June 24th 2019

Matson’s new ConRo LURLINE was christened and launched at General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego on Saturday.

At 870-feet in length, the LURLINE is the largest ship ever built in San Diego.

It is the most recent ship in the Matson fleet to be named in honor of LURLINE, the ocean goddess revered in native Hawaiian culture, and follows a long line of illustrious predecessors.

MM&P licensed deck officers crew all the ships in the Matson fleet.

Attending the christening and launch were several of the MM&P officers who will crew the ship, along with MM&P Pacific Ports Vice President Lars Turner, Coast Agent Jeremy Hope and the union’s West Coast Pilot Membership Group Representative Kip Carlson, a San Francisco Bay pilot.

“It was an honor to join brothers Paul Schulman and John Bloomingdale in welcoming Matson’s newest U.S.-flagged ship,” said Turner.

“It is ever impressive to see our brothers and sisters leading the next generation of Matson ships with MM&P pride and professionalism.”

“This was a banner evening for every part of maritime in the United States,” Carlson said, adding that the event underlined “Matson’s commitment to Hawaii and [to] all the members of the labor family who keep the company’s mission focused and on point.”

The LURLINE is the first of two Kanaloa Class vessels commissioned by Matson. The second vessel, now under construction at NASSCO, is named MATSONIA.

With delivery of the Kanaloa Class ships, along with its two new Aloha Class vessels the DANIEL K. INOUYE and the KAIMANA HILA, Matson will have completed this stage of renewing its Hawaii fleet.