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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 27. . . July 7, 2000



The 2000 MM&P Biennial Convention commences on July 10 at MITAGS. An impressive list of speakers will share their insights with delegates, members and guests.

On Monday morning, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) will address the delegates. That afternoon, Jay Keegan, President and CEO, US Ship Management and Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD) are scheduled to appear.

On Tuesday, Rear Admiral Marke Shelley, USN, Deputy Commander of the Military Sealift Command; Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Matson Navigation Co.; and Larry O’Toole, President of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association will address the convention.

John Bowers, President of the International Longshoremen’s Association; James Patti, President of MIRAID; and Dave Tolan, former Exec. Vice President, Sea-Land, and now Chairman of the Carriers Container Council will make presentations on Wednesday.

For further info, contact Audrey Scharmann at Email: or phone: 410-850-8700 x17.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


On July 7, the MM&P was able to reach an agreement with Farrell Lines following an arbitration held earlier this year. The arbitrator, Arthur Stark, ruled that Farrell Lines had violated the MM&P Agreement in chartering the FABC ships without providing the MM&P an opportunity to discuss the matter. Mr. Stark remanded the parties an opportunity to reach an agreement within 60 days.

The agreement reached today provides for the hiring of one additional third mate coastwise on the three vessels that Farrell operates that are crewed by MM&P personnel.

In addition, Farrell Lines through a new operating company called E Ships will guarantee five years worth of billet days for these remaining three ships.

In addition, any tonnage which is reflagged American by E Ships will be crewed by MM&P. Finally, a cash award was provided to the MM&P which will be used for job targeting or for organizing or any other purpose to be designated by the Union.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The Journal of Commerce reports that MM&P-contracted Maersk SeaLand plans to switch up to four US-flag ships from the trans-Atlantic trade to its Med-Gulf service that links the US and Gulf coasts with the Mediterranean.

The ships, which will be shifted from the carrier’s Vessel Sharing Agreement strings in the Atlantic, will provide important capacity for US military and cargo-preference shipments such as food aid. US law dictates that government-owned or -financed cargo shipped internationally must move on US-flag vessels. Such cargo commands premium rates.

The Med-Gulf service links Charleston, SC; New York-New Jersey; Miami; Houston and Freeport, Texas; Algeciras and Valencia, Spain; Malta; and Gioia Tauro and Genoa, Italy. US military shipments move to ports in southern Europe, such as war-torn Yugoslavia, and aid cargoes have moved to countries in the Black Sea, which have suffered from natural disasters.

Up to four US-flag Econships will shift to the Med-Gulf later this month. They will join another US-flag ship, the SEA-LAND INNOVATOR, and up to three Marshall Islands-registered ships, all from the Maersk SeaLand fleet. In all, six ships will be used.

It will be the first time that Maersk SeaLand, the world’s largest container shipping line, will be in a significant position to pick up cargoes reserved for US-flag ships. The existing Med-Gulf service deploys six foreign-flag vessels, some of which are chartered. These will be phased out starting July 14, with the Marshall Islands-registered 3,918-TEU SEA-LAND MOTIVATOR replacing a chartered vessel. A week later, another Marshall Islands-registered vessel, the 3,918-TEU SEA-LAND VALUE, will replace another chartered vessel.

The first Econship, the US-flag SEA-LAND QUALITY, will join the service in Freeport on July 20, replacing the Marshall Islands-registered SEA-LAND FREEDOM. Another chartered vessel will be replaced by the Marshall Islands-registered SEA-LAND PRIDE.

Two other US-flag ships, the Econship SEA-LAND INTEGRITY and the 2,861-TEU SEA-LAND INNOVATOR, will round out the MedGulf lineup. Maersk Sealand still has the option of shifting two more US-flag Econships from the Atlantic onto the MedGulf service.

The Med-Gulf changes come just a month after P&O Nedlloyd announced that it had acquired MM&P-contracted Farrell Lines, one of the last US-flag, US-registered shipping companies. Farrell’s main area of service is the US-Mediterranean. One of the reasons the takeover was made was to get access to the shipment of military and cargo-preference shipments over the route.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The Coast Guard is recruiting to fill a management level GS-13 civilian position at USCG HQ in Wash DC. This position will deal with management issues involving the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). Applicants needing additional info can contact Jack Fuechsel at 703-941-1935 or The purpose of the position is to maintain and improve the USCG’s ability to communicate using wireless systems among all members of the civilian maritime community.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Kathy Klisavage, manager of the MM&P Federal Credit Union, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on July 5. Kathy and husband John are ecstatic about the newest addition to their family. Kathy assured that she will be available to Credit Union members in about 10 days time. In the interim, the Credit Union remains open for business. Credit Union business may be conducted via the toll-free credit union number, 1-800-382-7777, by Email to, or by fax to 410-859-1623.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


The Journal of Commerce reports that after two years of declining freight rates in the westbound Pacific trade, shipping lines are moving aggressively to raise their rates on exports to Asia. For dry cargoes such as cotton, the increases have been moderate at about $250 per 40-foot container (FEU). But for chilled refrigerated products such as stone fruits, citrus, grapes and cherries, the rate increases are $1,200 per FEU or even higher.

Carriers say the large rate increases are warranted because of rising exports to Asia and a need to raise westbound rates from the depressed levels during tha Asia crises of 1997-98. That’s when “the bottom fell out,” said Anne Kappel, director of marketing at MM&P-contracted Maersk Sealand. “There was absolute panic on the part of carriers.”

Westbound refrigerated cargoes that had commanded $3,000 to $4,000 per FEU dropped to less than $2,000 per FEU during the Asian crisis. Now that the Asian economies are improving and exports are rebounding, especially for reefer cargo. The result: higher westbound rates.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Responding to the new and stricter fire codes of the SOLAS Regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for all civilian ships, NoFire Technologies announced successful completion of fire tests and approval for NoFire A18 Marine Paint by the USCG. NoFire A18 Marine Paint has now been approved by the USCG as well as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Lloyd’s Register.

Meanwhile, two container ships will ply the Atlantic Ocean this year with an unique paint job: sections of their hulls will be striped with test sections of a new anti-fouling coating that is not toxic to sea life. The new toxic-free coatings are being provided as part of a $1.6 million project to test the new coatings on different types of vessels including containerships.

The tests will help in the development of nontoxic products so that Tributyl Tin (TBT) and other toxic biocides are no longer used. TBT, which is used extensively in anti-fouling ship coatings, is a toxic chemical that has been found in the tissues of many edible ocean fish and other sea creatures.

Tests have shown that it also can cause health problems in humans. The IMO is pushing for a ban on TBT use by 2003.

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MM&P members are reminded that under the newly-revised MM&P International Constitution, in order to be eligible to vote in upcoming Officer Elections, a member must be in good standing by the close of nominations for office.

Nominations for elective office for the 2000 MM&P Officer Elections close as of the last day of the 2000 MM&P Biennial Convention, scheduled to commence July 10, and which should conclude on or about July 12. Members must be in good standing by or before this date in order to be included on the list of eligible voters. To avoid confusion and potential errors, members must have all dues paid and be in Good Standing by June 30.

Members should keep a copy of their current dues receipts. Election guidelines may be found in the January-February and March-April editions of The Master, Mate & Pilot newspaper and are available at MM&P port offices and on the MM&P website.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MITAGS is closed for vacation during the month of July. Please check the updated schedule on the MITAGS website for any changes. Members can download an application off the website at

The only August openings at this time are:

  • 7/31-8/04: BST
  • 8/07-8/11: GMDSS-REF
  • 08/07: 1 DAY RENEWAL
  • 8/14-18: VPM
  • 8/28-9/01 EINS.

There are openings in all September classes except MED-PIC 9/18-29. All classes in October, November, and December remain open.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed the STCW95 required training and have received the new certificate (the STCW95 certificate has your picture on it), please send a copy to the MITAGS Registrar at FAX 410-859-5181. MITAGS will update your training record. This will also help determine number of course offerings that need to be in the 2001 schedule to ensure that all members receive this important certificate before Feb.1, 2002.

For an application, schedule, or more info check the MITAGS website at:, or contact Mary Matlock at: Email: or phone: 443-989-3226.

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