Wheelhouse Weekly – February 25, 2000

February 25th 2000


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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 8. . . . . February 25, 2000



MM&P members must keep their membership in “Good Standing”, as provided in the MM&P International Constitution in order to enjoy the benefits of membership. Among those benefits are the ability to be a candidate for and to hold elective office, and the ability to vote in MM&P elections. Following are the Membership Standing provisions of the MM&P International Constitution, which were revised by membership referendum in 1999.


Article III, Section 5, Membership Standing, of the MM&P International Constitution states:

a) To be in good standing, a member must have paid dues for the current quarter and assessments and other indebtedness due to the Organization. A member must within 72 hours after returning to a United States Port, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted, pay all indebtedness to the Organization incurred during the time he was on the foreign voyage when he was unable to put himself in good standing.

b) Except as permitted by (a) above, or where a valid dues check-off is in effect, or as hereafter provided a member who is not paid up in assessments, dues and other indebtedness for the current quarter before the first working day of such quarter is in arrears, shall lose good standing and, until all financial obligations to the Organization are met, shall not be entitled to any benefits of the Organization. In addition to payment of all financial obligations to the Organization, the member who is not in good standing shall also be required to make additional payments as determined from time to time by the Membership Group of such member.

c) A member in arrears in dues and assessments or other indebtedness for one (1) year and a day shall stand suspended.

d) Whenever a member of the Organization is in distress because of a lengthy illness or incapacitation or other severe hardship, s/he may apply in writing to the Organization for a waiver of dues. If the application for such waiver of dues is approved, it shall be reviewed when the Organization Group deems necessary but not less than once each 12 months in order to determine if the member is still in distress.

e) Members who are inducted into the Armed Forces shall have their dues waived for the period of their involuntary service only. Within 120 days of his discharge, such member shall satisfy his obligation to the Organization and be available for employment.

f) No member of the Organization may be a member of another maritime trade union or work under a Collective Bargaining Agreement of another maritime trade union without the express written permission of the International Subcommittee. If written permission is granted under this subsection, it shall only be valid for a period of six (6) months at which time the member must reapply. If a member violates this provision, he shall be immediately suspended and shall not be entitled to any of the benefits and privileges of the Organization or its Collective Bargaining Agreements.

g)   (1) Members who are not actively engaged in, or available for and seeking, employment applicable to their membership class may, upon application to the General Executive Board, be classified as inactive members where the inactivity has continued for at least 90 days, and shall be removed from and ineligible for inclusion on any shipping or employment list. Inactive status shall commence at the beginning of the quarter next following application therefor and acceptance by the General Executive Board and shall continue to the end of the quarter in which the General Executive Board shall grant an application for return from inactive status

      (2) Dues for inactive members shall be half of the normal dues applicable to their membership group except:

(a) Where a former Subordinate Body had a lower rate in effect at the time of ratification of this Constitution, such lower rate shall apply; and

(b) Inactive members who are receiving a pension from an MM&P Trust may choose to pay lower dues, where applicable, of one percent (1%) of the gross monthly pension received; in no event shall the annual amount of such dues exceed one half of the normal dues applicable to their membership group.

Inactive members who pay inactive dues shall have such time excluded in the computation of continuous good standing for eligibility to Office.

      (3) Inactive members shall have all rights of members except (1) to vote; or (2) to be eligible for nomination or appointment to paid Office until 12 months after return from inactive status.


MM&P members are further advised that under Article V, Section 8, List of Eligible Voters, of the newly-revised MM&P International Constitution, in order to be eligible to vote in upcoming Officer Elections, a member must be in good standing by the close of nominations for office. If a member is not in good standing as of that date, their name will not appear on the list of eligible voters and they will not be mailed a ballot.

Article V, Section 8, List of Eligible Voters, of the MM&P International Constitution states:

a) Prior to the close of the nominating period, the International Secretary-Treasurer shall cause to be prepared in duplicate a listing of the active members of each Membership Group who are in good standing, which listing shall include the last known address of each such member as recorded on the Organization records, shall be dated and certified to by the International Secretary-Treasurer who shall furnish a copy of such listings to the Impartial Balloting Agency.

b) Only such member whose name appears on the above list shall be mailed a ballot.

Nominations for elective office for the 2000 MM&P Officer Elections close as of the last day of the 2000 MM&P Biennial Convention, scheduled to commence July 10, 2000, and which should conclude on or about July 12, 2000. Members must be in good standing by or before this date in order to be included on the list of eligible voters. To avoid confusion and potential errors, members are advised to have all dues paid and to be in Good Standing by June 30, 2000. In all cases, it is advised that members keep a copy of their current dues receipts.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Any member wishing to communicate with other members may do so at his or her own expense through Accu Mail, Inc., a mailing service which will have access to addresses of all members. Mailing materials must be produced by the member wishing to send a mailing. It must then be provided to the designated mailer. Labels to be applied to these materials are available through the MM&P and will be provided directly to the mailer. Detailed information follows.

Ordering Mailing Labels

A request for labels must be made in writing to:

John Gorman, International Comptroller IOMM&P 700 Maritime Blvd. Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Each request must specify whether the labels are to be in alphabetical or zip code order.

A certified check or money order payable to the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots covering the cost of labels must be received with each label order.

Label prices are as follows:

         Offshore Membership Group


         Atlantic & Gulf Maritime Region


         Great Lakes & Rivers Maritime Region


         Pacific Maritime Region


         Pilot Membership Group


         Government Employees Membership Group


         Full Membership Mailing (All Groups)


Be advised that all orders for mailing labels will, upon completion, be picked up by Accu Mail, Inc., the designated mailer, at the orderer’s expense to be billed with the cost of the mailing. The IOMM&P will be responsible for supplying the mailer with labels only. All other instructions as to the mailing should be made with Accu Mail directly. For further information concerning the ordering of labels, contact John Gorman at 410-850-8700, ext. 12, email:; or Beverly Gutmann at 410-850-8700, ext. 11, email: Information about sending mailings through Accu Mail is found below.


Sending Mailings

Following is a price list submitted by Accu Mail detailing mailing costs. Accu Mail advises that all labor and postage is payable C.O.D., by cash or certified check. Credit cards are not accepted. Accu Mail is an independent, union-labor mailing service which has been designated by MM&P as its official mailing service.

All prices are based on quantities up to, but not exceeding 6,000 pieces. The below amounts do not include the cost of postage. Postage is at additional cost and must be submitted along with materials and payment of labor and handling costs below:

       Produce Labels


       Apply Labels


       per thousand
       Folding – 1, 2 or 3 sheets


       per thousand


        Insert – 1, 2 or 3 sheets


       Apply Postage


       per thousand


       Deliver to Post Office


       Postal Receipt Fee



Materials, handling instructions and fees for mailing services as described above should be submitted to:

AccuMail, Inc. 3381-H 75th Avenue Landover, MD 20785

Questions about sending mailings may be directed to Accu Mail by calling 301-322-4900; fax 301-322-4904; or email to

Questions relating to this policy may be addressed to Karl Schwartz, MM&P Communications Director, by calling 410-850-8700, ext. 27; or Email:

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Diligent work by the MM&P has achieved a successful result for MM&P government employee officers faced with an asbestosis problem on the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) dredge MCFARLAND. The problem arose early last year when the MCFARLAND was undergoing shipyard repair. During that repair period, the USACE was cited by the Dept. of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration for violations of the regulations that require the crew be fully informed of the presence, location and quantity of asbestos.

Ms. Randi Ciszewski, MM&P Government Employee Rep, filed a grievance, stating that USACE violated the contract by failing to maintain a safe working environment for MM&P members.

The Union requested that all members be immediately enrolled in an asbestos screening program; that all members working in and around asbestos be properly trained and provided protective equipment to prevent exposure; and that monetary compensation in the form of Environmental Hazard Pay or Hazardous Pay be made to all MM&P members assigned to the MCFARLAND while the shipyard work was being done.

The Army Corps agreed to some of these requests but would not agree to others. The grievance seemed headed for arbitration when the MM&P agreed to mediation and a subsequent settlement.

The final settlement has been negotiated and the terms satisfied the Union and its Army Corps members on the MCFARLAND that proper asbestos procedures are now in place and the MM&P members have been treated fairly.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Vice Admiral George Nanos, USN, Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command will address the maritime industry at the Kings Point Club of Washington luncheon on Thursday, March 2, 2000. Admiral Nanos will address the national security importance of the US ship repair and shipbuilding industry.

The luncheon will be held at the Army/Navy Country Club, 1700 Army-Navy Drive, Arlington, VA, beginning at 1130 hours. Cost is $20 for club members and $25 for guests. Reservations are required. Please contact Lennis Fludd at 202-366-2308 or Tom Harrelson at 202-366-5515 or Email at

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MITAGS has the following course openings:

  • March 13-17: HWA; Comp-Opsys
  • March 13-24: GMDSS; SHS
  • March 20-24: Comp-APS, ARPA
  • March 27-31: Haz

For a reservation please contact Mary Matlock in admissions at Email: or telephone: 443-989-3226. The current edition of the MITAGS 2000 schedule covering can be found on the MITAGS website at:

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