, 7/13/20, 8/31/20, 11/16/20, 12/14/20

STB-OIC – Ship Construction and Basic Stability: 1/20/20, 8/3/20

TCNAV/CO – Terrestrial Navigation and Compasses (15-Day): 1/27/20, 7/6/20

TPIC – Tankerman Person in Charge: 1/6/20, 5/11/20, 7/6/20

TRAC-TUG-2 (2-Day): 2/17/20

TTT – ** This course is NOT covered by the MATES Program ** Not currently scheduled

VPDSD – Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (1-Day): 2/9/20

VSO – Vessel Security Officer (3-Day): 2/10/20, 4/6/20, 5/27/20, 9/9/20

WKP-OIC – Watchkeeping (Operational Level) (10-Day): 2/17/20

WX-OIC –Meteorology (Operational Level): 3/2/20

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November 2019
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18-19 Advanced Firefighting Refresher
18-20 Security Officer – Vessel, Company, & Facility
18-22 Radar Observer Unlimited
18-22 Advanced Watchkeeping
25-27 Search & Rescue

December 2019
2-6 Leadership & Managerial Skills
2-20 License Preparation (Mate Level)
3-6 Advanced Firefighting
9-12 ARPA
9-13 Basic Training
13th Radar Renewal
16th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
17-18 Basic Training Revalidation

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