Political Contribution Fund

Your job as a professional mariner is directly dependent on what happens in Washington, D.C. The voluntary contributions that MM&P members and employees make to the Political Contribution Fund are used to support the election of pro-maritime, pro-labor candidates. By supporting our PCF, you play a direct role in the political process by helping elect individuals who, regardless of political party affiliation, are committed to supporting a larger, more competitive U.S.-flag merchant marine and to working to prevent your job from being eliminated or outsourced to foreign mariners working on foreign-flag ships.

Who can contribute to the MM&P PCF?

All active members, retired members and employees of the Masters, Mates & Pilots, as well as their immediate families, can contribute to the PCF.

Receive gifts for your contribution!

Click Here to view the gifts you can choose to receive for your contribution.

How can I contribute to the MM&P PCF?

To find out more, e-mail pcf@bridgedeck.org.

Remember: Every MM&P member and employee should contribute to the PCF and vote for candidates who have demonstrated their support for our union and our jobs.