Wheelhouse Weekly – June 23, 2000

June 23rd 2000


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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 25. . . June 23, 2000



The MM&P contracted vessel USNS SEAY completed its maiden voyage from Avondale Shipyard in New Orleans to its home port in Baltimore on Wed., June 21. Congratulations to the crew and its MM&P deck officer complement for a job well done.

Capt. John Kelley and fellow MM&P members Chief Mate Dan Marsh, Second Mate Michelle Despot and Third Mate Karen Reyes completed the six day voyage to Baltimore in high spirits.

The SEAY underwent a two day sea trial prior to the voyage and conducted engine and maneuvering exercises during the maiden voyage. All went well and MM&P welcomes the ship to its new home in the shadow of Ft. McHenry, not far from MM&P HQ. See article further down for details regarding employment opportunities aboard the additional LMSRs that will be coming under contract with MM&P-contracted American Ship Management later this year.

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Late last month, the MM&P-crewed ASM containership PRESIDENT GRANT (managed by APL) came to the rescue of a 50-year old Japanese fisherman who had been gored in the stomach by a marlin 200 miles west of Siapan. The USCG contacted the GRANT, which had medical supplies aboard, and requested it to rendezvous with the Japanese fishing vessel.

Once on scene, the victim was transferred to the GRANT where he was treated by the crew and stabilized for transport. He was then airlifted from by an Air Force HC-5 rescue helicopter to a Naval Hospital where he underwent surgery. He remained in critical condition for several days and is now recovering.

“All reports are that the crew’s performance really saved this man’s life. They deserve all the credit they get,” said Archie Morgan, Senior Manager Labor Relations, Training, and Human Resources for Patriot Companies/American Ship Management.

For their effort, the crew of the PRESIDENT GRANT was presented with an award from the USCG. MM&P Members aboard were: Rick Nelson, Master; Ron Peterson, Chief Officer; Joseph Michael, 2nd Mate; Russell Stewart, 3rd Mate.

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The 2000 MM&P Biennial Convention commences on July 10 at MITAGS. An impressive list of speakers will share their insights with delegates, members and guests.

  • On Monday, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD); Richard Trumka, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO; and Jay Keegan, President and CEO, US Ship Management are scheduled to appear.
  • On Tuesday, John Bowers, President, International Longshoremen’s Assn.; Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD); Vice Admiral Gordon Holder, USN, Commander of the Military Sealift Command; and Jack Sullivan, Vice President of Matson Navigation will address the convention.
  • James Patti, President of MIRAID; and Dave Tolan, former Executive Vice President, Sea-Land Service, and now Chairman of the Carriers Container Council will make presentations on Wednesday.

For further info, contact Audrey Scharmann, Executive Secretary at Email: or phone: 410-850-8700 x17.

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More than 30 of the world’s most picturesque tall ships from Europe, South America, Asia and the US are moored around Baltimore’s waterfront from today until June 29 for OpSail 2000, a rich celebration of international culture and heritage. The event is being billed as the largest gathering of tall ships in history. All the vessels will be open for free tours. Hours vary by ship, but most will generally be open from 1100 to 1800 hours. Next Thursday, the tall ships will depart in a parade of sail to en route to their next port of call in New York. Over one million visitors are expected to flood into the Baltimore harbor area over the next week to view the maritime spectacle. For more info, including Regulated Navigation Areas and Moving Safety Zones (for Arrival/Departures throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Port of Baltimore) and the USCG – 5th District Local Notice to Mariners about OpSail 2000, check out the OpSail website at or call 1-800-800-5679.

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MM&P-contracted American Ship Management is now in the process of reviewing and selecting Chief Mates and Masters for 5 LMSR vessels that are expected to come under contract by the end of this year. The vessels are under 5 year charter from Military Sealift Command and specialized training is required.

Training requirements are as follows: Small Arms; Damage Control; Force Protection; and Chemical, Biological & Radiological Defense (CBRD).

This training can be accomplished in about 2 weeks and courses are available immediately through Mike Wein, MSC Training Coordinator, at MITAGS. Security clearances will also be necessary for senior deck officers. MITAGS can assist in this process. Mike Wein can be reached at: MITAGS, 5700 Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Hts., MD 21090. Phone: 443-989-3238; Fax: 410-859-5181; Email:

These vessels are expected to spend about 90% of the time in Reduced Operational Status (ROS). At this time, it is expected that 2 vessels each will be berthed at Baltimore, MD; Violet, LA; and Norfolk, VA. When in ROS, Masters and Chief Mates will be the only LDOs employed. Opportunities for Second and Third Mates will be available when the vessels are fully activated.

All interested MM&P members should contact Archie Morgan, Senior Manager, Labor Relations, at American Ship Management, 2175 N. California Blvd., Ste. 1000, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. Phone: 925-296-2013; Fax: 925-296-2051; Email:

MM&P recommends that members send a résumé and/or letter to Mr. Morgan describing seagoing experience and qualifications. If you do not currently have the required MSC training, advise Mr. Morgan when you anticipate course completion.

A copy of all materials should also be sent to MM&P Headquarters at: IOMM&P, ATTN: LMSR Jobs, 700 Maritime Blvd., Linthicum Hts, MD 21090. Phone: 410-850-8700 x23; Fax: 410-850-0973; Email:

A total of 10 ships will be in the ASM LMSR fleet. Two vessels are currently crewed with 5 more coming on line by the end of this year. And additional 3 vessels will become operational at 6 month intervals commencing the summer of 2001.

MM&P recommends that members take MSC courses in order to be qualified for future employment aboard MSC chartered vessels.

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The navigation software products “WayPoint for Windows” (for passage planning) and “SkyMate Pro: The Navigator’s Almanac”, (for celestial navigation) have recently been updated and made Y2K compliant.

The new versions can be downloaded from the Promar Software website by following the links to the Software Products section: The programs were developed by MM&P member Mike Smith who currently sails aboard the CSX ENTERPRISE out of the West Coast.

The current version for WayPoint for Windows is 3.01. The new version supersedes the popular version 2.04 which is currently used by many MM&P members. Because the older versions of Waypoint for Windows were not fully Y2K compliant, the new version is now available to all registered users as a free upgrade from the Promar Software website.

All users are encouraged to download the latest version to ensure Y2K compliance. The current version of SkyMate Pro: The Navigator’s Almanac is 1.04. The celestial program SkyMate Pro, beginning with version 1.03 was made Y2K compliant. Any users using the older versions are encouraged to upgrade to the new version to ensure Y2K compliance. As with WayPoint for Windows, this update is a free download.

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The National D-Day Museum opened June 6, the 56th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy. It honors all Americans who participated in D-Day landings during World War II. Only the Normandy portion of the museum is finished now, but the portion devoted to landings in the Pacific, Mediterranean and North Africa is expected to be dedicated August 7, 2001, the anniversary of the 1942 invasion of Guadalcanal.

One reason the museum is in New Orleans is Andrew Jackson Higgins. The New Orleans resident designed and built what came to be known as the Higgins boat. The military’s more mundane name for it was LCVP, or “landing craft, vehicle, personnel.”

In the 1960s President Dwight Eisenhower told Ambrose that Higgins was the man “who won the war for us.” His boat made possible the Allied invasions of World War II. The shallow-draft boats were made of plywood. The only metal part was the ramp on the front. The boat was built tough to survive repeated groundings in the surf. Its shielded propeller enabled the boat to pull free of the beach and turn around in its own length.

Higgins, who was the grandfather of MM&P’s NOLA Port Agent Ed Higgins, made 20,000 of the boats at his New Orleans factory. The boat in the museum is a reproduction, made by World War II Higgins Co. factory workers using original plans.

The National D-Day Museum is at 945 Magazine St. It is a private, nonprofit organization under the auspices of the University of New Orleans Eisenhower Center.

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MM&P members are advised that under the newly-revised MM&P International Constitution, in order to be eligible to vote in upcoming Officer Elections, a member must be in good standing by the close of nominations for office.

Nominations for elective office for the 2000 MM&P Officer Elections close as of the last day of the 2000 MM&P Biennial Convention, scheduled to commence July 10, and which should conclude on or about July 12. Members must be in good standing by or before this date in order to be included on the list of eligible voters. To avoid confusion and potential errors, members must have all dues paid and be in Good Standing by June 30.

Members should keep a copy of their current dues receipts. Election guidelines may be found in the January-February and March-April editions of The Master, Mate & Pilot newspaper and are available at MM&P port offices and on the MM&P website.

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MITAGS has the following course openings:

  • Week 26: FF-ADV

MITAGS will be closed for all of the month of July. Replies will be made to those who leave messages ASAP. Currently, all course offerings for August are open.

For an application, schedule, or more info check the MITAGS website at:, or contact Mary Matlock at: Email: or phone: 443-989-3226.

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