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United Inland Membership Group NEWS Highlights

This year, the Great Lakes License Advancement Program recorded the highest number of participants ever, says instructor Chris Edyvean. The average class size is four to six, but this time, there were 12 mariners in attendance. The license type breakdown was typical he said, ranging from Original 1600-Ton Mate to Original Great Lakes Mate Any Gross Tons and Great Lakes Master Any Gross Tons.

(Left to right) Chris Edyvean, Jack Brandenburg (Interlake), Dan Jasmund and Shawn Hayes (Grand River Navigation), Pat Joyce (Interlake), Rob Cardinal (Grand River Navigation), Nate Chesebro (Interlake), Ken Houseal (Great Lakes Fleet), Alex Weber (Interlake), Mike Haynes (Interlake), Matt Stoltzmann (Interlake), Keene Weekley (Great Lakes Fleet) and Jeremy Reeves (VanEnkevort Tug & Barge).