Wheelhouse Weekly – December 08, 2000

December 8th 2000


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VOLUME 4. . . . . NUMBER 49. . . December 8, 2000



Late on Friday, December 1, the MM&P reached agreement on a five-year contract renewal with Matson Navigation. Terms of the new contract will go into force January 1, 2001, and it runs through December 31, 2005.

The MM&P negotiating team was comprised of rank-and-filers Capt. James Dikes, Capt. Gary Schmidt and Steve Slead, and by International President Capt. Tim Brown, Offshore Pacific Vice President Paul Nielsen and Executive Assistant to the President and Offshore Pacific Vice President-elect Capt. Don Marcus. Observing the negotiations were Bill Ward from the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association and Phil Clegg from the American Radio Association.

There are improvements to wages, vacation and benefits over the life of the contract. Following are some highlights of the agreement. Full copies will be available aboard Matson vessels, in MM&P Offshore Port Offices and from Headquarters.


Wage and Benefit Items

Wage Increases

  • First increase of 3-percent or COLA with a 4-percent cap on 01/01/02.
  • On 01/01/03 a 3-percent or COLA, with 5-percent cap increase will occur.
  • A wage reopener is mandated prior to 01/01/04 to determine increases to wages and wage-related items for the final two years of the contract. This reopener is subject to baseball arbitration.

Vacation Increases

Effective 6/16/01, additional day of vacation for Second and Third Mates.

Relieving Policy

Effective 1/1/01, Master and Chief Mate being relieved will receive wages and benefits for the day of relief. The relieving Master and Chief Mate will receive wages and overtime only.

Master’s Overtime

Final agreement is still pending. MM&P and Matson currently agree that:

  • The Master shall be paid 30 hours overtime monthly, or one hour per day if less than one month is worked.
  • The Master shall be paid for any shifts occurring after 1700 and before 0800 weekends or holidays.
  • Any pilotage work shall be paid on an hour for hour basis over and above the 30 hour guarantee.
  • Shipyard periods may require additional overtime and will be paid overtime on all documented hours.
  • Several additional items are being discussed and both parties desire to complete agreement on Master’s overtime by 1/1/01.

Overtime Calculation

Effective 1/1/01, overtime to be paid in half-hour increments after the first full hour.

The half-hour call out and two hour minimums remain in effect where specified.

Pension Contributions/Lock Box

Effective 1/1/01, contribution rate is 3.7-percent plus Feinberg. If the actuarial rate falls below 3.7-percent, the difference will be contributed to the lock box. Funds will be drawn first from the lock box if contribution rate goes above rate. Any overage will be distributed to one of the Plans at the end of the contract.

IRAP Increase

Beginning 01/01/02, Matson will contribute a daily amount of 6.25-percent plus Feinberg to each LDO’s IRAP.

Plan Allocation

MM&P will be able to allocate contributed funds among the Health and Welfare, Future Pensioners’ Health Care and Individual Retirement Account Plans as necessary, staying within total bottom-line costs.

PRO Rate

Effective 6/16/01, Port Relief Officer pay will be at $36.68 per hour.


Effective 1/1/01, Lincoln’s birthday is recognized as a contract holiday.



Other Financial Items

Maintenance and Cure

Effective 1/1/01, increased to $16 per day.

Midnight Hot Meal

Effective 1/1/01, allowance increased to $6 per meal.

Meal and Daily Room Allowances

Effective 6/16/02, allowances increased.




Alternate Schedule

Effective 1/1/01, one Matson vessel on the Pacific Run will be selected to use a USCG recommended alternate watch schedule for up to one year for evaluation purposes.

Barrel Watch

Effective 1/1/01, the Barrel System shall be reinstituted on all Matson vessels, except that on RO/RO vessels, Barrel Watch shall be suspended any time both roll-on and lift-off cargo operations are taking place.




Permanent and Select Employees

Effective 1/1/01, reimbursed for transportation three times a year, with a fourth payment possible under extenuating circumstances. The Company will make transportation arrangements. Incidental expenses over $15 will be paid if documented.

Port Relief Officers

Effective 1/1/01, transportation allowance increased:

  • LA/LB-Terminal Island: $13.92
  • SF-7th St.: $16.56
  • Seattle-Pier 25: $2.50
  • Honolulu-Sand Island: $13.42.

Rotary Mates — Completion of Assignment

Effective 1/1/01, Rotary Second and Third Mates allowed a 15 day grace period for return to original port of engagement on domestic and foreign voyages.





Effective 1/1/01, all LDOs on all Matson vessels required to possess a valid passport. Moratorium on enforcement agreed to until 6/15/01.


Effective 1/1/01, the Company will reimburse any LDO for costs incurred in obtaining a visa for China for sailing on a foreign voyage Matson vessel, to a maximum of $52.18.



Discharges, Vessels Out of Commission, Sale & Transfer

Rejection for Cause

Effective 1/1/01, Matson agrees to change the current language in the Blue Book that an LDO discharged for cause shall be reemployable with Matson after successful completion of a 120-day assignment with another MM&P-contract employer.

Vessels Out of Commission

Effective 1/1/01, the Company agrees to adopt MM&P-SeaLand contract language regarding the handling of personnel when a vessel goes out of commission.

Sale & Transfer

Effective 1/1/01, Matson agrees to adopt the MM&P-SeaLand contract sale and transfer provisions.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly



12/13, 1200-1600 at the same place as last year, the Knights of Columbus Hall, 50 W. School St., Charlestown, MA (next to the 99 Restaurant). Call 617-884-8680 for info.


12/20, 1200-1600, at the Union Hall, 8150 South Loop East, Suite 207, Houston, TX. Call 713-649-8812 or Email for info.

Jacksonville (Offshore and A&G)

12/15, 1300-1600, at the Union Hall, 349 E. 20th St., Jacksonville, FL. Call 904-356-0041 or Email for info.

Los Angeles/Long Beach

12/15, 1200-1600, at the Union Hall, 533 N. Marine Ave., Wilmington, CA. Call 310-834-7201 to RSVP or for info.

New Orleans

12/13, 1200-1600 at the Union Hall, 2121 Airline Hwy., Suite 510, Metairie, LA. Call 504-837-5700 or Email for info.

New York/New Jersey

12/13, 1200-1600 at the Union Hall, 26 Journal Square, Suite 1502, Jersey City, NJ. Call 201-963-1900 for info.


12/15, 1230-1500 at the Union Hall, 1058 West 39th St., Norfolk. Call 757-489-7406 for info.

San Francisco

12/13, 1200-1600, at the Union Hall, 450 Harrison St. between First and Fremont. Party in the first floor library. Call 415-777-5074 to RSVP or for info.

Seattle (Offshore)

12/18, 1200-1600, at the Union Hall, 2333 3rd Ave., Seattle. Call 206-441-8700 to RSVP or for info.

Seattle (PMR)

12/12, 1000-1300, at the Catholic Seamen’s Club, 1st & Battery, Seattle. Call 206-441-1070 x10 or Email for info.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


USS COLE is scheduled to arrive at Pier 4 of Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Miss., at approx. 1000 CST on Wed., Dec. 13. USS Cole is returning to the US aboard the Norwegian heavy transport ship BLUE MARLIN.

The timeline for future USS COLE events include off-loading from BLUE MARLIN in late December, and transfer to the Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding land level facility in mid-January to begin repairs. It is estimated that repairs to USS Cole will take a little more than a year.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


MITAGS will be teaching an original license program for mariners that want to sit for an original 3/mate, 1600-ton mate, or 500-ton master/mate oceans/near coastal licenses. The program will start on Jan.8, 2001 and will run for ten weeks. Please contact Admissions for further details.

The All Weather Navigation Simulator will be taken off line from Dec.18, 2000 to Jan.14, 2001. A complete remodeling of the space will occur at that time. This is in anticipation of implementing an IMO approved ECDIS course next year. When completed all eight, interactive ship simulators will be equipped with ARPA, DSC, and ECS displays.

MITAGS is upgrading the full-mission shiphandling #2 simulator in 2001. The simulator will meet DNV, IMO, and ISO standards. The estimated $2,000,000 upgrade will significantly enhance the school’s container, Ro/Ro, tankship, pilot, high-speed craft, cruise, military, and tug/tow training programs. MITAGS seeks your input on the type of ship models, gaming areas, and bridge equipment to include. Suggestions should be submitted via Email to:

The Coast Guard is gradually eliminating “sea service equivalencies”. By 2002 most mariners will have not have the option of taking a course in lieu of sea time for a raise of grade. MITAGS will keep you posted on this new development. In addition, mariners who have not completed the STCW-95 required training by the 2002 deadline may have to take additional training (the USCG has not provided details).

The renovation of the South Residence Tower is presently underway. Renovations are expected to be finished by year-end.

MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly


Since theWheelhouse Weekly is usually distributed before the markets close on Friday, the numbers cited will be from Thursday’s close unless otherwise specified.



+202.87 for the week



+158.73 for the week

 Vanguard 500 Index Fund


+2.68 for the week

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+1.70  for the week

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+3.06  for the week

 Spartan US Equity Index Fund


+1.02  for the week

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