April 7th 2016

As the political campaign season shifts into high gear, those opposed to the programs that support the American Merchant Marine are stepping up their efforts.

Opponents of the U.S.-flag fleet will seize any opportunity to advance their own interests at the expense of our industry, the military and economic security of our nation and American maritime jobs.

Food Aid in the Crosshairs

U.S.-flag cargo preference requirements for PL 480 food aid have come under attack in the House Committee on the Budget. The committee’s draft Fiscal Year 2017 budget resolution states: “Eliminating cargo preferences . . . in international food aid would improve shipping flexibility and produce more cost-effective procurement procedures.”

The committee’s report says PL 480 Food for Peace—widely considered the world’s most effective program of its kind–has serious shortcomings that result “primarily from enduring program constraints, including the cargo preference (which dictates at least 50 percent of food aid must be shipped on U.S.-flagged vessels).”

We won’t take this attack lying down. MM&P, MIRAID and others in our industry will fight to preserve the buy and ship USA components of the Food for Peace program which ensure that American farmers, American longshore workers and America’s maritime industry continue to participate in the production, handling and shipping of U.S. food aid to people in need around the world.

Jones Act Foes Are At It Again: This Time, in Puerto Rico

Jones Act opponents see an opening in the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. The conservative advocacy group Heritage Action is demanding that members of Congress oppose any debt relief legislation that does not either exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act or repeal the Jones Act outright.

“Congress should fully repeal the Jones Act, which would promote competition, strengthen the economy and benefit American consumers,” the group says.

Stand With Us in the Fight to Protect American Maritime Jobs

MM&P and MIRAID have joined forces with others in our industry to oppose these attacks.

We know that turning over domestic maritime commerce to foreign owned, controlled and crewed vessels will weaken our economy, imperil national security and cost thousands of American maritime workers their jobs.

Can we count on you? It’s essential that we be able to support the election campaigns of the men and women who stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the fight to preserve American maritime jobs.

The MM&P Political Contribution Fund (PCF) supports any member of Congress, regardless of party affiliation or political ideology, who supports the U.S.-flag fleet!

Please go to and make a contribution today.