November 12th 2020

Joe Biden’s path to the White House ran through America’s labor movement, says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Fifty-eight percent of union members voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, according to an internal AFL-CIO post-election survey.

“This was an unprecedented election,” Trumka said in a statement. “And it came during an unprecedented year.”

“A year of anger and sorrow and civil unrest. A year of unfathomable loss. Loss of jobs and economic security. Loss of life.”

“But during this trying year, union members have delivered for America—every day in every way. Stocking the shelves. Moving goods and people. Fighting the fires. Healing the sick.”

“The resilience of unions is the story of 2020. It’s been on display all year.”

“It’s guided by our belief that a better day is still within our reach. And today, I am more confident than ever that better day is near.”

Ninety-five percent of members of AFL-CIO unions say that protecting workers’ rights is the top priority for this next congress, Trumka said.

“And yes,” he added, “that includes 93 percent of our members who went for Trump.”

“The right to collective bargaining. Fair wages and workplace safety. A voice on the job. The belief that all work has dignity and everyone should retire with security.”

“None of that is red or blue,” Trumka said. “It’s simply American. It’s what America’s labor movement has fought for in 2020—not just in this election but in our workplaces, too.”

“Let’s be clear: Union voters delivered this election for Biden and Harris. Their message and commitment to create ‘the most significant pro-labor, pro-worker administration’ resonated with our 12.5 million members and 56 affiliated unions who are hungry for a bigger voice in our economy and our politics.”

“Now the AFL-CIO stands ready to help the president-elect and vice president-elect deliver a long overdue workers’ first agenda. That starts with passing the HEROES Act to provide our families and communities emergency support and services in the face of this deadly virus.”

“Once working people are made whole, the real rebuilding can begin. We call on Congress to pass and Biden to sign the Protecting the Right to Organize Act early in 2021 to make sure every worker who wants to form or join a union is able to do so freely and fairly.”

“Working people want our leaders to act swiftly and think more boldly than ever before. The time to begin is now.”

“The labor movement is ready to work with the new administration and Congress to raise wages and standards across America.”

“Together, we must end rampant inequality and deliver security and prosperity to all of our communities.”

Masters, Mates & Pilots is one of the 56 affiliates of the AFL-CIO.