Maritime Institute for Research and Industrial Development (MIRAID)

The Maritime Institute for Research and Industrial Development (MIRAID) is a Washington DC based non-profit corporationmiraidlogo formed in September 1978. MIRAID represents U.S.-flag shipping companies engaged in all aspects of America’s foreign and domestic shipping trades which have collective bargaining relationships with the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P). MM&P’s contracted shipping companies contribute to MIRAID pursuant to their collective bargaining agreements with MM&P and together, the MM&P and its shipping companies constitute MIRAID’s governing body. C. James Patti has served as MIRAID’s President since 1985 and Stephen Wines serves as MIRAID’s Counsel.

Since its inception, MIRAID has provided a forum for MM&P and its shipping companies to discuss and debate issues affecting the operation of U.S.-flag commercial vessels. The officers and staff of MIRAID work to achieve a consensus on proposed solutions which will strengthen the economic viability and competitiveness of the U.S.-flag vessel operations of its member U.S.-flag shipping companies and which will thereby preserve and create shipboard jobs for the members of the MM&P.

To this end, MIRAID engages in all lawful and proper activities within the scope of legislative and regulatory affairs. A registered lobbying organization, MIRAID:

To help MIRAID achieve its lobbying goals, MIRAID works closely with MM&P and assists MM&P in the implementation of its Political Contribution Fund (PCF). The MM&P PCF relies solely on MM&P-member contributions. The use of the MM&P PCF to support individuals running for elected office who understand the importance of a strong U.S.-flag merchant marine to the economic, military and homeland security of the United States helps provide MIRAID, MM&P and its U.S.-flag shipping companies with a greater voice in our nation’s capital. More than 90% of the Congressional and Senate candidates supported by the MM&P PCF in 2012 won election. This enhances the opportunity for MIRAID to further its goals and objectives on behalf of MM&P, its U.S.-flag shipping companies, and the United States-flag merchant marine. If you are an MM&P member, retiree, employee or family member, visit our Political Contribution Fund Page to learn more about the MM&P PCF and to make a PCF donation now.