January 18th 2018

OCEAN GIANT, the heavy-lift ship managed by Waterman Steamship for Military Sealift Command (MSC), is on its way to the South Pole.

In the wheelhouse are MM&P members Captain Timothy Arey, Chief Mate William Cumming, Second Mate Corey Hur and Third Mate Eoin Callinan.

The ship plays a central role in MSC’s annual Joint Task Force Antarctica mission to resupply McMurdo Station, a scientific outpost at the South Pole.

MSC has supported the operation since the station was established in 1955, providing supplies and fuel to scientists.

As part of the resupply mission, 498 containers filled with food, mechanical parts, vehicles, construction materials, office supplies and electronics equipment are being shipped to the scientific outpost.

This represents 80 percent of the supplies needed by the scientists to survive at McMurdo for the year.

Before departing the South Pole, OCEAN GIANT will be loaded with ice core samples that will be stored on the ship in sub-zero freezer containers.

The ice core samples will be used for scientific study.

In addition, retrograde cargo will be loaded onto the ship for transportation off the continent. It includes trash and recyclable materials for disposal and equipment no longer required at the station.

OCEAN GIANT participated in Operation Deep Freeze last year and also traveled to the North Pole as part of Operation Pacer Goose 2017 to resupply Thule Air Base.