February 7th 2017

The MM&P-crewed MV OCEAN GIANT traveled last month to McMurdo Station in the South Pole as part of Operation Deep Freeze (ODF), the Task Force Antarctica mission for the resupply of McMurdo.

Military Sealift Command (MSC) has supported ODF, providing supplies and fuel to the scientists at McMurdo, since the remote outpost was established in 1955.

OCEAN GIANT reached McMurdo in late January and began conducting cargo offloads from the ice pier soon after.

The ship arrived with 550 pieces of cargo consisting of nearly 7 million pounds of supplies such as frozen and dry food stores, building materials, vehicles and electronic equipment and parts.

Before departing McMurdo, OCEAN GIANT was to be loaded with retrograde cargo for transportation off the continent, including ice core samples carried back to the United States in sub-zero freezer containers, as well as trash and recyclable materials for disposal and equipment no longer required on station.

MM&P licensed deck officers now aboard OCEAN GIANT are Master Bruce Myrdek and Chief Mate Stephen Dejong.