Wheelhouse Weekly – December 28, 2001

December 28th 2001


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VOLUME5. . . . . NUMBER 52. . . December 28, 2001



MM&P HQ and Plans will be closed one-half day on Dec. 31 and all dayon Jan.1. All Offshore Port offices, Great Lakes and Rivers Port officesand Pacific Maritime Region offices will be closed on Dec.31 and Jan.1.

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On Dec.21, the US Maritime Administration issued MARAD Advisory 01-08 tooperators of US-flag vessels regarding vessel reporting to the NATO ShippingCenter for Merchant Ships Transiting the Suez Canal. The Advisory is asfollows:

1. A newly formed NATO Shipping Center in Northwood, UK has recentlybeen activated to support NATO Naval forces deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean. These forces are establishing a deterrent naval presence and conductingsurveillance and monitoring operations.  It is intended that the ShippingCenter provide shipping information to the warships while also acting asa point of contact for the merchant marine.

2. The strategic significance of the Suez Canal during the current conflictis the prime reason for the naval deployment to the region and there ispresently no intelligence of an increased terrorist threat.  The surveillanceoperation and activation of the Center have been discussed with Lloydsof London who have indicated that a deterrent naval presence would havea beneficial stabilizing influence on insurance premiums in the region.

3. In order for the Shipping Center to be effective the cooperationof the merchant marine of NATO and Partner Countries is required. Specifically, details are requested of ships intending to transit the SuezCanal, or which have completed the North bound transit, between Longitude28° East and Port Said, EG.  (Longitude 28° East passes throughthe Isle of Rhodes, GR).

4. The data reported by these countries will be on a voluntary basisonly and will not cover all shipping that transits the Suez Canal; butit will be a very significant proportion.  The duration of the reportingperiod will initially be until 1 May 2002.

5. In order to give adequate time for the data to be compiled and sentto the NATO warships, the information is required 24 hours in advance. Provision of this information will assist in the compilation of an accurateshipping plot for the surveillance and monitoring of shipping by NATO navalforces in the region.  It will also reduce VHF traffic between merchantand naval vessels.

6. The preferred method for merchant vessels to report to the ShippingCenter is by e-mail.  Alternate means are by fax or telephone.
Fax: +44 1923 843575; Phone: +44 1923 843574.

7. On the first report to the Shipping Center, all the below informationis requested.  On subsequent reports only numbers 1, 5 and 19-24 arerequired.

Section A, Ship Data
1. Ship’s Name (with every report)
2. International Call Sign
3. Type of Vessel
4. Flag of Registry
5. IMO Number (with every report)
6. Port of Registry
7. Length Overall (m)
8. Vessel’s Width (m)
9. Maximum Draft (for present voyage in m)
10. Gross Tonnage
11. Service Speed (for this voyage in knots)
12. Physical Description of Vessel (for optical recognition)
13. MMSI Number
14. Spare
15. INMARSAT Phone
17. INMARSAT Telex
18. E-mail Address

Section B, Voyage Data
19, Intended Movement, Description of Passage
20. Last Port, Country of Call Including Date/Time of Departure
21. Next Port, Country of Call Including Date/Time of  Arrival
22. Current Position with Date/Time
23. Date/Time and Position Entering Surveillance Area (28E or PortSaid)
Date/Time and Position Exiting Surveillance Area (28E or Port Said)
24. Date/Time Start Canal Transit
Date/Time End Canal Transit
25. Spare

Section C, Operator Data
26. Name of Ship Owner/Operator Including Addresses, Name of Charterer(if any) with Address and Point of Contact
27. Fax Numbers of the Above
28. Telephone Numbers of the Above
29. E-mail addresses of the Above

Section D, Cargo Data
30. General Nature of Cargo

For further info regarding this Advisory, contact the Maritime Administration,Office of Ship Operations, Division of Operations Support, Code MAR-613Room 2122, 400 Seventh Street SW, Washington, DC 20590; Telephone (202)366-5735, Fax (202) 366-3954.

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News reports say the US is tracking ships that have left ports in Africaand are in the Mediterranean that may be involved in smuggling goods tofinance terrorist groups.

Authorities, according to wire reports, are now working through technicaland legal issues to decide if the ships, which are also suspected of carryingsupplies to make weapons of mass destruction, should be boarded at seaor inspected when they try to dock, said the officer, who has been takingpart in high-level daily intelligence briefings in Europe.

The ships are being tracked by the US Sixth Fleet naval forces, whichoperate in the Mediterranean, and other assets including satellites andAWACS aircraft. They are currently in areas ranging from North Africa tothe Middle East, and most are suspected of being owned by, or carryingeconomic cargo to benefit Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network.

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The House of Representatives passed a $5.9 billion Coast Guard authorizationbill (H.R. 3507) on Dec. 20 by voice vote. The bill would authorize $823million more than what the president requested, due to the Sept. 11 attacks.Before Sept. 11, the measure was just $300 million more than the president’srequest.

The bill combines the pre-Sept. 11 USCG authorization (H.R. 1699) withtwo other Coast Guard bills�H.R. 1098, which expands the America MerchantMarine Memorial Wall of Honor, and H.R. 1099, which aims to improve vesselsafety. The House and Senate have adjourned until Jan. 23, 2002.

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As part of the IMO’s continuing work to update andamend the regulatory framework surrounding international shipping, thefollowing amendments to SOLAS and MARPOL become effective on January 1,2002:

May 2000 amendments to the International Conventionfor the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), for helicopter landing areas isamended to require a helicopter landing area only for ro-ro passenger ships.

May 2000 amendments to the 1988 SOLAS Protocol�Theamendments add the words “bulk carrier” under the heading “type of ship”in the form of the Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate, Cargo ShipSafety Equipment Certificate and Cargo Ship Safety Certificate given inthe appendix to the Annex to the Protocol of 1988 relating to SOLAS. Thismeans that the options for type of ships for these certificates are nowgiven as: Bulk carrier, Oil tanker, Chemical tanker, Gas carrier, and Cargoship other than any of the above.

April 2000 amendments to the International Conventionfor the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocolof 1978 relating thereto (MARPOL 73/78) The amendment to Annex III (Preventionof Pollution by Harmful Substances Carried by Sea in Packaged Form) deletestainting as a criterion for marine pollutants from the Guidelines for theidentification of harmful substances in packaged form.

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The newly elected Board of Directors of the Washington Street Marine OfficersCorporation has been pursuing the corporation’s assets with the intentof dissolving the corporation and distributing the assets to members ofWSMOC. The judge in the case has given the former director until Jan. 19to surrender the property and records of WSMOC or he will issue ordersto obtain them.

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The correct Email address for the free 2002 Ceridiancalendar is previously reported, Ceridian Life Balance, the EAP provider for theMM&P Plans, is offering free 2002 wall calendars that contain monthlyhelpful hints on maintaining balance in your daily life.

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    Openings in classes through the end of March 2002:
  • 1/7-11: FF-ADV, BRM
  • 1/12: ROR, CBRD-1
  • 1/14-18: FF-ADV, BRM, COMP-ABSS
  • 1/19: ROR
  • 1/21-25: FF-ADV
  • 1/26: CBRD-1, ROR
  • 1/28-2/1: FF-ADV, BRM, ARPA, COMP-NET
  • 2/2: ROR
  • 2/4-7: SMA
  • 2/4-8: HAZ, SHS-BAS, BRM, WX-HWA
  • 2/8: ENVPRO
  • 2/11-15: ARPA
  • 2/16: CBRD-1, ROR
  • 2/18-22: FF-ADV, COMP-MAR
  • 2/18-19: BRMP
  • 2/18: ROR
  • 2/19: HAZMAT & EAP
  • 2/20-22: DOT-DA
  • 2/25-3/1: BST, BRM
  • 2/25-27: SHS-EMR
  • 3/2: CBRD-1, ROR
  • 3-8: BRM, VPM
  • 3-15: GMDSS
  • 3/11-15: FF-ADV, ARPA, COMP-APS
  • 3/11-14: SMA
  • 3/15: ENVPRO
  • 3/18-22: BST, ECDIS
  • 3/23: CBRD-1, ROR
  • 3/25-29: HAZ, BRM, COMP-NET, WX-HWA
  • 3/25-27: SHS-EMR

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Classes will resume at MITAGS on Monday, January7. Over the holidays the number of administrative staff members in theoffice will be reduced, but, with the exceptions of weekends, ChristmasDay and New Year’s Day, there will be someone in the office to respondto your calls to the admissions number, (443) 989-3226. If no one happensto answer your call, leave a voice-mail message.  Emails to admissionswill also be checked several times a day.

RENEWAL WEEK: Note that the week of Feb. 18 has a grouping of renewalofferings. Radar renewal, HAZMAT Seminar, EAP, and the new DOT Drug &Alcohol training will be offered in a 1-week package.  This packagewill be offered again in May. Other possible combinations are also beingexplored.

NEW MSC COURSE: Beginning with the week of Feb 4, MITAGS plans to introducethe 1-day MSC Environmental Protection (ENVPRO) course on Fridays followingthe 4-day Small Arms class. This will afford members the opportunity toearn Small Arms, Anti-Terrorism Threat Awareness (Level I), and EnvironmentalProtection certificates in one week.

Schedule through June 2002 is being maintained on the website at copies of the Jan-June 2002 schedule have been mailed to the halls.For additional course info, contact Mary Matlock at voice: 443-989-3226or Email:

MM&PWheelhouse Weekly


 D O W
 N A S D A Q
+146.20 for the week
 +57.88 for the week
 Vanguard 500 IndexFund (VFINX)  107.10
 Vanguard Extended MarketIndex Fund (VEXMX) 23.07
 Vanguard InternationalGrowth Fund (VWIGX)  14.85
 Vanguard Morgan GrowthFund (VMRGX)  14.67
 Vanguard Windsor IIFund (VWNFX)  25.62
 Vanguard GNMA Fund(VFIIX) 10.33
 Chase Growth Fund (CHASX) 14.69
 Fidelity Asset Manager(FASMX) 15.52
 Fidelity Growth andIncome (FGRIX)  37.63
Fidelity Magellan Fund (FMAGX)  104.93
 Spartan US Equity IndexFund (FUSEX)   40.96

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