Wheelhouse Weekly – December 22, 2000

December 22nd 2000


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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 51. . . . . December 22, 2000



On behalf of MM&P President Capt. Tim Brown, the officers and staff of the MMP, we would like to wish you and yours the very best the holidays have to offer. In observance of the Christmas holiday, MM&P HQ and Plans will be closed Dec.25-26.

In 1997, MM&P member Capt. Donald Brookover passed away and bequeathed the Union $100,000 to further the cause of the US merchant marine. Besides an extraordinary mariner, Capt. Brookover was also a sea poet. In the spirit of the holiday season, we would again like to share one of his poems with our members sailing the world’s oceans during Christmas.


—— A Mariner’s ”Someday In Always” —-


— It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time,

— But we ring the bells all year.

— It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time,

— But who holds the helm to steer.

— Who bakes the bread, who makes the bed,

— Our day is never done.

— Who looks ahead, who heaves the lead,

— Our crew takes every one.

— Someday we’ll find the silver lining,

— To mend old boiler seams.

— Someday we’ll find a haven,

— For every sailor’s dreams.

— Someday we’ll sail through rainbows,

— Each watch will be below.

— Someday we’ll find contentment,

— On this restless sea below.

— Someday, in all-ways.



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A replacement is required for the current Secretary General of the International Federation of Shipmasters’ Associations. The successful candidate will hold a Class 1 Master’s certificate, have command experience and be able to take up his/her duties in the early part of 2001.

— IFSMA represents more than 8,500 active ship masters in 45 countries worldwide through 32 shipmasters’ associations. It is a non-governmental organization with consultative status at the IMO, where it represents ship masters in all technical committees and subcommittees.

— The position would be ideal for those approaching retirement who wish to extend their professional maritime interests and make a positive contribution to the federation.

— Written applications, including a CV and career history, should be sent by Jan.2 to the Secretary General, IFSMA, 202 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7JY; or For more info on IFSMA, contact MITAGS Executive Director Glen Paine at



MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly



As president-elect George W. Bush works on filling key White House positions, those in the US-flag maritime industry are buoyed by the fact that he has selected former Secretary of Transportation Andy Card as his chief-of-staff. Card served as DOT Secretary in George W.’s father’s administration and is well acquainted with maritime issues.

— A maritime transportation position paper released earlier by his campaign contains the statement that Bush “understands the maritime industry has long played a vital role in our nation’s commerce and defense.”

— Moreover, the president-elect recognizes the roles played by different segments of the maritime industry, including the US-flag merchant fleet, maritime labor, shipyards, ports, waterways and intermodal connections.

— The position paper says in part: “Safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation of goods and passengers is essential to sustaining growth in the US economy and to our international trade. In time of war or national emergency, the US military depends on shipping and seafarers drawn from the US-flag commercial fleet to deploy our military overseas and, once deployed, to transport the supplies necessary for them to fight, and win, anywhere in the world.

— “Programs that have contributed to the growth of our domestic fleet, such as the Jones Act, and those that guarantee intermodal cargo lift and management services when needed in times of crisis or conflict, such as the Maritime Security Program, should be maintained. Additionally, the statement said that Bush will vigorously pursue negotiations aimed at ending international practices that disadvantage our industry.”

— The statement concluded with a pledge that Bush “will support a revitalized industry that creates jobs and is a competitive transportation option in both foreign and domestic markets.”



MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly



Classes will resume on Monday, January 8th. Classes in January with available quotas include:

1/8-12: DCS

1/15-19: GMDSS, SMA, SHS-EMR

1/22-26: WX-HWA, FF-ADV

–GMDSS REF: No students enrolled in the refresher class scheduled to convene on Jan.8, so that class has been canceled.

–Small Arms Classes: The 4-day MSC Small Arms course (SMA) will be offered at MITAGS Jan 15-18; Feb. 12-15; and Mar 12-15, 2001.  Remember that to maintain currency in Small Arms, you must take the course once a year.

–MSC COMMS Course: The next Strategic Sealift Communications Course will be held at MITAGS April 2-6, 2001.



MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly



— New/Revised Coast Guard Approved Training Programs in 2001

SHS-BAS (5-Days).

— Course covers the requirements for Officer-in-Charge-of-a-Navigational Watch operating vessels over 500 gross tons (Table A-II/1 – competencies listed under Maneuver and Handle a Ship in All Conditions and Plan a Voyage and Conduct Navigation) 

SHS-INT I (5-Days), SHS-INT II (5-Days).

— Courses taken together cover the requirements for Chief Mate and Master operating vessels over 500 gross tons (Table A-II/2 – competencies listed under Maneuver and Handle a Ship in All Conditions and Plan a Voyage and Conduct Navigation). 

— 3-day and 5-day Bridge Resource Management

1-day Medical Care Management for Chief Mates and Masters

5-day Tankerman PIC Barge

8-day Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels License course (OUPV)

3-day Master or Mate 100-200 Ton License Upgrade from OUPV course with towing and sail endorsement

2-day Basic and Advanced Weather seminar

— Other Non Coast Guard New/Revised Courses Include:

3-day Emergency Shiphandling course for sailing masters and pilots. 5-day module is also available. 

3-day Tankship Lightering Operations (shiphandling simulator course)

2-day Hurricane Detection and Avoidance course

5-day Computer Mariner Applications program

5-day MITAGS Train-the-Trainer course

5-day, GMDSS Refresher course

9-day Shipboard Fire Fighting for Land-Based Fire Fighters course (IFSTA Approved)

VTS/VTC/PPU – 7 to 9 days

1 to 5 day Portable Pilot Unit course

10-day Diesel Generator course

1/2-day Ship Propulsion Systems seminar

1-day MSC Chemical Biological, Radiological and Defense Training course (CBRD)

5-day MSC Strategic Sealift Communications course

4-day MSC Small Arms course

2-day MSC Damage Control course

Courses Currently under Development or Consideration

1-day MSC Helo Fire Fighting

MSC Ramp and Crane training

MSC Database Systems

ECDIS � USCG/STCW approved

Fast Ferry Training

Custom Pilot Programs  

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Original and License Upgrade

ABS SafeNet Management Programs

GMDSS Restricted Operators

Rewrite of 10-Day GMDSS

Compliance Management

STCW-95 License Renewal

1-Day Assessor Seminar



MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly



DOW: 10,487.29 (-307.15 week); NASDAQ: 2,340.12 (-482.65 week).

— Vanguard 500 Index Fund: 1118.00 (-7.88 week)

— Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund: 24.39 (-6.99)

— Vanguard International Growth Fund: 18.21 (-1.98)

— Vanguard Morgan Growth Fund: 18.52 (-2.23)

— Vanguard Windsor II Fund: 26.24 (-1.75)

— Chase Growth Fund (CHASX): 16.56 (-.54)

— Fidelity Asset Manager (FASMX) 17.94 (-.61)

— Fidelity Growth and Income (FGRIX) 41.63 (-2.26)

— Fidelity Magellan Fund (FMAGX) 114.95 (-9.21)

— Spartan US Equity Index Fund (FUSEX) 45.19 (-3.15)



MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly




//NFL Week 17 Schedule//

Sat: Jac at NYG, SF at Den, Buf at Sea. Sun: NYJ at Bal, Ari at Was, Chi at Det, TB at GB, StL at NO, Cin at Phi, KC at Atl, Mia at NE, Pit at SD, Min at Ind, Car at Oak. Mon: Dal at Ten.

//NFL Week 16 Results//

Pit 24 Was 3, Sea 27, Oak 24. Sun: Bal 13 Ari 7, Det 10 NYJ 7,

KC 20 Den 7, Car 30 SD 22, NO 23 Atl 7, NE 13 Buf 10OT,

Cin 17 Jac 14, Ten 24 Cle 0, GB 33 Min 28, SF 17 Chi 0,

Ind 20 Mia 13, NYG 17 Dal 13. Mon: TB 38 StL 35.

//NFL Standings//

AFC East . . . Central . . . West

Mia . 10-5 . . Ten . 12-3. . . Oak . 11-4

Ind . .9-6 . . Bal . 11-4. . . Den . 10-5

NYJ . .9-6 . . Pit . .8-7. . . KC. . .7-8

Buf . .7-8 . . Jac . .7-8. . . Sea . .6-9

NE. . .5-10. . Cin . .4-11 . . SD. . .1-14

 . . . . . . . Cle . .3-13 . . . . . . .

NFC East . . . Central . . . West

NYG . 11-4 . . Min . 11-4 . . NO. .10-5

Phi . 10-5 . . TB. . 10-5 . . StL . 9-6

Was . .7-8 . . Det . .9-6 . . Car . 7-8

Dal . .5-10. . GB. . .8-7 . . SF. . 6-9

Ari . .3-12. . Chi . 4-11 . . Atl . 3-12

Note: Ten, Bal, Oak, Den, Phi, Min, TB have clinched playoff berths. NYG and NO have already won division titles.


MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


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