December 5th 2019

They attack us. They attack our programs. They attack our supporters.

One thing we can say about our opponents: They never give up.

Now, these so-called “free trade” groups are vowing to repeal the Jones Act before June 2020, its 100th anniversary.

Their allies in government are fighting to circumvent the U.S.-flag cargo preference requirements that keep American ships sailing.

They are blocking our efforts to give U.S.-flag ships and American crews their fair share of our country’s oil and liquefied natural gas exports.

Maritime policy—and maritime jobs—depend on who wins on Election Day.

It’s a simple truth, and one that our enemies never forget.

What can you do to defend the U.S.-flag fleet and your job?

First: Vote. (But before you do, go to and click on “Who We Support” to see which candidates support the U.S.-flag merchant marine.)

Second: Contribute to the MM&P Political Contribution Fund.

Your contribution will be used to elect and reelect candidates who support the U.S.-flag fleet—without regard to political party, philosophy or other extraneous factors.

Your contribution—large or small—helps provide the resources we need to ensure America’s mariners have a seat at the table and can make their voice heard.

Please. Act. Now.

Your support helps the PCF to protect your job.