Wheelhouse Weekly – August 06, 2004

August 6th 2004


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Volume 8 . . . . . Number 32 . . . . August 6, 2004




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In an atmosphere that emphasized the positive results that have been obtained from a continuing spirit of cooperation in many maritime matters, members and delegates assembled for the 80th MM&P Convention heard from an impressive array of top union, industry and government leaders.

In his remarks, SIU President Michael Sacco helped set the tone of the Convention by noting that, “For a number of years now, the cooperation among American maritime labor has been outstanding. We’re also working well with the rest of the industry, but our survival and out success really start with productive relationships among the unions. That’s not to say that we agree on 100 percent of the issues, 100 percent of the time. But we’re doing a good job of finding common ground and generally speaking with one voice to the outside world.”

“A great example of what we can achieve when we work together is the new Maritime Security Program. You all know how complex the legislative process can be, and how much support it takes to pass a program like the expanded MSP,” Sacco said. By taking a united approach, everyone was on the same page and as a result, “we got a new program approved almost two full years before the current one expires. And not only that, it’s a bigger program with more US-flag ships,” the SIU President stated.

For his part, MEBA President Ron Davis reaffirmed his commitment to cooperation with the MM&P both in getting more work and in negotiations with contracted employers. He also noted the good work undertaken by MIRAID, AMC and the MEBA legislative departments.

AMO President Mike McKay stated that “my presence here, and the presence of MM&P officials at recent AMO executive board meetings, reflect a welcome new era of cooperation, trust and respect between our unions.” He said much could be achieved for the working men and women each union is privileged to represent when we are at each other’s sides rather than at each other’s throats. He also said the AMO remains committed to the ideal of “pass through” shipping between and among officers’ unions.

Secretary of the Treasury John Snow, one of the highest-ranking federal government officials to ever speak at a MM&P Convention, reflected on the maritime industry’s spirit of cooperation over the last decade that has put the US Merchant Marine more into the forefront, but for too long, and still, not into the public eye.

Sec. Snow, the former CEO of CSX Corp., also picked up on the theme of working together to pass the MSP by noting that originally, “it didn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell” … and today it has been reauthorized, expanded and strengthened.” He recalled that although the original MSP process began in 1989, it took until 1994 for the MSP to be enacted under the Clinton Administration. He also noted that “we need to recognize we are in a world economy, but getting a level playing field for the US-maritime industry has to be a national priority.”

Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD) told the attendees that one out of five jobs are dependent in some form on the maritime industry. While we’re one of the leading maritime trading nations, too little of it is carried on US vessels.

Due to space limitations, convention coverage will be combined in upcoming editions of the Wheelhouse Weekly, and the Master, Mate & Pilot newspaper will include more in-depth reports on these and the many other excellent speakers’ presentations from the 80th MM&P Convention.



At the MM&P Convention, Brothers and Sisters of MM&P’s United Inland Membership Group (UIG) who are continuing a 6-week job action in the San Francisco Bay area against Oscar Niemeth Towing received an overwhelming pledge of support from delegates from all membership groups.

Several thousand dollars in personal contributions were made to help support striking UIG members. Pledges were also made by delegates to help man the picket lines. Contributions to the strike fund from members and friends are encouraged. Checks may be made payable to:

MM&P-ONT Strike Fund 450 Harrison St. East Mezzanine ­ Room 205 San Francisco, CA 94105-2691

The job action began June 22 after two years of collective bargaining negotiations and two “Last, Best, and Final” offers. These UIG members soundly rejected the sub-standard proposal by the employer and are holding out to maintain area standards for all mariners. The company is currently shut down.

The MM&P General Executive Board also authorized funds to help support these MM&P Brothers and Sisters weather the economic hardships they are encountering during this critical time. For more info, contact MM&P’s UIG-PMR San Francisco Branch Agent at 415-543-2533; Email: or John Schaeffner, MM&P’s UIG-PMR Portland Branch Agent at 503-283-0518; Email:



Of 40 resolutions submitted for consideration by convention delegates to the 80th MM&P Convention, August 2-4, 2004:

Seven Resolutions were adopted as written. Those were:

  • Resolution 5: Increase in MM&P Offshore Officials and staff IRAP contribution;
  • Resolution 9: Request for legal opinion by International Counsel regarding retirees’ ability to run for elective office in the Organization;
  • Resolution 36: Maritime Tax Reform;
  • Resolution 37: Short Sea Shipping Initiatives;
  • Resolution 38: Public Recognition for Merchant Mariners;
  • Resolution 39: Preserving Labor Rights for DOD Unions; and
  • Resolution 40: Political Action.

Resolution 7: Payments disbursed from the Future Pensioners Health Fund and Resolution 8: Future Pensioners Health Fund funds to be used solely by retirees of the Offshore Membership Group were adopted as amended.

Twenty-one Resolutions were turned down.

Eight Resolutions were referred out to the Offshore Advisory Committee, the Plan Trustees, the General Executive Board, the Shipping Rules Committee, and/or the Trustees of the Health & Benefit Plans.

Resolution 3 was tabled, and

Resolution 16 was withdrawn by the maker.

Full text of the Resolutions adopted will be printed in their entirety in an upcoming issue of The Master, Mate & Pilot newspaper.



During the Convention, delegates elected the following five individuals to the International Ballot Committee that will supervise the upcoming MM&P election. They are:

  • Robert Darley
  • David Goff
  • Theresa Moore
  • Paul Nielsen and
  • Art Thomas

Five Alternates were also selected. First Alternate is Stan Willis, Second Alternate is Lou Ramey, Third/Fourth Alternates are Eric Quick and Mary Matlock and the Fifth Alternate is William Wilson.

Wash, DC-based True Ballot, Inc. was again selected as the Impartial Ballot Agency for the election.



The nominees for the Office of International President, International Secretary-Treasurer and Membership Group Vice Presidents have been issued notification by the International Secretary-Treasurer of their nomination. Candidates are advised of the following:

  • The 20 day acceptance rule;
  • Of his/her right to submit a statement of fact for inclusion on the ballot, not to exceed 200 words which shall include such info as date of joining the organization, subordinate bodies s/he has belonged to and Membership Group, if any; and
  • License, date and issue number, if any.

Every candidate for any office (Int’l Officers, VPs, Convention Delegates, Regional Representatives, etc.) must notify the International Secretary-Treasurer, in writing, within 20 days after the Aug.4 close of the nominating period that they will accept the nomination in order to have their names placed on the International Ballot. Along with the written acceptance of nomination, every candidate for any Office in the Organization shall certify in writing that s/he is not prevented from holding office by any provision of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 or by any provisions of the MM&P International Constitution.



Matson Navigation Company’s new containership MV MAUNAWILI was christened on July 17 at the Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard (KPSI) by Ms. Maryanna Shaw, great grand-daughter of Samuel Alexander, one of the founders of Matson’s parent company, Alexander & Baldwin (A&B). As with all of Matson’s other ships, she will sail with MM&P Licensed Deck Officers.

The vessel is the second of a two-ship, $220 million contract with KPSI. MM&P was represented by the Atlantic Ports Vice President who attended the ceremony with Charles Stockholm, chairman of the board, A&B, Allen Doane, president and CEO, A&B, James Andrasick, president and CEO, Matson, and the event’s keynote speaker, Lt. General Gary Hughey, deputy commander of US Transportation Command (TRANSCOM).

“Investing $220 million in two new US-built containerships was a significant step for Matson, and represents a significant commitment to the Hawaii market that we have served for more than 120 years,” said Andrasick. “This new ship will help ensure that Matson continues to provide Hawaii with efficient, dependable ocean transportation services of superior quality and value. Most importantly, it has been designed and built specifically for our Hawaii service customers and will meet the current demands of our market.”

The MAUNAWILI is the second new Matson ship of the 21st century. The first, the MV MANUKAI, was delivered to Matson by KPSI in September 2003. The MAUNAWILI, along with its sistership MANUKAI, has been designed to meet Hawaii’s current and future market requirements. Foremost among those requirements is the additional capacity for large container sizes, such as 40, 45 and even 53-foot boxes.

The vessel is also equipped with enough generator capacity to support the refrigerated container requirements of the Hawaii trade. Other features include a more fuel-efficient diesel engine, modern shipboard technology and a number of “green” environmentally friendly design elements.

In his keynote speech, Lt. General Hughey reinforced the important role of the Jones Act: “I have no doubt that as long as America maintains the Jones Act as the foundation of our maritime policy, US-flag vessel operations will meet the needs of waterborne commerce. And it will sustain the maritime infrastructure ­ the builders, the owners, the mariners ­ whose labors always have and always will ensure our security.”

He added: “USTRANSCOM, Military Sealift Command, the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, and MarAd support the maintenance of a viable US-flagged fleet and US mariner pool. We can’t do business without either.”

The MAUNAWILI will commence with sea trials shortly and enter Matson’s Hawaii service in the fall. As a replacement vessel, the ship will be one of eight ships deployed in the company’s service between the West Coast and Hawaii.



The maritime trade publication American Shipper and Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) report that Temasek Holdings, a Singapore government entity, bid a reported USD $1.6 billion on Aug.3 to buy the shares of Neptune Orient Lines that it does not already own. A minority stockholder in NOL, Temasek offered $1.60 per share for the Singapore-based shipping group, which owns MM&P-contracted APL and APL Logistics.

The bid lifted the price of NOL shares by 9.8 percent to $1.57, a record high since 1999, on the Singapore stock market today, when some 75 million NOL shares changed hands. Reuters reported that Temasek bought 20.3 million shares earlier this week to raise its stake above a 30-percent threshold at which it must make a takeover offer under Singapore law. The government entity reportedly owns just over 30 percent of NOL after the open market purchase.

At the end of 2003, Temasek owned 27 percent of NOL and was already its largest stockholder. The bid suggests that Temasek wants to take NOL private. NOL was publicly listed in 1981 and is the largest shipping and transportation company on the Singapore stock exchange. In 1997, NOL acquired Oakland-based MM&P-contracted APL. Temasek also has stakes in the port group PSA, the logistics company SembLog, the parent company of Singapore Airlines and many other companies.

American Shipper notes that the takeover of NOL by a government entity may raise questions about APL’s participation in the US Maritime Security Program through MM&P-contracted American Ship Management. APL operates nine MSP containerships through American Ship Management.




You should have received information in the mail this week from NMHC regarding the mail order benefit through the Plan. Effective August 15, NMHC Mail will take over the mail order portion of the pharmacy benefit currently handled by Eckerd Pharmacy Services. This change in providers does not affect your prescription benefit.

For members with existing prescriptions on file with EPS, NMHC Rx has coordinated all MM&P member information with EPS so that all of your prescriptions with remaining refills will be automatically transferred to NMHC Mail. Simply call NMHC Mail at 1-800-456-4803 or visit the website at to request your prescription refill.

As always, if you should have any questions, please contact the Plan Office at 410-850-8500.


When you or your provider use the IVR system at the Plan Office to check eligibility, remember that the Plan Office updates eligibility on a monthly basis. This does not mean that your eligibility will terminate at the end of the month simply because the system states that you are eligible until a certain date. Individual contracts have different extension of eligibility rules and the only way we can provide accurate eligibility information for the membership is to download a new eligibility tape on a monthly basis.



Raffle tickets for a chance on winning an original painting of the SEAWANHAKA by MM&P member, Maryland Pilot and artist Capt. Brian Hope commissioned by the MM&P are available at $25 each, 5 for $100. Proceeds will benefit the Masters, Mates & Pilots Political Contribution Fund. (The fire aboard the SEAWANHAKA and the scapegoating of Capt. Charles Smith are the beginnings of the MM&P.)

Ticket purchases should be made payable to the MM&P PCF with a notation for the raffle in the memo line, and mailed to the MM&P PCF, 700 Maritime Blvd., Linthicum Heights, MD 21090. Members making PCF contributions through the Members Only section of the MM&P website, noting that the contribution is for the raffle, can also obtain tickets. Raffle tickets will also shortly be available through MM&P port offices.

Cutoff for ticket purchases is December 31, 2004. Drawing for the prize will take place at Noon on January 7, 2005 at MITAGS.

Also available at a later date will be a limited number of prints of this painting, numbered and signed by the artist, for a $50 contribution to the PCF designated for the print.


The fine print:

Raffle tickets are available only to those individuals who are otherwise eligible to make a contribution to the MM&P PCF.

No double dipping: Contributions in exchange for raffle tickets or for a signed and numbered print do not qualify for other PCF contribution incentive premiums.

All contributions to the MM&P PCF, including contributions in exchange for raffle tickets, are voluntary contributions for political purposes and no physical force, job discrimination, financial reprisals or threat thereof has been or will be used in any way to secure such contributions. PCF contributions are not deductible for tax purposes.



The United Seaman’s Service is seeking candidates for its Honored Seafarer Awards. These awards commend the heroism of American seafarers that have risked their lives to save others and the outstanding seamanship of officers and crews of vessels participating in rescue operations from about mid-2003 to date.

These awards will be presented at the AOTOS Award Dinner on Nov.5 in New York City. MM&P will be forwarding nominations for actions taken by the officers and crews of MM&P-contracted ships and is seeking member input. If you have a ship or individual to nominate, please forward information by Aug.20 to Karl Schwartz at MM&P HQ at 700 Maritime Blvd., Linthicum Heights, MD 21090; Email:



In an incident that raises serious security questions, a passenger aboard the mammoth cruise ship CARNIVAL MIRACLE gained control of the ship-wide public address system last weekend and told passengers to abandon ship. The incident occurred in the middle of the night at 0345 hours on July 31 when the vessel was about four hours from New York City.

According to published reports, the passenger mimicked the captain’s accent and successfully convinced “several hundred frightened passengers” to begin mustering ­ some wearing lifejackets and fearing a terrorist incident. Both the third purser on duty and the Master made repeated follow-up announcements to reassure passengers, but the Master eventually had to appear in person at about 0415 to calm passengers. The PA culprit could not be identified and remains at large.



James H. Ackerman, an internationally known maritime lawyer who practiced for more than 50 years in Long Beach, CA, died July 20 from heart failure. He was 87 years old and was a former counsel with the MM&P as well as a great friend to the Union.

Mr. Ackerman was born on March 21, 1917, in Los Angeles. After graduating from high school, he attained a bachelor’s degree at USC. He interrupted his study for a law degree at that school during World War II and joined the Merchant Marine, graduating from the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, in 1944. He had a close call during the war, when his ship was the only one in a three-ship convoy that avoided being sunk by Japanese submarines. Along the way, he also served during the Korean War and earned his unlimited master’s license.

Maritime law seemed a natural fit for Ackerman when he moved to Long Beach in 1952 to start his own practice. He became a renowned trial lawyer who traveled the world on business. His diverse array of clients included large shipping companies, the Firestone family, and the American Basketball Association.

As a successful trial lawyer, he became well known for his generosity toward organizations such as St. Mary Medical Center, the Long Beach Boys and Girls Club, the University of Southern California and Long Beach fine arts groups. “He is one of the great men of Long Beach…,’ said Ike Hancock, vice president of the St. Mary’s Foundation.

He said, “Mr. Ackerman was known as a cheery, optimistic man, who always lent a hand or an ear to those in trouble, even if he didn’t know them very well. He also was interested in helping others take leadership roles in the community.” There were no funeral services. In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be sent to the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy,



International Headquarters has been informed that after almost 10 years of frustration and delay, the payments to the members of the Local 88 Trust are in the process of being made. Each member will receive over $1000 with approximately $6000 being held in reserve for contingencies and for those of the “lost battalion.” It is expected that the checks will go in the mail within the next two weeks.

The Local 88 mailing list is undergoing a final check for current addresses and to determine if there have been any deaths of Trust members still on the mailing list. If you believe that you are entitled to a check because you were a member of the Local 88 Trust on Sept.30, 1970 contact the New York/New Jersey Union Hall at 201-963-1900.




Complete Basic and Advanced Fire Fighting in a combined one week course, offered September 20th.


Attendance Verification & Cancellation is Vital

If you are scheduled for a course, call, write, or Email admissions to advise whether or not you will attend. Many classes are in demand and maintain a Standby List. “No Shows” are missed training opportunities for other members.


Schedules, Course Info & Registration

Courses are subject to change. Check the MITAGS website for up-to-date course descriptions associated with all course title abbreviations, and for schedule revisions and updated course availability. You can also check future schedules, review detailed course descriptions and register on-line or contact Admissions at or by calling toll-free, 1-866-656-5568.




All the courses below will be conducted at the new Pacific Maritime Institute facility located in Seattle at 1727 Alaskan Way South, Pier 34. The new facility features a state-of-the art Ship Simulator that has to be experienced. PMI phone numbers remain the same. Come see the new facility at PMI’s “Maritime Technology and Career Center”.

August 2004 Courses

  • 8/16-20: Basic Safety Training
  • 8/16-20: Basic Cargo Operations
  • 8/16-27: Advanced Shiphandling
  • 8/16-27: GMDSS
  • 8/23-27: Basic and Advanced Firefighting

Contact DeeDee Lazik at 206-441-2880 or 888-893-7829 (toll free) for registration or visit the PMI website at




 D O W    N A S D A Q
 10,126.51 -8.44 for the week  1,855.06  -59.82 for the week

Fund Name & Trading Symbol

 Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VFINX)

 Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund (VEXMX)

 Vanguard International Growth Fund (VWIGX)

 Vanguard Morgan Growth Fund (VMRGX)

 Vanguard Windsor II Fund (VWNFX)

 Vanguard GNMA Fund (VFIIX)

 Vanguard High Yield Corporate Fund (VWEHX)

 Vanguard Total Bond Index (VBMFX)

 Chase Growth Fund (CHASX)

 Fidelity Asset Manager (FASMX)

 Fidelity Growth and Income (FGRIX)

 Fidelity Magellan Fund (FMAGX)

 Spartan US Equity Index Fund (FUSEX)


~ Reminders ~



Members are reminded that for the duration of the MM&P election period the name or likeness of any known candidate – any person nominated or self-declared to be a candidate – for any elected MM&P position will not be referred to by name or photo in any MM&P publication. Reference may be made by title or in contact information such as an email address when it is directly relevant to the communication.

As example, the Master of a MM&P-contracted ship who has declared himself to be a candidate for a MM&P elective position was recently quoted in an article appearing in the “Master, Mate & Pilot”, but was referenced as the Master of the vessel and not by name. Similarly, this member’s likeness was not included in a photo published with the article. This same rule was applied within the same publication with regard to two other members employed by MM&P at Union headquarters who are candidates for elective position.

This rule has been put into effect to ensure that publications by the MM&P to MM&P members are not used on behalf of any candidate for campaign purposes. These exclusions will end upon completion of the election.

Members wanting to know more about this policy may contact International Counsel John Singleton at 410-850-8700 x19, email:, or Communications Director Karl Schwartz at 410-850-8700 x27, email:


The Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) is accepting applications for a full time instructor to work at its Pacific Maritime Institute in Seattle, WA.

This state-of-the-art facility requires an instructor who will develop courses in the maritime field and provide quality classroom and simulation instruction to merchant marine deck officers at all levels of their professional development.

A broad background with experience on dry and liquid cargo vessels is preferred. Outstanding verbal and written presentation skills with experience and enthusiasm in teaching adults in both a classroom and on-the-job setting are desired. Excellent computer skills are a must: MS Office Suite and Windows operating systems.

Five years maritime experience at the Chief Mate or Master level with in-depth knowledge and technical skills with bridge systems, completion of STCW-95 requirements desired. Maritime or military academy graduate preferred.

Union membership following employment is required. Competitive salary and outstanding Union benefits. Email resume to or fax to: HR Manager, 443-989-3341. EEO AA.



MM&P members are reminded that provisions of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code went into effect on July 1. These provisions impact LDOs aboard all oceangoing vessels sailing in the international and coastwise trade.

MM&P HQ has sent a letter to all Offshore Membership Group contracted ships and to the home address of every active member of the Offshore Membership Group addressing in more detail this issue and how it may affect our contracts.

MM&P advises members to note and follow these procedures:

  1. Maintain and keep detailed time and duty records for any hours of work performed doing anything that might be considered security duties.
  2. Maintain and keep detailed time and duty records for any hours of work performed doing anything outside the usual and normal duties of an LDO.
  3. All LDOs should submit penalty rate for payment for any time spent as outlined in items 1 and 2 if these duties are done during normal watch or duty hours.
  4. All LDOs should submit overtime for payment for any time spent as outlined in items 1 and 2 if these duties are done outside normal watch or duty hours.

Members having any questions or comments are asked to contact your area Vice President or Port Representative.



MM&P-contracted Horizon Lines recently won the bidding to manage MSC’s seven oceanographic ships (T-AGS) to support the Naval Oceanography Program. The Licensed Deck Officer billets will be filled by MM&P members. MM&P needs to hear from members and applicants interested in working aboard these ships. Vessel assignments may be permanent.

The T-AGS ships will pay competitive wages and will have 15-for-30 vacation, pension, health & welfare, IRAP and training contributions made on the employees’ behalf. Members and applicants selected to sail aboard the T-AGS ships will be required to have a US Government-issued Secret clearance. The Company will assist the mariner in obtaining this clearance.

All interested members and applicants are requested to send a resume to your local area Offshore Vice President or to International Headquarters in care of the Executive Assistant to the President at 700 Maritime Blvd., Linthicum Heights, MD 21090; Fax: 410-850-0973. Calls with questions may be directed to 410-850-8700 x23. Resumes or questions may also be sent by Email to,, and



The USCG is seeking applications for appointment to membership on the Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee (MERPAC). MERPAC provides advice and makes recommendations to the USCG on matters related to the training, qualification, licensing, certification, and fitness of seamen serving in the US merchant marine. Applications should reach the USCG by August 30.

Application forms may be obtained via the Internet by logging on to or by writing to:

Commandant (G-MSO-1) United States Coast Guard 2100 Second Street SW Washington, DC 20593-0001


Send completed applications to:

Mark Gould, Assistant Executive Director MERPAC Room 1210, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters 2100 Second Street SW Washington, DC 20593-0001


For further info, call MERPAC at 202-267-6890, fax 202-267-4570 or contact Capt. Joe Stone at MM&P HQ at 410-850-8700 x24, Email: .



Attention all Members in good standing with dependent children who will be college freshman in September: A local Baltimore law firm is awarding two $2,500 one-time only scholarships to children of Union members. Since the MM&P is headquartered in the Baltimore area, Union members’ children would be eligible to apply for these scholarships.

One scholarship is for Undergraduate and the other is for Graduate School. Students must already be accepted to a college prior to applying. The deadline for application is August 20. The scholarships will be awarded September 24.

If your son or daughter would like to make application for this scholarship, please have them contact the MM&P Plan Office at 410-850-8600 for an application. The member’s name is required so that the Union can sign the application to certify that he/she is a member in good standing prior to sending the application to your child.

Members can also Email Plans Administrator Valerie Verrecchio at with the member info including address where the application can be mailed.



Rates Drop, Limits Increase On Auto Loans

MM&P FCU vehicle loan rates have dropped across-the-board. Effective May 5, borrowers may finance up to $30,000 on vehicle loans for terms up to 72 months. This is an increase of $5,000 and 12 months over past maximum financing amounts and terms.

Rates on 6 year auto financing range between 5.50% and 6.25%. Vehicle loan rates are as low as 4.00%. Rates apply to new and used cars, and to loans refinancing higher rate vehicle loans from other institutions. Contact the Credit Union office to find out how these rates may cost less than dealers incentives and how you qualify for new, low rate vehicle financing.


Signature Loan Rates Dip

As an added bonus, Signature Loan rates have also been lowered. Now is the time to start thinking about those summer vacation plans or home improvement projects. Signature loan rates range from 9.00% to 9.75%. Hurry and take advantage of these new lower rates and start saving money today.

Need More Info? Contact Kathy Klisavage, MM&P FCU Manager, to learn more about loan rates and products, direct deposit, share savings accounts and certificates of deposit, benefits of membership and membership eligibility. Kathy Klisavage can be reached by email to, or by calling 410-850-8700 x43 or toll-free 1-800-382-7777.

All MM&P FCU loan rate percentages are APR or Annual Percentage Rate. All MM&P FCU savings and certificate rates are APY or Annual Percentage Yield. Loan terms and conditions are subject to change. Contact the MM&P FCU for eligibility info and for full terms and conditions.


Protect Your Personal Information – Beware of Email Scams

“It’s the curse of technology,” was overheard recently as someone talked about Email scams. Email scams are rampant these days, just like telephone scams were not so long ago. In the most-common current scenario, an Email is received from what looks like a legitimate entity that asks you to provide sensitive, private information to “verify” your identity or account. Scam artists are now even posing as the Internal Revenue Service to try and get your info.

The IRS recently issued a warning that fraudulent emails disguised as being from them are aimed at tricking taxpayers into providing their Social Security numbers, driver’s license information and bank and credit card numbers through a web site that’s set up to look like it belongs to a federal agency. If this information is obtained it can be used by identity thieves to take over a person’s financial accounts, run up charge cards, apply for loans and file fraudulent tax returns.

Protect yourself. No financial institution, federal agency or legitimate business will initiate contact by Email or phone and ask for any such personal information. Legitimate entities with which you are already established should have that info. If you receive such a request, contact the sender to verify if it is legitimate. The MM&P Federal Credit Union has never been the target of such a scam and will never initiate an Email to you that asks for this type of private information.

The MM&P Wheelhouse Weekly is the official electronic newsletter of the International Organization of Masters, Mates, and Pilots, ILA, AFL-CIO, 700 Maritime Blvd., Linthicum Heights, MD 21090-1941. Phone: 410-850-8700; Fax: 410-850-0973; Email: For further info or to subscribe contact John Peige at The Wheelhouse Weekly is sent via Email to MM&P-contracted vessels at sea, broadcast worldwide via FEC marine telex and is posted on our web page.