Wheelhouse Weekly – November 03, 2000

November 3rd 2000


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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 44. . . November 3, 2000



MM&P-contracted Patriot Contract Services, the government services arm of American Ship Management, held a week-long training session at MM&P HQ this week. Attending the seminar were 14 MM&P deck officers and 14 MEBA engine officers who will be among those to crew the Military Sealift Command’s 10 Large Medium Speed Ro/Ros (LMSRs) that Patriot will now be managing.

Patriot’s management of these vessels was reaffirmed after a Federal Judge dismissed a lawsuit lodged by the American Maritime Officers (AMO) which sought to have the MSC-Patriot contract declared invalid. (Full details can be found in the 10-13-00 edition of the Wheelhouse Weekly.)

The intensive five-day course covered both company and MSC polices and standard operating procedures. Peter Bullenkamp, MSC Surge Program Manager, addressed the group today. On Tuesday, Vice Admiral Gordon S. Holder, MSC Commander and former MARAD Administrator Vice Admiral Albert Herberger (USN, ret.) who is currently the Vice Chairman of ASM and its affiliated companies, spoke to the group on the importance of their new mission and the vital role they will now play within the MSC.

(In a presentation at the Ship Operations Cooperative Program meeting the same day at MITAGS, Admiral Holder also took the opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to the CIVMAR government fleet program in which MM&P is also a partner.)

MM&P officials, MEBA President Larry O’Toole and SUP President Gunnar Lundeberg were among union representatives that observed portions of the training and addressed the group.

Patriot corporate officers at the seminar included Sandy Jones, Executive Vice President, Archie Morgan, Senior Manager of Labor Relations, John Howe, LMSR Program Manager, Mike Gaffney, LMSR Fleet Manager, Keith Smith LMSR Port Engineer, Christian Jones, Assistant Manger of Safety, Quality and Loss Control, and Bobbi Wolf, Staff Manager.

Three of the LMSR vessels, the USNS SHUGHART, USNS YANO, and USNS GORDON are currently located in Norfolk, VA and plans now call for Patriot to assume management responsibilities next week. The USNS GILLILAND will come under Patriot management during the second week of December.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


As previously reported, the MM&P web site contains a current listing of those candidates seeking election or reelection to the US Senate and US House of Representatives recommended by the MM&P’s Political Contribution Fund for support by all those interested in and concerned about the survival and growth of the US-flag merchant marine.

These candidates, from both political parties, have indicated their support for the Jones Act, cargo preference, the Maritime Security program, tax equity for merchant mariners and other maritime tax reform proposals important to a strong US-flag merchant marine. They are listed state-by-state in the “” section of this web site.

In addition, it is extremely significant that both Presidential campaigns have released statements regarding the maritime industry.

The Gore/Lieberman team’s statement says in part the following:

“Our military is absolutely dependent on US-flag ships and American seafarers to deploy our forces worldwide and to keep them supplied once overseas. A robust US merchant marine, a fleet that is US-built, US-owned, and US-crewed, is necessary for America’s continued economic success and national security in the 21st century.

“To enhance our nation’s sealift capacity and bolster its national security capabilities … it is essential that the Maritime Security Program adequately be funded and properly sized to be able to meet our Defense sealift requirements.

“As US trade grows in the 21st century, the Gore-Lieberman Administration will strive to find solutions to the challenges faced by American ships in those trades, so that as our trade grows, so will our US-flag fleet and the number of jobs for American seafarers aboard those ships. We also will maintain the ability to address unfair foreign shipping practices and to preserve the right of the United States to enact programs necessary to our maritime industry in international trade negotiations.

“Time and again, experienced mariners and the maritime industry have proven their willingness and ability to meet often daunting challenges in support of our national interests. From World War II to Korea and Vietnam, from Desert Storm to the Balkans and dozens of incidents in between, our country’s merchant mariners and maritime industry have served as the fourth arm of national defense. As we enter the 21st century, we pledge to support the industry as it seeks solutions to those challenges, just as it has continued to support our national defense and economic security.”

The Bush-Cheney team’s statement on maritime transportation says in part the following:

“Safe, reliable, and efficient marine transportation of goods and passengers is essential to sustaining growth in the US economy and to our international trade. In time of war or national emergency, the US military depends on shipping and seafarers drawn from the US-flag commercial fleet to deploy our military overseas and to transport the supplies necessary for them to fight and to win anywhere in the world.

“To compete in the global economy of the 21st century, Governor Bush believes the United States needs a maritime policy tailored to 21st century needs. Programs that have contributed to the growth of our domestic fleet, such as the Jones Act, and those that guarantee intermodal cargo lift and management services when needed in time of crisis or conflict, such as the Maritime Security Program, should be maintained. Additionally, Governor Bush will vigorously pursue negotiations aimed at ending international practices that disadvantage our industry.”

The International Longshoremen’s Association, the MM&P’s parent organization, and the AFL-CIO, have endorsed Vice President Al Gore for election to the Presidency.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The balloting period for the MM&P election ends in a little over two weeks from today. In order to be counted, ballots are due back at the collection facility on or before Nov.20. Members who have not received a ballot should contact MM&P Controller John Gorman at 410-850-8700×12 or Email, to request a duplicate ballot request form. The ballot count will take place on Nov.21 beginning at 1000 hrs. at MITAGS.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


A five-day USCG approved Heavy Weather Avoidance (HWA) course will be conducted by MITAGS at the Sea Education Association facility in Woods Hole, MA on Dec.4-8. This course is specifically designed for vessel masters as well as shoreside managers who are required to make vessel routing and movement decisions.

HWA stresses proper understanding & integration of vessel operational limits and capabilities with weather analysis and forecasting. Emphasis is placed on integrating elements of human performance, wind and wave analysis & forecasting and vessel stability into methods for making timely, accurate and appropriate weather and routing decisions.

Numerous class exercises show application of first principles and allow examination of real world scenarios. Hurricane plotting using 1-2-3 rule, wave formation and propagation, use of satellite imagery in conjunction with surface and 500 Mb charts are just a few of the subjects covered.

Successful completion of a final exam awards participants with 10 days of sea-service credit and exceeds STCW-95 requirements for showing proficiency in weather and oceanographic conditions (Section A-ll/2 and table A-II/2 of STCW-95 code).

For registration and course cost contact Capt. Peg Brandon at Sea Education Association via Email ( or by phone: 800-552-3633×1924. For detailed info on course curriculum contact Michael Carr, MITAGS Instructor of Marine Weather and Safety at

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The Maritime Casualty Conference & Expo (MarCas) will take place at MITAGS on Nov.14-15. The regular, single attendee registration fee for the Conference is $495.00. MITAGS has secured a special discounted price of $250.00 for all MM&P Offshore Members with eligibility to attend MITAGS. For those with an interest in attending, conference, registration can be accomplished through the MarCas website, Indicate that you are an Offshore member of the MM&P and are eligible to attend MITAGS.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The following classes are available:

  • 11/6-17: MED-PIC
  • 11/13-17: ROP, VPM, COMP-OPS, BST
  • 11/27-12/1: MED-1st, HAZ, WX-HWA, EINS, TPIC
  • 12/4: ROR
  • 12/4-8: COMP-APS
  • 12/11-15: ROP, COMP-NET, BST

DC class: A few spots still remain in the MSC certified Damage Control class to be held at MITAGS the weekend of Nov 18-19.

Original Third Mate: Inaugural course will start on Jan.8 and run for 10 weeks with the 10th week being the USCG exam. The course is designed for ABs who have started their sea careers before 8-1-98 (pre STCW-95). ABs who started their careers after that date are welcome to take the course, but it is unlikely that they will be qualified to sit for the license since they must be in full compliance with the STCW-95 Code. Course will accommodate ABs that desire licenses ranging from 500 GRT Oceans/Near Coastal to Third Mate Oceans/Near Coastal. For further info, contact Mike Wein at

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Course changes are posted on the MITAGS website as soon as they are made and are also updated in the Wheelhouse Weekly. It is highly recommended to check with Mary Matlock, MITAGS Admissions, for the latest course info. She may be reached at: Voice: 410-859-5700 ext. 3246; Fax: 410-859-5181; Email:

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Since the Wheelhouse Weekly is usually distributed before the markets close on Friday, the numbers cited will be from Thursday’s close unless otherwise specified.



+737.53 for the week



+10.42 for the week


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 +3.71 for the week

 Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund


 +1.17 for the week

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 +0.95 for the week

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 +1.03 for the week

 Chase Growth Fund


  +0.60 for the week

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