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Volume 27… Number 12… March 23, 2021


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The Senate has confirmed Marty Walsh, the mayor of Boston and a longtime union leader, to head the Department of Labor, which oversees working conditions and labor rights nationwide.

Walsh joined the Laborers’ International Union of North America at the age of 21. He went on to become leader of the Boston Building and Construction Trades Council, served 20 years in the Massachusetts State House and was elected mayor of Boston in 2013.

He will be the first union member to head the Department of Labor in more than 40 years.

The AFL-CIO had been encouraging President Biden to nominate Walsh to be Secretary of Labor since soon after the November election.

“It’s difficult to overstate the importance of this moment,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

“For four years, working families have lived with a Labor Department devoted to serving a handful of elite interests.”

“Now, the power to enforce safety and equity in our workplaces has been handed from a ruthless corporate lawyer to a proud union brother.”

During his years in the Massachusetts State House, Walsh was a leader in the fight to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour, while at the same time creating 135,000 new jobs.

To help citizens suffering in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, he created the Boston Resiliency Fund, raising over $30 million to help laid-off workers gain employment by delivering food to vulnerable families and cleaning community spaces used to shelter the homeless.

He also negotiated directly with local banks to stop evictions.

“Workers’ protection, equal access to good jobs, the right to join a union, continuing education and job training, access to mental health and substance use treatment…. These are not just policies to me, I lived them,” Walsh said during his confirmation hearing.

“Millions of American families right now need them. I’ve spent my entire career at different levels fighting for them.”

“Marty Walsh’s life is one of personal struggle and triumph on behalf of working people,” Trumka said.

“He has fought racism and sexism all his life and, as mayor, worked with immigrants, communities of color and the working poor to make Boston a better city for everyone.”

“Most importantly, Mayor Walsh knows that collective bargaining is essential to building a stronger economy, combating inequality, beating back Covid-19 and expanding opportunities for women, immigrants and people of color.”

“Mayor Walsh will have the confidence and support of the labor movement as we work together to create a stronger, fairer America.”

MM&P is one of the 56 national and international labor unions that belong to the AFL-CIO. Together, AFL-CIO affiliate unions represent 12.5 million working men and women.
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Labor leaders are expressing shock and outrage over the shooting of eight people, many of them Asian women, at three spas in Atlanta, Ga., on March 16, and the killing of 10 people yesterday at a grocery store in Boulder, Colo.

“We grieve for the eight workers who were killed in Atlanta,” said Monica Thammarath, president of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), one of the seven AFL-CIO constituency groups.

“We also should not overlook the fact that these were Asian and Asian American women working in industries with few worker protections and oversight.”

“It is misogyny and white supremacy that both empower white nationalists to acts of violence, and policymakers to exclude workers from protections when they are in industries disproportionately represented by women and immigrants.”

“I sadly can’t say I’m surprised by this violence,” said AFL-CIO Civil Rights Director Clayola Brown, president of the A. Philip Randolph Institute.

“[Racism] is… not just a racial slur, it’s not just a joke about eyes or carrying disease. Those things build a larger system of racism where things like this happen.”

“The Georgia AFL-CIO, the state’s largest labor union federation, is devastated by these attacks,” said Georgia AFL-CIO President Charlie Flemming.

“These women were killed while working low-wage, vulnerable jobs while the Covid-19 pandemic continues. No one should fear for their lives while working, and no one—no one—should be targeted for their race.”

“The Georgia AFL-CIO is committed to uplifting our Asian American communities to ensure they are safe and protected on the job and in every aspect of their lives.”

“Asian American workers are a vital part of our labor movement and have shown an immense amount of dedication throughout this pandemic,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

“The murders in Atlanta are a horrific and disgusting part of the surging violence Asian Americans have faced over the past year, and reinforce that we all must continue to fight against anti-Asian racism in all forms.”

Ten people—including a store manager and a police officer—died in yesterday’s massacre at a Boulder, Colorado, supermarket. Those killed ranged in age from 20 to 65, authorities said.

The supermarket, King Soopers, is staffed by members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7.

“We will hold these victims, their coworkers and their grieving loved ones in our hearts as we continue to fight for our communities,” a union spokesperson said.

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The crew change crisis caused by Covid-19 restrictions is continuing to create hardships for the world’s mariners and significant challenges for the shipping industry as a whole, the International Maritime Organization says.

Despite some improvement in the situation, the organization warns, now is not the time for complacency.

In a new public statement, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim sought to highlight the progress that has been made, while also reminding the world that more must be done to bring the crisis to an end.

“One year ago, as the world plunged into the Covid-19 pandemic, I spoke of our voyage together and the need for collaboration and cooperation,” Lim said.

“I am glad to say that over these past 12 months, we have worked intensely with many different stakeholders to address challenging conditions.”

Thanks to concerted efforts by governments, shipowners, and others, he said, in the past six months, the number of seafarers requiring repatriation after finishing their contracts has been cut in half, from a high of around 400,000 in September 2020 to around 200,000 today.

He also noted that a similar number of mariners are still stuck ashore, waiting to join ships.

“Now, more than ever, seafarers need to be designated as key workers to ensure priority vaccination and access to safe transit and travel,” Lim said.

“Fewer than 60 countries so far have heeded our call for seafarers to be designated as key workers.”

“More countries need to do so if we are to resolve this crisis and ensure seafarers are treated fairly and so that their travel to and from their place of work is properly facilitated.”

“There is still a long way to go before we are back to a normal crew change regime.”

As the vaccination is rolled out in many countries, the IMO is urging governments to prioritize seafarers, taking into account that many spend long periods away from their home countries.

Lim personally thanked seafarers for their hard work and perseverance in the past year and says the IMO and its sister UN agencies will continue to work with industry bodies and governments to address their ongoing needs.

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The labor movement’s biggest legislative priority, the PRO Act, is pending action in the Senate, after being approved in the House by a 225-206 vote, with five Republicans joining Democrats in favor of it.

If the PRO Act passes, it would:

— empower workers to organize and bargain;

— hold corporations accountable for union-busting;

— repeal “right to work” laws, which were created during the Jim Crow era to keep White and Black workers from organizing together.

“The PRO Act would protect and empower workers to exercise our freedom to organize and bargain,” says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “It’s a game changer.”

If the bill passes the Senate, not only will the ability of unions to organize new work be greatly enhanced, workers’ rights in taking collective action will be significantly improved, rebalancing labor rights that have been steadily whittled down since the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947.

Most importantly for MM&P, if the PRO Act passes as currently written, the definition of “supervisor” under the National Labor Relations Act will be revised, improving our union’s ability to organize and protect many of our members’ employment rights.

President Biden has said he backs the legislation.

“Nearly 60 million Americans would join a union if they get a chance, but too many employers and states prevent them from doing so through anti-union attacks,” Biden said in a statement.

“They know that without unions, they can run the table on workers—union and non-union alike.”

The AFL-CIO is organizing a PRO Act Digital Day of Action on April 8, in which MM&P will participate.

Stay tuned for more information on labor’s campaign to make working people’s voices heard.

“Lawmakers gave us their word they would make the PRO Act a top priority,” says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “It’s time for them to keep that promise.”

“We will make our case for the PRO Act in every state and every congressional district, to elected leaders across the political spectrum.”

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The AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department is urging the Senate to confirm former New York City transportation commissioner Polly Trottenberg as deputy secretary of the US Department of Transportation.

Trottenberg, who served as New York’s transportation commissioner for more than seven years before stepping down in November 2020, was a strong advocate for the city’s transportation workers, including members of the MM&P Atlantic Maritime Group who work for the Staten Island Ferry System.

Her department worked closely with the unions that represent ferry crews to add on-board and shoreside protections to make the working environment safer in the early months of the pandemic.

“We are thrilled to see Polly Trottenberg nominated to this key position in government,” said MM&P President Don Marcus.

“Her energy, fairmindedness and deep knowledge of transportation issues will be of great benefit to transportation workers in every sector of the industry.”

“Polly Trottenberg has clearly demonstrated that she has the experience, leadership, and vision to ensure we rise to meet our nation’s serious transportation challenges, and for that reason, TTD urges her swift and bipartisan confirmation,” TTD President Greg Regan said.

Since she previously served as an undersecretary for policy at DOT, the new job in the Biden administration—under Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg—will represent a return to Washington for her.

Trottenberg “has long been a champion of the over 13 million men and women that work in the transportation sector and of union jobs that support middle-class families and foster broad-based economic prosperity,” Regan said.

“She has deep experience in the worker protection and worker rights issues that are most important to our membership.”

MM&P is one of the 33 TTD affiliated unions, which together represent millions of frontline transportation workers.

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The ITF Seafarers’ Trust has announced a new photography competition aimed at highlighting the vital work carried out by seafarers, “the invisible workforce powering global trade.”

To enter the competition, “Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind,” seafarers are asked to submit digital photographs of themselves and their crew mates for a forthcoming book of 40 portraits of seafarers by seafarers.

The limited edition book will be presented to a select list of people whose influence can have an impact on the living and working conditions of seafarers with the goal of ensuring that although out of sight, seafarers are not out of mind.

“Last year, seafarers were stretched to the limits with international regulations to accommodate pandemic restrictions rather than maintaining their rights and protections,” the organization said in a statement.

“This year brings the challenge of ongoing disruptions to flights, complex logistics around vaccinations, testing and quarantine.”

“Now more than ever, we need to talk about the undervalued work of seafarers and reach a wider audience with the stories of those who transport essential food, fuel, medical supplies and consumer goods around the world.”

The competition is open to currently serving seafarers at sea or ashore. Photographers of each of the 40 images selected will receive £100.

The overall winner will be featured on the cover and receive a prize of £1,000.

The competition is open for submissions until May 1, 2021.

The winner will be announced on the Day of the Seafarer, June 25, 2021.

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US maritime authorities are warning of “multiple instances of significant GPS interference” in the maritime industry worldwide.

The Maritime Administration has released US maritime advisory 2021-004, “GPS interference in various geographic areas,” which cancels US maritime advisory 2020-016.

“Multiple instances of significant GPS interference have been reported worldwide in the maritime domain,” the advisory states in part.

“This interference is resulting in lost or inaccurate GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing, and communications equipment.”

“Satellite communications equipment may also be impacted.”

The agency said that over the past six months, areas from which multiple instances have been reported include the eastern and central Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, and in the vicinity of the Suez Canal.

The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center web page,, contains a chronological list of recently reported GPS problems.

Vessels are advised to exercise caution when underway and prior to getting underway.

MARAD said the NAVCEN and NATO Shipping Center websites contain information regarding effective navigation practices for vessels experiencing GPS disruption.

The NAVCEN information is available at:

Maritime GPS disruptions or anomalies should be reported immediately to the NAVCEN at or via phone at 703-313-5900, 24-hours a day.

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MM&P Atlantic Ports Vice President Tom Larkin has scheduled a virtual membership meeting on Thursday, March 25, at 1130 EDT after job call, for Offshore members and applicants shipping out of the ports of Norfolk, Charleston, and Pompano.

MM&P Secretary-Treasurer Don Josberger will participate in the meeting.

To register for the meeting, you will need to log into either the Members’ Only section of the MM&P website or app.

You can download the MM&P app here. Once you are logged in, click on Offshore Membership Meeting Registration located under the Documents tab.

For assistance, please send an email to

Look for future announcements regarding virtual meetings for other Offshore ports.
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A meeting of the Offshore Shipping/Work Rules Committee is scheduled for April 27-28, 2021.

Members who wish to submit a resolution should send it to the Office of the International Secretary-Treasurer.

Please refer to Article XIII of the Offshore Shipping Rules for additional information on submitting resolutions.

The Offshore Shipping/Work Rules are posted in the Members’ Only section of

Deadline for submission of proposed changes is prior to close of business on April 22, 2021.
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The MM&P Honolulu Hall will be closed on Tuesday, March 30, for Harry Bridges Memorial Day.

All MM&P Pacific Ports union halls except for the Honolulu Hall will be closed on Wednesday, March 31, for Cesar Chavez Day.

All MM&P union halls, the MM&P Plan Office, the MM&P Federal Credit Union and MM&P headquarters will be closed for Good Friday on April 2 .

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Prior to attending any training at MITAGS East or MITAGS West, you must read the MITAGS Covid‐19 policy, which is posted on

At the end of the Covid-19 policy there is a statement acknowledging receipt of the policy and acceptance of the policy.

Before you attend either school, you must acknowledge receipt of the policy and acceptance of the policy by emailing a signed copy of the statement at the end of the policy document to or

In addition, students coming to the MITAGS East Campus must send Admissions a negative Covid-19 test result. The test must have been taken within 72 hours of arrival.

Students who cannot access testing but who otherwise meet all the requirements of the MATES Program Covid-19 policy will have to take a Covid-19 test offered at MITAGS East every Monday morning.

Members may also reschedule their classes for later in the year when the infection rates are expected to drop.

MITAGS West currently does not require negative Covid-19 test results and does not have the ability to test.

MITAGS West continues to follow established Covid-19 protocols, including daily temperature screening, health checks, masking and physical distancing.

Students attending MITAGS East or West under the MATES Program: Please note that the minimum number of days to obtain eligibility continues to be 42 days instead of 30, with a sunset date of Dec. 31, 2021.

We appreciate your cooperation during these very trying times.

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\\Classes are 5-day unless otherwise noted\\
AB – Able Seaman – 6/28/21

AIS-1 – Automatic Identifications Systems Orientation (1-Day): 5/5/21

ARPA-OIC (4-Day) – Automated Radar Plotting Aids: 6/1/21, 9/21/21

AZIPOD (2-Day) – 4/29/21, 8/9/21, 9/27/21

BRM-35 – Bridge Resource Management: 8/2/21, 10/25/21

BRMP –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots (2-Day): 4/13/21, 4/29/21, 5/17/21, 8/9/21, 9/14/21, 11/9/21
Online: Not currently scheduled

BRMP-EMR –Bridge Resource Management for Pilots with Emergency Shiphandling – (Now also included in BRMP-Refresher) (3-Day): 4/26/21

BRMP-Refresher (Now including Emergency Shiphandling for Pilots) (3-Day) – Not currently scheduled

BT – Basic Safety Training: 5/3/21, 8/2/21, 10/11/21

BT-Revalidation (2-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years) – 4/27/21, 6/22/21, 8/16/21, 9/21/21, 10/27/21, 12/14/21

BT-Refresher (3-day) – 4/27/21, 9/20/21, 12/13/21

CHS-OIC – Cargo Handling Basic: Not currently scheduled

[CMM – Chief Mate and Master Courses]

ADVSTB-CMM – Advanced Stability: 4/26/21, 6/21/21, 8/9/21, 10/18/21

ADVWX-CMM – Advanced Meteorology: 5/3/21, 6/14/21, 8/2/21, 10/11/21, 12/6/21

CHS-CMM – Advanced Cargo Operations (10 Days): 3/15/21

CM-OPS 1 – Chief Mate Operations – Week 1: 6/7/21, 8/23/21, 11/29/21

CM-OPS 2 Maersk – Chief Mate Operations II Maersk Specific: 6/14/21, 8/30/21, 12/6/21

CM-OPS 2 APL – Chief Mate Operations II APL Specific – Not currently scheduled

ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display Information Systems: 6/7/21, 7/26/21, 10/4/21, 11/29/21

LMS – Leadership and Managerial Skills (Management Level – Formerly MCL-CMM): 5/10/21, 6/28/21, 8/16/21, 11/8/21, 12/13/21

MPP-CMM – Marine Propulsion Plants: 4/12/21, 9/13/21
(DCS-1 available on request – contact Admissions)

SEC-APPS – Practical Defense Tactics: Not Currently Scheduled

SHMGT-CMM- Ship Management: 9/20/21

SHS-ADV-I-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 1): 4/19/21, 5/10/21*, 6/7/21, 7/19/21, 8/9/21, 9/13/21, 9/27/21, 10/11/21, 11/1/21, 11/29/21

SHS-ADV-II-CMM – Advanced Shiphandling (week 2): 4/26/21, 5/17/21*, 6/14/21, 7/26/21, 8/16/21, 9/20/21, 10/4/21, 10/18/21, 11/8/21, 12/6/21

**SHS-ADV-I & II are now approved to include SAR-CMM assessments at MITAGS**

VPEN-CMM – Voyage Planning & Electronic Navigation: 4/19/21, 9/27/21

WKP-CMM – Advanced Watchkeeping: Not currently scheduled

WX-HW-ATL – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Atlantic Ocean (2-day) – Contact Admissions

WX-HW-IND – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Indian Ocean (2-day) – Contact Admissions

WX-HW-PAC – Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Pacific Ocean (2-day) – Contact Admissions

CIW-DPA/IA – Continual Improvement Workshop: Designated Person Ashore & Internal Auditor (3-Day) ** This course is NOT covered by the MATES Program **
Online: 4/7/21, 7/7/21, 10/6/21

CIW-SMS – Continual Improvement Workshop: Successful Safety Management (2-Day) – Online: 6/10/21, 12/9/21

CNAV-OIC (15-Day) – Celestial Navigation: 11/1/21

CRISIS-COMMS – Crisis Communications (1-Day): 4/2/21

CRSMGT – Crisis Management and Human Behavior (1-Day) – 8/27/21

CDMGT – Crowd Management (1-Day) – 8/26/21

CSE – Confined Space Entry (3-Day): 8/23/21

CSE-AWR – Confined Space Entry Awareness (2-Day): 5/20/21

CY-MAR – Cyber-Skilled Mariner ** This course is NOT covered by the MATES Program ** – Not currently scheduled

DDE – Great Lakes (20-Day): 4/19/21

ECDIS for Pilots (2-Day) – 5/3/21, 8/11/21, 11/11/21

ERM – Engine Resource Management: 4/19/21, 8/30/21, 12/6/21

ADV-FF – Advanced Fire-Fighting (4-day) – Not currently scheduled

FF-BADV – Fire Fighting Combined Basic & Advanced: 5/3/21, 8/2/21, 10/11/21

FF-ADV-Rev (1-day) (Must have 1 year of sea service in last 5 years) – Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation: 4/26/21, 6/21/21, 8/18/21, 9/23/21, 10/26/21, 12/16/21

FF-ADV-REF (2-day) – Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher: 4/30/21, 9/16/21, 12/11/21

FSM – Fatigue, Sleep, & Medications (1-Day): 4/13/21
Online: Not currently scheduled

GL-Pilot – Great Lakes Pilotage Familiarization (2-Day): Not currently scheduled

GMDSS – Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (10-Day): 4/12/21, 8/9/21

HAZ – Hazardous Materials (5 day): 4/12/21, 8/30/21, 11/15/21

IEN – Integrated Electronic Navigation (3-Day) – Not currently scheduled

LAP – License Advancement Program for Mate to Master (20-Day): 8/2/21, 10/18/21

LAP-Great Lakes – License Advancement Program – Great Lakes (15-Day): Not currently scheduled

LAP-ORG3rd – License Advancement Program for Original 3rd Mate, Oceans, Any Gross
Ton License (15-Day): Not currently scheduled

LEG – Legal Aspects of Pilotage (1-Day): 4/14/21, 4/29/21, 8/9/21, 9/15/21, 11/9/21

LNG-TPIC (10-Day) – Not currently scheduled

LTS –Leadership and Teamworking Skills (Formerly MCL-OIC) (1-Day): 9/20/21

MEECE – Management of Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment (Assessments not included): 8/23/21, 11/29/21

MED-PIC – Medical Person in Charge (10-Day): 4/12/21*, 7/12/21, 9/27/21, 11/29/21

MED-PIC-REF– Medical Person in Charge Refresher: 5/10/21, 6/28/21, 8/30/21, 11/15/21

MED-PRO – Medical Care Provider: 4/12/21*, 7/12/21, 9/27/21

MED-DOT-DA – Dept. of Transportation Drug & Alcohol Testing (1-Day): 4/17/21, 5/15/21, 6/24/21, 7/17/21, 8/19/21, 9/24/21, 10/2/21, 10/25/21, 12/4/21, 12/17/21

[MSC – Military Sealift Command Courses]

MSC-CBRD-1 – Military Sealift Command Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defense Orientation (Basic) (1-Day): 5/17/21, 6/11/21, 8/4/21, 9/16/21, 10/31/21

MSC-DC – Military Sealift Command Damage Control (2-day): 5/18/21, 6/9/21, 8/2/21, 9/14/21, 10/29/21

MSC-ENVPRO (1-Day) – 6/13/21, 8/6/21, 11/9/21

MSC-FF-HELO (2-Day) – 6/21/21, 8/2/21

MSC-SMA – Military Sealift Command Small Arms Qualifications (4-Day): 5/10/21, 6/14/21, 7/12/21, 8/9/21, 9/20/21, 11/1/21

MSC-Security Watch Basic (1-Day/ 8-hour) – 5/9/21 (Evening), 6/12/21 (Evening), 8/7/21, 9/17/21, 11/1/21 (Evening)

MSC-Security Watch Advanced (1-Day) – 5/9/21, 6/12/21, 7/16/21, 8/8/21, 9/18/21, 11/5/21

MSC-Ship’s Reaction Force (3-Day) – 5/14/21, 6/18/21, 7/17/21, 8/13/21, 9/24/21, 11/6/21

NDMS-ENAV – Navigational Decision Making Series – Best Practice in eNav (3-Day) – Not currently scheduled

NSAP-MMP – Navigational Skills Assessment Program-MM&P (2-Day) – 4/20/21*, 4/22/21*, 6/22/21*, 6/24/21*, 7/12/21, 8/30/21, 9/1/21, 11/15/21, 11/17/21, 12/13/21, 12/15/21

PSC – Personal Survival Craft (5-Day) – Contact Admissions

PSC-REF – Personal Survival Craft Refresher (2-Day) – 9/18/21, 12/16/21

RFPNW – Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (3-day) – Not currently scheduled

ROR-1 – Radar Observer Renewal (1-Day): 9/20/21

ROR-1N – Radar Observer Renewal Evening Classes (1-Night): 4/13/21, 4/30/21, 9/14/21, 9/20/21

ROU-OIC – Radar Observer Program – Unlimited: 5/24/21, 8/23/21

SAR – Search & Rescue – (Now with OIC and CMM assessments) (3-Day): 12/6/21

SHS-BAS-OIC – Basic Shiphandling: 5/3/21, 8/23/21, 10/25/21

SHS-EMR5 – Emergency Shiphandling (5 Day) – 4/12/21*, 6/14/21*, 7/12/21, 8/30/21, 11/15/21, 12/13/21

STB-OIC – Ship Construction and Basic Stability: 5/17/21, 8/30/21

TCNAV/CO – Terrestrial Navigation and Compasses (15-Day): 6/7/21, 7/12/21

TPIC – Tankerman Person in Charge: 4/26/21, 6/28/21

TRAC-TUG-2 (2-Day): 11/9/21

TTT – ** This course is NOT covered by the MATES Program ** Not currently scheduled

VPDSD – Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (1-Day): 6/15/21

VSO – Vessel Security Officer (3-Day): 6/16/21, 9/8/21

WKP-OIC – Watchkeeping (Operational Level) (10-Day): 10/11/21

WX-OIC –Meteorology (Operational Level): 9/13/21

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Schedule of Courses – Please also see our schedule and enroll online at For Registration Contact our Admissions Department: 206.441.2880 or

Schedule of Courses – Please also see our schedule and enroll online at

For Registration Contact our Admissions Department: 206.441.2880 or

March 2021

29-2 Able Seaman

April 2021

5-9 Medical Care Provider
5-16 Medical Person-In-Charge
5-23 License Preparation (Original 3rd)
12-13 Basic Training Revalidation
12-16 Ship Construction & Basic Stability
12-23 GMDSS
14th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
19-22 ARPA
26-30 Small Arms
26-7 Watchkeeping (Operational Level)
27-28 Basic Training Revalidation
29th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

May 2021

3-7 Medical Care Provider
3-14 Medical Person-In-Charge
5th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
6-7 Basic Training Revalidation
6-7 & 10 Basic Training Refresher
10-14 Basic Training
10-28 Celestial Navigation
11-12 Advanced Firefighting Refresher
17-20 Advanced Firefighting

June 2021

1st Leadership & Teamworking Skills
2-3 Search & Rescue
7-11 Advanced Shiphandling I
7-11 Medical Care Provider
7-18 GMDSS
14-18 Advanced Shiphandling II
16-17 Basic Training Revalidation
18th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
21-23 Security Officer – Vessel, Company and Facility
28-2 Basic Shiphandling

July 2021

6-9 Advanced Firefighting
12-16 Tankerman Person-In-Charge
12-30 Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation w/ Compasses
19-23 Basic Training
26-27 Basic Training Revalidation
28th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation

August 2021

2-6 Radar Observer Unlimited
9-20 Watchkeeping (Operational Level)
23-24 Basic Training Revalidation
23-27 Cargo Handling & Stowage
25th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
30-3 Meteorology (Operational Level)

September 2021

7-10 ARPA
7-8 Advanced Firefighting Refresher
8th Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
9-10 Basic Training Revalidation
9-10 & 13 Basic Training Refresher
13th Flashing Light
13-17 Basic Training
13-17 Advanced Shiphandling I
14th Leadership & Teamworking Skills
20-23 Advanced Firefighting
20-24 Advanced Shiphandling II
27-1 ECDIS

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