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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 23 . . . June 9, 2000



MM&P-contracted Farrell Lines and P&O Nedlloyd confirmed on Tuesday, June 6, the proposed acquisition of Farrell by P&O Nedlloyd Ltd., of England (P&ONL) through the merger of Farrell and P&O’s US subsidiary, P&O Nedlloyd Acquisition Corp. Farrell is one of the last US shipping lines. MM&P anticipates the continuation of all positions aboard those Farrell vessels under MM&P contract.

Farrell operates five US-flag vessels between Eastern and Central Mediterranean and the US East Coast. P&O said it will integrate Farrell’s shipping services and operations in the Mediterranean-US East Coast trade; that service will be called Farrell Mediterranean Express and will be upgraded to weekly frequency.

The deal is subject to approval from the US Maritime Administration. MARAD approved similar arrangements when Singapore’s Neptune Orient Lines acquired APL Ltd. and CP Ships bought Lykes Lines in 1997 and more recently last year when Maersk Line acquired the international liner operations of Sea-Land Service Inc. MARAD is expected to give quick approval of the acquisition.

Under terms of the arrangement, Farrell’s current Maritime Security Program subsidies for all five of its ships would be transferred over to P&O Nedlloyd. Participation in the Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA) program will also continue.

Farrell has already filed application with MARAD for approval to transfer its three MSP slots covering the MM&P-crewed ENDEAVOR, ENDURANCE and ENTERPRISE to FLI Ships, a US citizen subsidiary of Farrell which will be spun-off into a separate, independent US corporation.

In its letter of application to MARAD, Farrell stated: “Under the arrangements, all US citizen seafaring jobs associated with the three (3) MSP vessels will be continued. All three (3) Farrell Lines MSP vessels will continue to be operated under US flag.”

Farrell’s application further noted that: “The Merger will not take place until after completion (in the following order) of both: (i) the sale by Farrell Lines to FLI Ships Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation and a Section 2 Citizen, of all the issued and outstanding capital stock of FLI Ships. and (ii) the implementation of the transfer of the three (3) MSP operating agreements which are the subject of this transfer notice. Once the three (3) MSP operating agreements have been transferred, the three (3) US-flag vessels which are covered by such operating agreements will be time-chartered to either P&ONL FAME. Inc., a Delaware corporation (“FAME”) and a wholly-owned subsidiary of P&O Nedlloyd B.V., an affiliate of P&ONL, or Farrell Lines. In either case, the time charterer of the vessels (FAME or Farrell Lines) will be a citizen eligible to document a vessel under Chapter 121 of title 46. United States Code (i.e., a ‘documentation citizen’).”

Farrell also noted that under the larger acquisition transaction, the US-flag vessels CHESAPEAKE BAY and DELAWARE BAY, which Farrell currently operates under time charter from First American Bulk Carrier Corporation, will remain under US-flag and will retain their US crews.

In a statement of commitment to a continued US-flag presence, Farrell noted that: “The financial strength of the combined P&ONL-Farrell Lines will support the future employment of the vessels and their crews under United States flag. In short, after implementation of the transfer which is the subject of this notice, there will be no diminution of the commitment to the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, or the officers and seafarers crewing the US-flag Ships.”

A copy of the transfer application is available for inspection at the Dept. of Trans. Dockets website at:, under Docket No. MARAD-2000-7470. Anyone desiring to submit comments concerning this application can do so by Internet at: or by postal delivery to Docket Clerk, USDOT Dockets, Room PL-401, Nassif Building, 400 7th St., SW, Washington, DC 20590. The deadline is June 14.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MM&P-contracted American Ship Management is now in the process of reviewing and selecting Chief Mates and Masters for 5 LMSR vessels that are expected to come under contract by the end of this year. The vessels are under 5 year charter from Military Sealift Command and specialized training is required.

Training requirements are as follows:

  • Small Arms
  • Damage Control; Force Protection; and
  • Chemical, Biological & Radiological Defense (CBRD)

This training can be accomplished in about 2 weeks and courses are available immediately through Mike Wein, MSC Training Coordinator, at MITAGS. Security clearances will also be necessary for senior deck officers. MITAGS can assist in this process. Mike Wein can be reached at: MITAGS, 5700 Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Hts., MD 21090. Phone: 443-989-3238; Fax: 410-859-5181; Email:

These vessels are expected to spend about 90% of the time in Reduced Operational Status (ROS). At this time, it is expected that 2 vessels each will be berthed at Baltimore, MD; Violet, LA; and Norfolk, VA. When in ROS, Masters and Chief Mates will be the only LDOs employed. Opportunities for Second and Third Mates will be available when the vessels are fully activated.

All interested MM&P members should contact:

Archie Morgan, Senior Manager, Labor Relations American Ship Management 2175 N. California Blvd., Ste. 1000 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone: 925-296-2013; Fax: 925-296-2051; Email:

MM&P recommends that members send a resume and/or letter to Mr. Morgan describing seagoing experience and qualifications. If you do not currently have the required MSC training, advise Mr. Morgan when you anticipate course completion. A copy of all materials should also be sent to MM&P Headquarters at:

IOMM&P ATTN: LMSR Jobs 700 Maritime Blvd. Linthicum Hts, MD 21090

Phone: 410-850-8700 x23; Fax: 410-850-0973; Email:

A total of 10 ships will be in the ASM LMSR fleet. Two vessels are currently crewed with 5 more coming on line by the end of this year. And additional 3 vessels will become operational at 6 month intervals commencing the summer of 2001.

MM&P recommends that members take the MSC courses even if you are not currently interested in these jobs, in order to be qualified for future employment aboard these and other MSC chartered vessels.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


June 1 was the first day of the official Atlantic hurricane season which continues through Nov.30. During this time, the National Hurricane Center will issue a tropical weather outlook at 0530, 1130, 1730 and 2230 hrs Eastern Time.

The outlook will briefly describe significant areas of disturbed weather and their potential for development. In an average season, there are 10 named tropical storms of which 6 reach hurricane strength. Historically…most tropical storms and hurricanes occur during August, September and October.

The names for the tropical storms and hurricanes in 2000 are: Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce, Keith, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie, and William.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The Dept. of Transportation (DOT) has issued a safety advisory notice outlining problems in the intermodal transportation of propane following a March 15 incident on the MM&P-crewed CSX KODIAK (formerly the SEA-LAND KODIAK), which was en route from Anchorage to Kodiak in heavy seas. A propane tank carrying some 6,000 gallons of gas was lashed onto the container ship through welded bracing on the tank. The welded bracing gave way, the tank rolled and its external piping was damaged. Problems cited in the advisory involve improper mounting of portable tanks to container frames, substandard welds where portable tanks are attached to container frames, overfilling, improperly modified cargo tanks, and invalid specification packaging markings.

About 113 gallons of propane were released into the atmosphere, in this incident while the remaining gas had to be pumped off at Kodiak. USCG marine safety officers later discovered a second 40-foot propane container that had six cracks on its frame, though there were no leaks from the tank itself.

The USCG said a comprehensive survey of the damaged containers showed they did not meet hazardous-materials packaging requirements. The propane tanks are used for heating and occasionally for motor fuel in Alaska.

While this accident was relatively minor, and no one was hurt, the potential for a catastrophic accident caused by an explosion prompted the DOT’s Research and Special Programs Administration to issue the advisory in the Federal Register on May 8. In its advisory, the DOT’s initial estimate is that around 60% of an estimated 500 portable tanks used in this trade may not conform to hazardous materials regulations standards.

However, the National Propane Gas Association said the number of portable tanks used on the Alaska routes probably is less than 100. A spokesman said that the industry has a very good safety record. This was first accident that they were aware of. The unit that broke was on a vessel facing 60-foot seas.

Typically the tanks need to be modified for marine transportation by fitting the tank inside a container frame. This special frame has a solid floor, and could be as much as 30 to 50 feet long, topped by a substantial framework of metal bracing and cross pieces welded together. In the case of the March tank leak, the welding failed.

MM&P-contracted CSX Lines operates three US-flag container ships on its regular service from Tacoma to ports in Alaska. The company carried 65 portable tanks of propane last year and 7 in the first 3 months of 2000. CSX said that since the accident, very strict internal measures have been put into place to make sure CSX doesn’t accept tanks that are not in compliance.”

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In accordance the MM&P International Constitution, Article IV, 6(b), “All proposed resolutions shall be forwarded to the International Secretary-Treasurer at least 30 days prior to the opening day of the Convention…”. Because that day falls on a weekend, the date for receipt is extended to the close-of-business on Mon., June 12. The 2000 MM&P Biennial Convention is scheduled to commence July 10 and conclude on or about July 12.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


An omission in the May 2000 Notice of Nomination & Election special edition of The Master, Mate & Pilot affects members of MM&P’s Pilot Membership Group. In the section “Offices to be Elected by the Pilot Membership Group”, the positions of Alternate Convention Delegates were left out. In addition to those positions previously published, the following elective positions are also open for nomination within the MM&P Pilot Membership Group during the upcoming Union elections:

  • East Coast Alternate Convention Delegate (1)
  • Gulf Coast Alternate Convention Delegate (1)
  • West Coast Alternate Convention Delegate (1)
  • At-Large Alternate Convention Delegate (1)

Details regarding the nomination process are contained in the Notice of Nomination & Election. Please contact Karl Schwartz, MM&P Communications Director, at 410-850-8700 x27, or by Email to with any questions or for additional information.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MITAGS has the following course openings:

  • Week 24: BST, CBRD-1 (6/17), HAZ-MAT (6/14)
  • Week 25: CBRD-1 (6/24), Damage Control (6/24-25), 25 BST,
    COMP-APS, GMDSS, CPR (6/21)
  • Week 26: FF-ADV. ROP and TPIC-Barge have been cancelled.

PLEASE NOTE: Those interested in the MSC-approved weekend Damage Control session should contact Mike Wein at: 443-989-3238 or Email MITAGS is closed in July. Admissions head Mary Matlock will be on vacation part of that time. Members interested in attending MITAGS courses should send in their applications and a copy of their last 30 days sea time. She will reply as soon as possible to those who leave messages. Currently, all course offerings for August are open.

For an application, schedule, or more info check the MITAGS website at:, or contact Mary Matlock at: Email: or phone: 443-989-3226.

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