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United Inland Group Contracted Employers

The United Inland Membership Group (UIG) is comprised of several different areas of expertise: harbor, river and ocean tugboat industry; passenger ferry systems; and Great Lakes shipping.  It is the fastest-growing MM&P membership group. It is made up of union members who work in three different geographical regions of the United States:

Pacific Maritime Region (PMR)

The Pacific Maritime Region represents professional mariners employed on passenger ferries and harbor and ocean tugboats working up and down the Pacific Coast.

Two of the largest ferry systems in the United States are crewed by the membership of the UIG’s Pacific Maritime Region: the Washington State Ferry System and the Alaska Marine Highway System. In addition, MM&P members crew San Francisco’s Blue and Gold Fleet, the Whatcom County Ferries (the Lummi Island Group), the Wahkiakum County Ferry System, and Black Ball Transport – to name just a few.

Great Lakes & Rivers Region (GL&R)

The Great Lakes & Rivers Region represents men and women working on “Lakers,” tug boats and other specialized vessels on the Great Lakes and inland rivers.

The mariners who belong to the GL&R, which is based in Cleveland, are among the most highly specialized members of the Masters, Mates & Pilots. Every GL&R officer must have a First Class Pilot endorsement as well as a Coast Guard license.

Atlantic & Gulf Region (A&G)

The Atlantic & Gulf Region represents union members with limited licenses, as well as unlicensed personnel.

The United Inland Group’s Atlantic & Gulf Region has an office in Jacksonville, Fla. A&G members employed by McAllister Brothers crew tugboats in Puerto Rico. And when you visit MM&P’s Maritime Institute training facility in Linthicum, Md., you will find A&G members, including the housekeeping staff and dining room personnel, doing “shore-side duty.”

 Harbor, River and Ocean Tugboat Industry

An ocean tug and its tow are the deepest draft vessels on the ocean, at times three-fourths of a mile long and with a draft of one hundred feet to the bottom of the tow wire. The UIG negotiates about 30 collective bargaining agreements for the towboat industry alone in areas that include Los Angeles/Long Beach, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, the State of Alaska, the Great Lakes states, Baltimore, coastal Florida and Puerto Rico. The largest portion of our ocean-going tugs travel in the waters of Alaska and Hawaii.