Wheelhouse Weekly – June 13, 2002

June 13th 2002


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Volume 6. . . . . Number 24. . . June 13, 2002



All proposed convention resolutions for the MM&P’s biennial convention must be received at MM&P HQ by 1700 hrs Eastern Daylight Time on Monday, June 17. The fax number for MM&P HQ is 410-850-0973. The mailing address is 700 Maritime Blvd., Linthicum Heights, MD 21090. Members may contact Diane Chatham, Executive Secretary, by voice: 410-850-8700 x21 or Email at with any questions.  

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The United Seaman’s Service has selected MM&P International President Capt. Tim Brown to receive the shipping industry’s most prestigious award, the Admiral of the Ocean Sea (AOTOS) Award. Since 1970, it has been the standard for American maritime excellence. Presented annually by the United Seaman’s Service, this unprecedented industry event recognizes those within the shipping industry who have made significant contributions to American shipping and American seafarers.

Capt. Brown has devoted a great deal of time and energy towards the enactment of US maritime industry revitalization legislation, which culminated with the passage of the Maritime Security Act in the Fall of 1996. He is continuing his efforts along with other maritime unions, both licensed and unlicensed, to put in place a new Maritime Security Program in an effort to buoy up the US merchant marine, to more effectively compete with foreign competition.

More recently, Capt. Brown has turned his focus to legislation which would provide to US citizen merchant mariners the same income tax exclusion provided to other US citizens working abroad as well as supporting legislation which would allow American maritime companies to compete in the global marketplace on the same footing as do the companies of other maritime nations. He is also working to bring US-flag, US citizen crewed ships into the cruise industry and is seeking ways to allow US shipyards to better compete with foreign yards in order to build new passenger, container and product vessels. USS will also honor Thomas Crowley Jr., chairman, president and chief executive of Crowley Maritime.

Special awards will be given to Talmage Simpkins, president of the USS for his two decades of service to the non-profit organization and to C. Peter Lambos, a maritime attorney prominent in waterfront labor negotiations. AOTOS Award recipients are presented with a silver statuette of Christopher Columbus, the first Admiral of the Ocean Sea, so named more than 500 years ago. A select group of American seafarers will also be honored for their heroic efforts at sea. The presentations will be made at an industry gala in New York City on November 8.  

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At the Annual Safety Awards luncheon held last Thursday in New Orleans, the MM&P-crewed vessels CSX CONSUMER of CSX Lines and SEA-LAND PERFORMANCE of US Ship Management received Citations of Merit for rescue-at-sea incidents. The CSX CONSUMER was cited in recognition of excellent seamanship, teamwork and emergency preparedness in immediately responding to a distress call on December 11, 2000, diverting course and successfully transferring a critically ill crewman from the fishing vessel SEA DRAGON II and transporting him to the Port of Oakland.

The SEA-LAND PERFORMANCE was cited in recognition of excellent seamanship, teamwork and emergency preparedness in immediately responding to a distress call from the sailboat SOLITUDE on May 7, 2001, diverting course and, under adverse weather conditions, successfully rescuing five mariners from their sinking vessel 150 miles northwest of Bermuda. The awards read in part, “Your actions exemplify the devotion to duty, courage and skills inherent in the professional mariner and reflect credit on the entire maritime industry.” The presentations are made to US-flag vessels by the Chamber of Shipping of America, sponsors of the Ship Safety Achievement Awards in recognition of outstanding feats of safety that contribute to saving a life or a ship.  

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The USCG sent out a warning to all its units over last weekend to be on the lookout for possible acts of terrorism targeting the nation’s ports, bays, rivers and shores. Cmdr. Jim McPherson, a USCG spokesman, said the warning was issued after the agency received reports of a possible attack. The Bush administration warned last month of possible terrorist activity by scuba divers. The new warning went to local USCG units, who then notified port authorities, marine patrols and the maritime industry, he said, and added that the USCG offered specific actions that ports could do to increase security. Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge said during the weekend that Al Qaeda was interested in training terrorists to attack ports and ships.

McPherson would not elaborate on the nature of the warning nor the security measures and asked anyone noticing suspicious maritime activity to call the USCG at 1-800-424-8802. According to media reports, the USCG was especially concerned about possible terrorist scuba divers in Seattle’s Puget Sound region. Government officials did not provide more specific details of the threat or its origin. In a related matter, McPherson said the USCG planned to transport bomb-sniffing dogs by helicopter to ships at sea, lower them and their handlers by cable to the ship, and have them look for explosives. This will be part of the agency’s new maritime security team to be formed this summer. In addition, inspectors now trained to look for hazardous materials will be asked to also check for explosives or chemical weapons, McPherson said.  

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The USCG has issued a final rule regarding naval vessel protection zones in US waters which goes into effect on June 15. The rule largely codifies the zones around large US naval vessels that were first promulgated on a temporary basis last Sept. 21. Vessels may not approach within 100 yards of a US naval vessel greater than 100 feet in length overall without official permission.  

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


For the past two years, approximately 500 mariners employed by Houma, LA based Trico Marine Services, have been struggling to form a union and gain a voice at work. As previously reported in the Wheelhouse Weekly, Trico has waged a campaign to prevent unionization. This campaign has garnered international attention as union and human rights organizations around the world have pledged their support for US Trico workers. Trico maintains cooperative union agreements in nearly all of their other organizations around the globe except the US. Trico workers, as well as representatives from MM&P- supported Offshore Mariners United, the Gulf Coast Mariners Association, other unions and allies will rally in support of the efforts of Trico mariners to organize prior to and during Trico’s annual shareholder’s meeting to be held in New Orleans on June 13. Trico will be presented with a “stakeholder’s resolution” outlining the workers’ demands. The rally is part of the AFL-CIO’s Voice@Work month. Trico workers and the OMU are joining tens of thousands of workers around the country who are exposing employer interference with the freedom to choose a union and to celebrate the efforts of workers who organize despite the odds. For more information see

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Admiral Thomas Collins assumed the duties of Commandant of the USCG on May 30. His leadership priorities are readiness, people and stewardship. He is personally committed to making effective use of emerging technologies and developing innovative methods to improve USCG mission performance. Prior to becoming Commandant, he served as the USCG’s Vice Commandant from 2000-2002 where he created the Innovation Council, spearheaded service-wide improvement initiatives and directed system enhancements as the USCG Acquisition Executive.

From 1998-2000 he served as Commander, Pacific Area and Eleventh Coast Guard District, where he developed the successful USCG response to the increase in illegal drug and migrant smuggling traffic in the Eastern Pacific. His other flag assignments included serving as Chief, Office of Acquisition at USCG HQ where he managed the acquisition of 12 major systems worth nearly $3 billion and laid the foundation for the Integrated Deepwater System project, which will modernize the ships, aircraft and sensors that the USCG uses to perform its many open ocean missions.

Among the objectives he has set for his command are to build robust maritime homeland security strategies, capabilities and competencies; design and implement a maritime domain awareness capability that integrates afloat, ashore and airborne assets; and to ensure that supporting organizational structures exist at the port level to meet tactical mission objectives. Admiral Collins said these will be among the many significant steps he intends to take in the strategic recapitalization of the USCG’s required operational and support capability.  

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Openings in classes through the end of December 2002:

624-28: VPM; 729-82: MED FIRST, BRM, ROP; 729: ROR; 730: HAZMAT, EAP; 731-82: MED-DOT-DA; 85-9: CSE-AAES, SHS-BAS, ECDIS, TPIC; 85-8: SMA; 88: ATER; 89: ENVPRO; 812-23: MED-PIC, GMDSS; 812-16: SHS-INT I, BRM, COMP-APS, ARPA, WX-HWA; 813: CBRD-1; 812: ROR, HAZMAT, EAP; 814-16: MED-DOT-DA; 819-23: HAZ, BST, SHS INT II, COMP-MAR; 826-30: FF-ADV, SHS-EMR-5, BRM, ARPA; 99-13: DCS, SHS-INT I, BRM, FRB,ARPA,COMP-ABSS, VPM; 99: ROR, HAZMAT, EAP; 910: CBRD-1; 911-13: MED-DOT-DA; 916-27: MED-PIC, GMDSS; 916-20: BST, CSE-AAES, SHS-INT II, COMP-NET, ROP; 916-19: SMA; 919: ATER; 920: ENVPRO; 923-27: FF-ADV, SHS-EMR-5, BRM; 107-18: MED-PIC; 107-11: SHS-BAS, BRM, ARPA, MSC-COMMS; 107: ROR; 1014-18: BST, SHS-INT I, ECDIS; 1021-1115: MED-SMC; 1021: HAZMAT, EAP; 1022: CBRD-1; 1023-25: MED-DOT-DA;1021-111: GMDSS; 1021-25: FF-ADV, SHS-INT II, BRM, ROP, COMP-APS, WX-HWA; 1021-24: SMA; 1024: ATER; 1025: ENVPRO; 1028-111: CSE-AAES, SHS-EMR5, COMP-NET; 114: ROR; 114-8: BST, SHS-INT I, BRM, ARPA, MSC-COMMS; 1111-15: FF-ADV, SHS-INT II, COMP-OPSYS; 1111-14: SMA; 1114: ATER; 1115; ENVPRO; 1118-22: HAZ, SHS-EMR5, BRM, COMP-MAR; 122-6: DCS, SHS-BAS, ECDIS; 122-13: GMDSS; 129-20: MED-PIC; 129-13: BST, SHS-INT II, BRM, ARPA, TPIC; 129: ROR; 129-12: SMA; 1212: ATER; 1213: ENVPRO; 1216-20: FF-ADV, SHS-INT II, WX-HWA; 1216: ROR; 1217: HAZMAT, EAP; 1218-20: MED-DOT-DA.

MITAGS WEBSITE: Check the website routinely for up to date information on class schedules, trust student policies and procedures, and regulatory changes. Visit the home page at

SCHEDULE ADDITIONS: Note that a 5-day HAZMAT has been added in August and MSC-COMMS courses have been added in Oct and Nov. Schedule through December 2002 is being maintained on the web-site. Hard copies of the Jun-Dec 2002 schedule are being mailed to the halls. For additional course info, contact Debbie Walton at voice: 443-989-3226 or Email:  

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Openings in classes through the end of November: 624-28: RADAR; 624-28: ECDIS624-28: BAFF; 78-12: ARPA; 78-12; BST: 78-12: Med 1st; 78-19: MPIC; 715-17: BRM; 722-26: BAFF; 722-82: GMDSS;85-9: ECDIS; 85-9:BST; 85-9: Med 1st: 85-16: MPIC; 812-16: TPIC Ship and Barge; 819-21: BRM; 819-23: ARPA; 819-23: BAFF; 92-6: ARPA; 92-13: GMDSS; 99-13: BST; 916-20: BRM; 916-20: Med 1st; 916-27: MPIC; 923-27: ARPA; 923-27: BAFF; 930-1011: ADNAV (new); 930-1011     : GMDSS; 107-11: ECDIS; 107-11: BST; 1014-18: TPIC  B; 1014-18:TPIC DL (new): 1014-18: Med 1;1014-25        MPIC; 1021-25  BAFF; 1028-111; ARPA; 1028-118: GMDSS.

Register online at . PMI is now offering a two-week Medical Person-in-Charge and a one-week Medical First-Aid Provider course. For more info, refer to PMI’s webpage at .

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DOW: 9,617.70 (-179.10 for week); NASDAQ: 1519.12 (-76.14)
Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VFINX): 94.38
Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund (VEXMX): 21.54
Vanguard International Growth Fund (VWIGX): 14.56
Vanguard Morgan Growth Fund (VMRGX): 12.81
Vanguard Windsor II Fund (VWNFX): 24.67
Vanguard GNMA Fund (VFIIX): 10.53
Chase Growth Fund (CHASX): 14.90
Fidelity Asset Manager (FASMX) 14.49
Fidelity Growth and Income (FGRIX) 34.55
Fidelity Magellan Fund (FMAGX) 91.58
Spartan US Equity Index Fund (FUSEX) 36.10

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