Make Your Voice Heard: Tell Your Representatives to Oppose the TPP

Reach out to your member of Congress with a personalized letter or e-mail message that underlines the fact that the TPP will lead to more outsourcing of family-sustaining middle-class jobs.

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Personalize the letter below by adding your own thoughts:

The Honorable __________
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative:

As a constituent and as a member of the Masters, Mates & Pilots Union, I am writing to urge that you oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. While the purported goals of this multinational agreement include the promotion of economic growth and the creation and preservation of jobs, TTP will, in my opinion, do exactly the opposite for the United States and for American workers.

More specifically, I am concerned about the impact TTP will have on “Buy America” policies. It is imperative that our country retain the right to impose “Buy America” requirements on goods and services in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to promote American jobs. Allowing foreign companies to have equal access under Federal contracts and treating foreign companies as if they are American could result in foreign companies, even those with horrendous human and worker rights policies, receiving U.S. government contracts.

In addition, eliminating tariffs as called for in TPP without stringent and fully enforced workers’ rights provisions will do little more than to encourage corporations to relocate their manufacturing facilities overseas and to outsource American jobs to the benefit of foreign workers. This will enrich multinational corporations at the expense of the American worker and America’s economy, making it easier and cheaper to manufacture overseas and export to the United States.

Finally, by allowing foreign multinational corporations to challenge U.S. laws and regulations, the TPP would diminish America’s national sovereignty and undermine our democracy. By allowing such challenges to bypass U.S. courts and be handled instead through an “investor-state-dispute” settlement process, foreign corporations will be able to seek compensation from the United States for enforcing regulations and safeguards intended to protect America’s workers and working families.

I urge you to put the American worker first and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.





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