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February 18th 2000


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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 7. . . . . February 18, 2000



This year is an election year for the MM&P, and on February 15, 2000, special rules and regulations went into effect and will remain in effect for MM&P officials and candidates for elective position to follow for the duration of the 2000 officer election cycle.

Contained in this guide is information of use to all MM&P potential candidates. This info should be retained by MM&P members and should serve as a guide during the election period.

Next week’s edition of the Wheelhouse Weekly will contain membership mailing info and detailed Membership Standing provisions of the MM&P International Constitution, which were revised by membership referendum in 1999.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


During MM&P General Executive Board meetings on January 14, 2000, the General Executive Board voted to adopt the Election Period Rules and Conduct established in 1996, in advance of the 1996 officer elections. These standards have been updated to reflect changes in date and personnel, and are reprinted below.

Use and Availability of Union Facilities; Campaigning and Campaign Work Guidelines

  1. No Union facilities shall be used to further the candidacy of any candidate for Union office. Specifically, this means that Union fax machines, telephones, postage, copying machines and similar facilities will not be used by any candidate or by supporters of any candidate to further their campaign. All employees and officials may continue to use all Union facilities in the performance of their duties, even though the performance of such duties may favorably affect the candidacy of a particular candidate. Thus, for example, an announcement of a successful legislative outcome may have an incidental benefit to a particular candidate, but if the announcement is of general interest to members of the Union, it is appropriate that Union facilities be used to transmit the information.
  2. No employee or Union official may campaign during normal business hours. Subject to restrictions set forth in Paragraph 3, employees and Union officials are free to campaign during any times which are not normal business hours. Employees and Union officials are free to answer questions of general interest to Union members during normal business hours so long as the questions are initiated by other members. Thus, for example, an official may attend a normal business meeting or may make ships in the performance of normal duties or be present at Union Halls in the performance of normal Union duties. If in connection with such activities, questions relating to the campaign are posed, the official or employee may answer the specific question asked even though this occurs during normal business hours.
  3. Employees who are members of the Union are free to volunteer their non-working time to engage in campaign activities. Employees who are not members of the Union may not be recruited to volunteer for campaign activities. Nonetheless, employees, whether or not members of the Union, may be hired by campaign committees or candidates to render services during non-working hours at fair compensation. No such employee may be threatened, intimidated, or induced by promises of advancement or improvement in working conditions or compensation to volunteer time to engage in campaign activities or to render services for compensation to campaign committees or candidates.
  4. Campaign literature for all candidates can and should be made available at all Union offices so that members can obtain as much info as possible concerning the position of each candidate.
  5. Union facilities may be made available for debates among candidates so that members may have access to hearing the position of competing candidates. It shall not prevent the scheduling of a debate if one or more competing candidates, having been given reasonable notice and a reasonable opportunity to participate, chooses not to participate.
  6. No ballots shall be accepted from any member for mailing to the official depository. Although this practice, in and of itself, may not be unlawful, the potential for abuse and the potential for claims of abuse is so significant that as a matter of policy, it should not be engaged in.

If you have any questions concerning the permissibility of any conduct relating to the election, please contact John Singleton, International Counsel, at 410-850-8700, extension 19, prior to engaging in such conduct. It is in the interest of all members that they have a legitimate and honorable election process worthy of full confidence.

Newspaper Publication Standards and Membership Mailings

The General Executive Board has determined that the 2000 MM&P election period shall commence February 15, 2000, and until the conclusion of the 2000 MM&P election, the MM&P has determined to exclude any reference by name, photograph or title to any known candidate in the 2000 MM&P election. Publication of Letters to the Editor will also be suspended until after the election.

Since the MM&P may not have knowledge of whether or not an individual intends to be a candidate in the 2000 election until mailings are sent or petitions filed, unless a person advises that he or she is candidate in the 2000 election. They will be not considered a candidate and their name will not be deleted from any articles appearing in this publication through the end of the election period unless the MM&P has knowledge of their candidacy.

These determinations have been made to ensure that publications by the MM&P to MM&P members are not used for campaign purposes. These exclusions will end upon the completion of the election.

Any member wishing to communicate with other members may do so at his or her own expense through a mailing service which will have access to addresses of all members. Arrangements for mailings may be made through John Gorman, International Comptroller, by calling 410-850-8700, ext. 12. Questions relating to this policy may be addressed to Karl Schwartz, Communications Director, by calling 410-850-8700, ext. 27.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


During MM&P General Executive Board (GEB) meetings which took place at International Headquarters January 13-15, 2000, the GEB considered and adopted guidelines for debates taking place at MM&P facilities among candidates for MM&P office, and for publicity of such debates.

The GEB determined that for a candidate debate to take place at MM&P facilities, all candidates for a given office must be notified in advance and be provided fair opportunity to take part in such debate, at a date of mutual agreement among all candidates for that office. Requests for debates must be placed with the International Secretary-Treasurer’s office at MM&P Headquarters, at which time all known candidates for such office will be contacted to determine their agreement. A debate may take place at MM&P facilities even if not all candidates for office have agreed to take part, so long as all have been provided equal and fair opportunity and have actively chosen not to take part.

If all candidates for a given elected office have agreed to take part in a debate, MM&P Headquarters will announce the candidates’ debates in special or regular notices to MM&P port offices, through the MM&P’s electronic newsletter, the Wheelhouse Weekly, and on the MM&P’s web site, at Notice of debates may also be given through The Master, Mate & Pilot provided that there is sufficient time from the scheduling of a debate until the publication is printed and may reasonably be delivered to members’ homes.

MM&P will only make announcements for debates if all candidates for a given elective office have agreed to take part in the debate scheduled. Members having questions about these guidelines may contact John Singleton, International Counsel, at 410-850-8700, ext. 19, or by email to

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MM&P members approved numerous revisions to the MM&P International Constitution in balloting conducted in 1999. Among those revisions were provisions for merging MM&P membership groups based on a membership group’s size and financial standing. Changes to the status of a membership group affects the status of the vice president of that membership group.

All candidates or prospective candidates for the position of membership group vice president are hereby provided notice of provisions in the revised MM&P International Constitution which may affect them. Article V, Section 2, (International Officers and Membership of General Executive Board) of the MM&P International Constitution states:

“In the event a membership group falls below 300 members for a period of not less than 12 consecutive months and such membership group’s expenses exceed their revenues for a period of not less than two (2) consecutive calendar years the General Executive Board may conduct a 90 day referendum of the entire membership to determine whether such membership group should be merged into another membership group on terms and conditions specified by the General Executive Board. For such merger to become effective, the ballots of the membership group that is designated to accept such merged membership group shall be tallied separately and a majority of those voting must be in favor of the merger.

“Any member seeking election as a Vice President of any membership group does so on full notice that the term of office of such member, if elected, may terminate at any time that the membership exercises its right to merge membership groups as provided in this paragraph.

“The General Executive Board shall have authority by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting after a 10 days notice of such resolution, to establish any additional membership groups provided that each such additional membership group has at least 750 members at the time it is established.

“In the event that a new membership group is established by the General Executive Board under the authority of this paragraph, the General Executive Board shall have the authority to appoint an Interim Vice President for such membership group. The General Executive Board shall cause an election to be conducted among the membership group in the event that such new membership group is established at least 24 months before the next scheduled MM&P general election.”

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MM&P members must keep their membership in “Good Standing”, as provided in the MM&P International Constitution in order to enjoy the benefits of membership. Among those benefits are the ability to be a candidate for and to hold elective office, and the ability to vote in MM&P elections.

Next week’s edition of the Wheelhouse Weekly will contain the Membership Standing provisions of the MM&P International Constitution, which were revised by membership referendum in 1999. They will also appear in The Master, Mate & Pilot Union newspaper and on the MM&P website.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MITAGS has the following course openings:

  • Feb.28-March 3: Med-First
  • Feb.28-March 10: GMDSS
  • March 13-17: HWA; Comp-Opsys
  • March 13-24: GMDSS; SHS
  • March 20-24: Comp-APS, ARPA
  • March 27-31: Haz

For a reservation please contact Mary Matlock in admissions at Email: or telephone: 443-989-3226. The current edition of the MITAGS 2000 schedule covering can be found on the MITAGS website at:

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