August 28th 2020

Among other actions, delegates to the 88th MM&P Biennial Convention approved the following resolution.

“[I]n the midst of a global pandemic and grave social unrest in the United States… notwithstanding all the other demands on his time and his administration… [President Trumka] took the time to carefully and equitably consider all points of view pertaining to the AFL-CIO Charter of MM&P’s 5300 members, and… in full accordance with the Constitution of the AFL-CIO recognized MM&P as a direct affiliate of the AFL-CIO and the holder of its original AFL-CIO Charter.”

On behalf of the MM&P membership, the delegates expressed “a heartfelt and collective ‘thank you’ to Richard L. Trumka for his just decision made under the intense pressures of our times.”

They pledged MM&P’s “enduring support for the institution of the AFL-CIO and the ideals of justice and service to working people of all stripes that the AFL-CIO so proudly stands for.”

All the resolutions approved by delegates will be posted on and published in their entirety in the October-December 2020 issue of The Master, Mate & Pilot.