May 8th 2019

Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) was honored by maritime labor unions and U.S.-flag shipping companies at the Propeller Club’s annual “Salute to Congress” on May 1.

Each year, the event honors a member of Congress who champions the American Merchant Marine and the U.S.-flag shipping industry.

Richmond is a founding member of the Congressional Maritime Caucus and currently serves as its co-chair.

Under his leadership, the caucus has worked to educate members of Congress and their staffs on the importance of our industry to U.S. economic and homeland security, and to national defense.

Richmond is a strong supporter of the Maritime Security Program and the Jones Act, and advocates strengthening cargo preference requirements to provide more cargo for U.S.-flag vessels.

He has also cosponsored a bill that would award merchant mariners who served our country in World War II the Congressional Gold Medal.

“Congressman Richmond is one of the strongest voices speaking out on behalf of the Jones Act, the domestic shipping companies, shipyards and the maritime workforce,” said Propeller Club President Rear Adm. Joel R. Whitehead.

“He has been a tireless fighter for the programs and policies that support the U.S.-flag international fleet, working each year to ensure that the Maritime Security Program is fully funded and that our nation’s U.S.-flag cargo preference shipping requirements are fully enforced.”

In accepting the Propeller Club award, Richmond said that he intends to push for investments in the nation’s ports and waterways to be included in any infrastructure legislation passed by Congress.

“If we are going to do an infrastructure deal, it has to be robust, it has to be real and the maritime industry has to be included,” he said.

“The maritime industry is a cornerstone of the American economy,” he added, “and it doesn’t receive the recognition that it deserves.”