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As a follow-up to his Jan. 25 Buy America Executive Order, President Biden has named former AFL-CIO trade official Celeste Drake as the first director of the administration’s Made in America Office.
“MM&P enthusiastically supports the appointment of Celeste Drake to serve as the first director of the Made in America Office within the Office of Management and Budget,” MM&P President Don Marcus and Secretary-Treasurer Don Josberger said in a statement.

“We believe very strongly that she is eminently qualified to oversee the critically important buy-America policies and objectives set forth by President Biden in his January 25, 2021 Executive Order.”

“Ensuring that American taxpayer dollars are used to the fullest extent to purchase US goods and services, including maritime services, is a key component of our nation’s economic growth.”

“It will help bring an end to the outsourcing of American maritime jobs, encouraging instead the greater utilization of privately-owned US-flag commercial vessels.”

“In addition, ensuring that US-flag shipping policies are fully enforced will help guarantee that our nation has the US-flag commercial sealift readiness capability and the American mariners needed by the Department of Defense to enhance the security of the United States and to support American troops deployed overseas.”

“We look forward to working with Celeste Drake and her staff on behalf of America’s maritime workers.”