LMSR Employment Guidance

November 13th 2014 ,

MM&P members interested in sailing on Patriot’s Watson Class LMSRs and other government-contract vessels need specialized training, physicals and security checks.

MITAGS recommends you do the following:

First, review the linked Training Matrix and Junior Office Requirements.

A substantial time commitment is needed to become qualified to work on these vessels. Please make sure your are able to make that commitment.

Also pay special attention to the Physical and Security Requirements.

If you have concerns or questions regarding these requirements, please contact your MM&P representative.

Next, submit your Junior Officer Resume or Senior Officer Resume and all required information electronically to Mr. Robert Chiesa at (phone: 443-784-8788) and to

Don’t worry if you do not have everything. Submit what you have and note your availability for deployment. Please keep an electronic copy for yourself of everything that you submit.

Once the paperwork has been submitted, contact MITAGS Admissions for availability dates for training at or phone 866-656-5568. The Admissions Office at MITAGS will determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements for the training.

Note: The MATES Program, MM&P and Patriot will be making a substantial investment in the members who are working to qualify for these positions. In return, we need members who want to work on these vessels on a regular basis.