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January 9th 2003


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Volume7 . . . . . Number 2. . . . . January 9, 2003






Just two days after deploying from its layberthin Baltimore, the MM&P-crewed Military Sealift Command hospital shipUSNS COMFORT rescued a man adrift in the Atlantic Ocean off Bermuda.

Two other men are missing and presumed lost aftertheir 40-foot fishing boat capsized and broke apart in treacherous storm-tossedseas.

The COMFORT is under the command of MM&P memberCapt. Richard Cicchetti. MM&P member Dean Bradford is serving as ChiefMate. Second Mate is currently David Lieberman and MM&P member ThirdMate Kirby rounds out the LDO complement.

The COMFORT was en route to an undisclosed locationin support of the President’s war on terrorism when she responded to acall for assistance from the USCG Response Coordination Center in Bermudaissued at 1900 hrs on Jan.7.

At 1049 hrs on Jan.8, an USCG C-130 search-and-rescueplane spotted a sole survivor adrift in the water and dropped a life raftand survival gear. Once the survivor’s exact coordinates were known, deckofficers aboard the COMFORT quickly steered a course to his precise location.Despite roiling 15-foot seas, the COMFORT’s crew was able to effect thetricky rescue by late afternoon.

“The ship’s deck department performed admirably,in cooperation with the Coast Guard to complete the shipboard recoveryof the victim,” said Second Mate David Lieberman.

“The man, Robert Lambe, 35, of Bermuda, was treatedfor minor hypothermia by the staff of the Navy Medical Treatment Facilityembarked aboard the ship and is reported to be in good condition,” saidPetty Officer Second Class Ellen Maurer, USN, of COMFORT’s public affairsoffice.

USNS COMFORT is crewed by 61 civilian mariners. Threehundred medical and support personnel from the National Naval Medical Centerin Bethesda, MD currently staff its onboard Medical Treatment Facility.For info and photos of the ship, visit the MSC website at
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On Dec.30, 2002 the US Coast Guard published a far-reaching Notice of meetings;request for comments. The USCG will be holding a series of seven publicmeetings to discuss the requirements for security assessments, plans, andspecific security measures for ports, vessels, and facilities.

The USCG encourages individuals and organizations to attend the meetingsand submit comments for discussion during the meetings. They also seekcomments from anyone unable to attend the public meetings.

Meeting Information: Public meetings will be held on the following datesand at the following locations:

  • Jan.27: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., New Orleans, LA
  • Hilton Riverside, 2 Poydras St., New Orleans, LA 70140

  •  Jan.30: 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Cleveland, OH
  • Sheraton Cleveland City Centre Hotel, Dorothy Fuldheim Room, 777 St.Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44144

  • Jan.31: 12 (noon) to 6 p.m., St. Louis, MO
  • Robert A. Young Federal Office Building (R.A.Y. Building)
    1222 Spruce St., St. Louis, MO 63017

  • Feb.3: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Seattle. WA
  • Boeing Field, 7755 East Marginal Way South, Building 2-22, Auditorium,Seattle, WA 98108

  • Feb.5: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Los Angles-Long Beach, CA
  • Port of LA, 425 S. Palos Verdes St., San Pedro, CA 90731

  • Feb.7: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Jacksonville, FL
  • Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), 921 N. Davis St., Building E,Jacksonville, FL, 32209

  • Feb.11: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., New York City, NY Customs House Auditorium, AlexanderHamilton US Customs House, 1 Bowling Green, New York, NY 10004

Those wishing to obtain a copy of the USCG 65-page document maydo so electronically at:,when the window opens go to simple search and insert the number 14069in the docket number block.

Members planning to attend one of these meetings should make contactprior to the session with the local MM&P representative to ensure theUnion presents a united front on these important issues.

This future USCG rule making incorporates the work done on behalf ofmariners worldwide at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) duringfive sessions held since Sept.11, 2001. The portions of this rule wereaccepted at IMO and are not in question.

The question is: How did the USCG arrive at some of their information?This includes published statements like,  We do not anticipate thatimplementing the ISPS Code will require additional manning aboard vessels;the duties envisioned can be assumed by existing personnel. The MM&Pbelieves that this is an item for the vessel owner who is responsible forthe vessel not the USCG.

The more mariners who read a copy of the docket prior to attending apublic meeting will assist in getting the word out on blatant flaws inthe USCG’s rationale on implementation.

Those who attend the public meetings should ask questions that willlead to identifying weak points in some of the assumptions that the USCGhas made while trying to convince the public on how to proceed with USimplementation of the Amended SOLAS 1974 and ISPS Code.

For example, Appendix C of the docket includes cost analysis and a seriesof tables of implementation costs and follow on costs.  These tablesare flawed in many aspects i.e. the Vessel Security Officer is the samecost whether onboard an Ocean Freight Vessel (Table 5) or a Fish Processor(Table 14).

The USCG has unilaterally brought the IMO inside the Boundary Line.This will have a severe impact on coastal and inland owners and mariners.We all agree that we need maritime security but at what cost? The questionmust be asked: How many people will be put out of business/work with unilateralimplementation?

For further info, contact Special Representative Capt. Joe Stone atMM&P HQ at Email: jstone@bridgedeck.orgor phone: 410-850-8700 ext.24.

MM&PWheelhouse Weekly


Glen Paine, MITAGS and PMI Executive Director, has announced that a newtraining course for Ship Security Officer (SSO) will be available for allinterested mariners and company representatives. There will be two one-weeksessions, the first beginning on Feb.3 and the second beginning on Feb.10.

These sessions will be some of the first SSO training opportunitiesoffered to the public and will be presented in a beta format. Feedbackfrom attendees will be utilized to finalize course materials and content,which will be submitted to the USCG as a proposed model course.

Piracy and terrorist attacks on commercial shipping are increasing worldwide.The International Chambers of Commerce Piracy Report, released Oct.24,notes a significant increase on piracy attacks on the world’s oceans,rising from 253 incidents in the nine months of 2001 to 271 for the correspondingperiod in 2002.

Terrorists have taken their attacks to the seas in such highly visibleassaults as the USS COLE and the French tanker LIMBURG. Commercial ships,in particular US-flag ships and those perceived to be US allies in thewar against terrorism, are preferred terrorist targets. Along with thisspike in terrorist activity, piracy continues to be a major threat againstcommercial shipping.

The MITAGS Ship Security Program is based on International MaritimeOrganization amendments that contain the International Ship and Port FacilitySecurity Code and USCG NAVIG 10-02. MITAGS team of Military Special Operations,Law Enforcement, and Maritime Specialists have developed a quality ShipSecurity Officer (SSO) course that will meet or exceed these regulatoryrequirements.

Attendees will learn to develop and modify a ship security plan, studypotential weaknesses and apply corrective action to prevent an incursion.

Techniques for identifying and searching for dangerous objects and persons,as well as methods for conducting risk assessments based on type of ship,cargo, port-of-call and political variables will also be taught. Instructorswith both maritime and military/law enforcement experience will utilizean actual ship as a training platform.

For more info on MITAGS’ Ship Security Officer training please contactCraig Thomas at Tel: 443-989-3358, Email at,or visit their website at

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Jan.31 marks the end of the STCW-95 grandfathering deadline. As expected,the USCG is already seeing a surge in business at their Regional ExaminationCenters (RECs). It is expected that the RECs will be very busy as marinersrush to meet the deadline.

In its attempt to be as fair as possible, service is being providedon a first-come, first-served basis via a sign-in sheet. Mariners comingin during the last business hours of the day may find that they can notbe assisted until the following day. To better manage the RECs increasedservice demands, the USCG strongly urges members to come in early in theday and to avoid waiting until the last few days of the month.

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Ms. Valerie Verrecchio, Administrator of the Plans will be present at aspecial membership meeting on Wed., Jan.22 at the Norfolk Hall to answerall questions pertaining to the various Plans. The Health and Welfare Planhas undergone some significant changes so the meeting should be very informative.Spouses are invited to attend. The meeting will start at 1300 hrs.

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Adm. James Loy, under secretary of transportation for security, signedan order on Jan.9 precluding collective bargaining by Transportation SecurityAdministration (TSA) screeners after determining mandatory collectivebargaining is not compatible with the flexibility required to wage thewar against terrorism.

Adm. Loy’s order was in response to petitions filed with the FederalLabor Relations Authority by the American Federation of Government Employees,which asked for elections to designate the union as the exclusive representativeof TSA security screeners at New York LaGuardia and Baltimore-WashingtonInternational airports.

Fighting terrorism demands a flexible workforce that can rapidly respondto threats, said Adm. Loy, who exercised his legal authority under the2001 Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA).

That can mean changes in work assignments and other conditions of employmentthat are not compatible with the duty to bargain with labor unions. Adm.Loy said screeners enjoy many of the same protections as other federalemployees, including equal employment opportunity and whistleblower protection.

At the end of January 2002, the TSA had 13 employees. It now has about64,000, including some 56,000 screeners whose salaries range from $23,600to $35,400 a year, plus locality pay.

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The following statement was issued today (Jan.9) by Sonny Hall, Presidentof the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, in response to the TransportationSecurity Administration’s decision to deny collective bargaining rightsto newly federalized airport security screeners.

“The Bush Administration is trying to make the case that being a unionmember is incompatible with the nation’s war against terrorism. The statementby Admiral Loy is akin to saying that being a union member gives aid andcomfort to the enemy. It is time for this Administration to stop hidingbehind the war on terrorism to mask a brazen assault on the basic rightsof US working men and women.

“Given the long history of labor-management collaboration in the federalgovernment, there is no credible basis for the Administration to arguethat exercising one’s freedom to join a union somehow conflicts with wagingwar to defend our basic freedoms. Today’s announcement is deeply offensiveto TSA employees and all federal workers and it weakens – not strengthens- our national security.

“Shortly after 9/11, we made a national commitment to improve an aviationsecurity system that was broken. And Congress overwhelmingly chose to federalizethis work force because private security contractors failed to train theirworkers and paid them barely above the minimum wage, leading to annualturnover rates as high as 400 percent.

The nation was shocked by the stories of screeners leaving their jobsfor better-paying fast-food jobs. So it looked like we were finally startingto get it right. Until today. We urge the President to reverse this ill-adviseddecision. TSA workers and the nation deserve better.”

MM&P is a member of the TTD which represents 35 member unions inthe aviation, transit, trucking, highway, rail, longshore, maritime andrelated industries. For more info, visit their website at:

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Class Openings

Between now and the end of February 2003, seats are available in followingcourses:

  • 1/13-17: CMM-VPEN, CMM-SHS ADV II
  • 1/20-31: GMDSS
  • 1/20-24: SHS-BAS, CMM-ECDIS

“Refresher” Week courses

  • 1/23-24: MSC-DC
  • 1/25: LIC-EXAM PREP
  • 1/27-30: SMA
  • 2/10-21: MED-PIC
  • 2/10-14: MED-PRO, CMM-SHS ADV I

“Shipboard Management” Week courses


“MSC” Week courses

  • 2/24-28: SHS-EMR5, ROP, MSC-COMMS, CMM-MPP
  • 2/24-27: SMA
  • 2/24-3/7: CMM-CHS

New “Cluster” Weeks

Look for the “Course Cluster” weeks in the 2003 schedule.

“Refresher” week offers Radar Renewal, BST elements, HAZMAT renewal,and sessions covering the admin requirements associated with license renewal,as well as tips on license exam preps.

“Shipboard Management” week provides an ISM/Regulatory update, contingencyplanning, media response, maritime security, and shipboard assessor training.

“MSC” week has MSC certified courses in Environmental Protection, Anti-Terrorism(Level I), CBRD Orientation and Damage Control.

Damage Control & Small Arms

Starting in January, Military Sealift Command (MSC) courses in Damage Control(DC) & Small Arms (SMA) will be available at MITAGS as a package:

  • DC will be held January 23-24 (Thursday-Friday); and
  • SMA will be held January 27-30 (Monday-Thursday)

From February 17-21, take the “MSC” week, including DC, thenfollow-up the next week with either Small Arms or MSC Communications. InMarch, take DC on 20-21 and start SMA on Monday, March 24.
These courses are required for all LDOs sailing on LMSRs and are highlyrecommended for all members.


Please Note:

  • With the Damage Control course now being presented on the MITAGS campus,DC quotas will no longer be arranged at the MSC sites at San Diego, CAand Freehold, NJ.
  • Effective January 1, 2003, Damage Control and Small Arms will be on thelist of courses available through the Trust Student Out-of-EligibilityProgram.

Schedules, Course Info & Registration

Always check the MITAGS website for updated course availability. You canalso check future schedules, review detailed course descriptions and registeron-lineor contact Admissions at admissions@mitags.orgor 443-989-3226.

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PMI will be providing DOT Training for D&A on the following dates andlocations:

  • January 13: Honolulu
  • January 17: Seattle

Benefits of PMI Programs: Whether you are just getting started inthe maritime industry or well on your way to a Captain’s License, PMI hasa training program that will take you to the next level. The training programsare comprehensive and never lose sight of the real world practical application,so when you graduate you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to doyour job well.

Benefits of the PMI training programs include:

  • One place to find all your training from Ordinary Seaman to Master Mariner
  • One place to schedule all your training
  • One place to maintain your training records and provide renewal notices
  • One place to rely on when planning your maritime career
  • Training Packages include: OS to AB, AB to Mate, Second Mate to Chief Mate.Call for details at 888-893-7829 or download the PMI course schedule withdescriptions at visit their web site at

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 D O W
 N A S D A Q
+434.50 for the week
 +102.97 for the week
 Vanguard 500 IndexFund (VFINX)  85.60
 Vanguard Extended MarketIndex Fund (VEXMX) 19.33
 Vanguard InternationalGrowth Fund (VWIGX)  12.38
 Vanguard Morgan GrowthFund (VMRGX)  11.70
 Vanguard Windsor IIFund (VWNFX)  21.84
 Vanguard GNMA Fund(VFIIX) 10.72
 Chase Growth Fund (CHASX) 13.01
 Fidelity Asset Manager(FASMX) 14.25
 Fidelity Growth andIncome (FGRIX)  31.47
Fidelity Magellan Fund (FAGX)  82.84
 Spartan US Equity IndexFund (FUSEX)   32.86


MM&PWheelhouse Weekly

~Reminders ~



The new 24-hour rule requiring advance cargo manifests from sea carrierswent into effect on December 2. Under the new rule, US Customs will grantsea carriers a 60-day grace period to fully implement the program.

“By quickly implementing the ’24-hour rule’, we can do a better jobof protecting the American people and the global trading system as a whole,”said US Customs Commissioner Robert Bonner. “Knowing the contents of acontainer before it is loaded onto a ship bound for the US is a criticalpart of our efforts to guard against the terrorist threat.”

Customs has posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on itswebsite for those who have questions about the program. It may be accessedby going to: downloaded as an Acrobat file by going to can also be E-mailed to Customs at:

MM&PWheelhouse Weekly



With maritime security remaining a vital issue in the US and soon to berevisited at the International Maritime Organization’s December meeting,mariners should be aware that security info is available via the Internet.

The latest Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) availablein Adobe Acrobat PDF format is circular 9-02 “Guidelines for Port SecurityCommittees, and Port Security Plans For US Ports” and, more importantly,10-02 “Security Guidelines For Vessels”. The latest hard copy issued, butnot yet available on the Internet, is titled “Recommended Security Guidelinesfor Waterfront Facilities.

The 9-02 and 10-02 NVICs can be downloaded via accessing: selecting “2000s” on the left and then clicking on the PDF icon onthe right next to the 9-02 and 10-02 subject title. Read these NVICs carefully.This information is being supplied to the world at the IMO meeting in December.

Most of the responsibilities listed under 10-02 will most likely beassigned as collateral duties to a deck officer. With the existing workloadlicensed deck officers currently have, additional duties will make theLDOs job much more difficult and time-consuming.

Richard Plant, Director of Special Projects, has requested that theUSCG IMO Delegation call for all port state authorities to review theircertification of inspection (COI) manning requirements. In doing so, theyshould consider the present and future workloads that these regulationswill impose on the crew.

Due consideration should also be given to whether additional unlicensedcrew or LDOs are needed aboard foreign and domestic vessels to successfullycomplete the many tasks mandated under these new security proposals.

MM&PWheelhouse Weekly



SOS Incorporated, manufacturer of SOSPENDERS brand life jackets has alertedthe USCG and the public that they have recalled approximately 7,200 automaticinflatable personal flotation devices (PFDs).

The purpose of this recall is to investigate a safety defect involvingthe Hammar model MA1 Manual/Automatic inflators. Approximately 300 defectiveHammar units in one lot of 500 were loaded incorrectly and will not inflatethe vest. SOSpenders Corp. has made the decision to recall all Hammar productsfor 100-percent safety inspection.

The USCG and SOS Inc. stress that is important for consumers to stopusing the PFDs immediately and return them to SOS.

Important info to assist in the identification of potential defectiveunits and what to do when units are identified is available from two websites:

Questions regarding this recall may be addressed to Daniel McCormick ofthe USCG at dmccormick@comdt.uscg.milor 202-267-2713.

MM&PWheelhouse Weekly





The Board of Trustees, based on recommendations by the Cost ContainmentCommittee, adopted changes to the Health & Benefit Plan. The followingchanges will become effective January 1, 2003:

Annual Deductible
The current annual deductible of $150/$300 will be raised to$250/$500.
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
The current out of pocket maximum of $2,000 will be raisedto $3,000.
Dental Reimbursement Levels

  • The Plan payment to in-network dental providers will go from 90% to 80%.
  • The Plan payment for out-of-network providers will go from 80% of UCR to70% of UCR.
  • New contract with Delta Dental replaces Aetna/US Healthcare (PrudentialDental) agreement. See below for additional information.

Prescription Drug Program
Mail order drugs will be subject to a 20% co-pay forall single source brand name and generic drugs with a maximum out of pocket,per prescription, of $75.

For brand name drugs where the generic equivalent is available,the member will be responsible for paying the total cost of the differencebetween the brand name and the generic drug. The Plan will then pay 80%of the cost of the generic and the member will be responsible for the 20%up to a per prescription maximum of $75.

The Plan has also removed the mandatory mail order provision.This means that any prescription, regardless of the number of refills,can be obtained at a retail level but will be limited to a 30-day supply.However, obtaining maintenance medications through the mail order programmay still be less expensive to you.
A synopsis of these changes and additional changes effective April 1, 2003appears in the November-December 2002 issue of the MM&P’s Master,Mate & Pilot newspaper. The Plan Office has also maileda summary of all changes, with examples, to Health & Benefit Plan participants.


Remember to notify the Plan office whenever you move or have a change ofaddress. There are a number of important mailings scheduled for the nextfew months and we would like to keep all members well informed. You canfax your address changes to the Plan Office at 410-850-8655 or you canemail them to the Plan Office at



This is a reminder that effective October 1, 2002, the MM&P Plan’scontract with Prudential Dental expired. Prudential was purchased by Aetna/USHealthCare in 2001 and could no longer offer the Plan the same type offee-for-service arrangement as before.

In order to continue to offer Plan Participants an in-network dentalbenefit option, the Plan reviewed proposals from organizations that providenetwork dental services. After review, the Trustees approved a contractwith Delta Dental, the largest provider of dental services in the US.

The Delta Dental Claims Processing Center in Mechanicsburg, PA, willhandle claims administration for all MM&P eligible participants anddependents. This includes claims submitted by out of network dentists aswell as those who are Delta Dental providers.

Plan participants who choose to go to a contracted provider will pay10 percent of the contracted amount and the Plan will pay 90 percent. Participantswill have access to all Delta providers in the Delta Premier Network optionthat includes over 133,000 dentists nationwide.


~ Where Does My Dentist Submit My Claims?

Effective October 1, 2002, all dental claims with dates of service onor after October 1, 2002, from both in and out-of-network providers, shouldbe sent directly to: Delta Dental, One Delta Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6999.Participants will receive a claim form in the mailing sent out by the PlanOffice on August 11. Your dentist can copy this form and use it to submitall dental claims incurred on or after October 1, 2002.

~ How Do I Find A Delta Dentist?

You can locate participating dentists in your area in two ways. Youcan call 1-800-932-0783 from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday,or you can sign on to the Delta website at you have signed on to the website, key on the bar marked “Pennsylvania”.(MM&P Plan members are enrolled in the Delta Premier Option throughDelta Dental of Penn.) Next enter the search criteria to find participatingDelta dentists in your area or enter your own dentist’s name to find outif he/she participates with the Premier network.


Delta Dental will coordinate with the Plan Office to transition allbilling for “work in process”. This means that all root canals, orthodontiawork and other staged procedures that are not completed under the old arrangementwill be carried over and the remaining balance billing, for work performedon or after October 1, 2002 will be processed by Delta Dental.

It is important to remember that all work that has been pre-determinedby Prudential/Aetna must be completed and billed with a billing date onor prior to September 30, 2002, in order to assure that your co-pay willremain the same as quoted in the initial pre-determination.

Any work started under the old Plan but billed for date of service onor after October 1, 2002 will be reimbursed according to whether the dentistis participating in the Delta Dental network. If your dentist is not aparticipating dentist, the balance billing will be paid at the out-of-networkrate of 80 percent of the Plan’s UCR schedules.


All questions about any dental claims incurred on or after October 1,2002, including claims submitted by out-of-network providers, should bedirected to Delta Dental at 1-800-932-0783. You have been provided witha Delta claim form to forward to your dentist, however, your dentist maysubmit any standard dental billing form as long as the bill is sent directlyto Delta at the above listed address.


Participants have been sent a brochure that includes a perforated genericidentification card. This card lists the telephone number and the billingaddress for Delta. You are not required to carry an identification cardbecause your social security number and birth date will identify you asan eligible participant in the Delta Dental Network.

It is important to remember that MM&P claims will be processed byDelta Dental of Pennsylvania. You or your dentist can access your eligibilityby calling either the Plan Office or Delta Dental at 1-800-932-0783.
If you or your dentist have any questions, you can contactDelta Dental at 1-800-932-0783 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time,Monday through Friday.

Plan members are identified by social security number and the GroupPlan number for MM&P which is 7117.
Billing for both in and out of network claims should be submitted on standarddental billing forms and sent directly to Delta at

Delta Dental of Pennsylvania One Delta Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
You can locate participating providers on-line at, Mates and Pilots members have access to providers in all of theDelta networks.

MM&PWheelhouse Weekly




MM&P’s General Executive Board met on October 3-4. One item of particularnote is that the Offshore Advisory Committee established quotas for admittanceto the Offshore Membership Group.

Effective October 4, 2002, no member of any membership group, includingthe Offshore Unlicensed Membership Group, may transfer into the OffshoreLicensed Membership Group without having been a member of the organizationfor at least as long as the length of time that the lowest applicant admittedinto membership has in the organization.

Please see your local Offshore Vice President for additional information.

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  • Do you want an easy way togrow your savings?
  • Do you want an easier way tomake deposits to your Masters, Mates & Pilots Federal Credit Unionaccount?

Consider establishingpayroll or pension direct deposit.

Many employers allow you to directly deposit your pay into several differentfinancial institutions. Trinity Management, Strong America, Moran Towingof Florida, and McAllister Brothers are among the MM&P-contracted companiesthat already provide for employees to deposit funds directly into the MM&PFederal Credit Union.

MM&P Health & Benefit Plans Pensioners and A&G Region Pensionersmay have deductions made directly from their pension check to their CreditUnion account. In addition, employees of MM&P, Plans, MITAGS and MIRAIDare also eligible for payroll deduction directly into their Credit Unionaccount.

Add to your savings by paying yourself first! Contact your payroll officeto establish Credit Union direct deposit or to find out if this is availablefor you. For additional details or to get answers to your questions onthis or other MM&P Federal Credit Union programs, contact Kathy Klisavage,Credit Union Manager, toll-free at 1-800-382-7777 or by Email at




Members are reminded that the Masters, Mates & Pilots Federal CreditUnion is offering vehicle loans as low as 5.25 percent. Rates range from5.25 to 6.99 percent for terms of 24 to 60 months. It doesn’t matter ifit’s for a new, used or a refinanced vehicle.

These rates are also in effect for new or used recreational vehicles,motorcycles or boats. Limited funds available at this rate, certain termsand conditions apply.

MM&P Federal Credit Union membership is open to all MM&P members,to all MM&P, MITAGS, MIRAID and Plans staff, and to their immediatefamilies.

Rates and terms of offer are subject to change. Call Kathy Klisavage,Credit Union Manager, toll free 1-800-382-7777 or Email mmpfcu@bridgedeck.orgfor all the details.

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A memorial fund has been established in the memory of recently deceasedMM&P member Jerry Backman. Jerry shipped out of San Francisco and was49-years old at the time of his tragic death as the result of an auto accident.Jerry leaves a widow and two children.

Donations made in memory of Jerry will be used to assist with the educationof his children, a 22-year old daughter and a 15-year old son.

The Backman family is privately managing the fund. They are most appreciativeof all the messages expressing sympathy and the positive stories from hisshipmates and friends.

Contributions may be sent to:

The Jerry B. Backman Memorial Fund c/o Bank of the West 2900 Railroad Avenue Pittsburg, CA 94565
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