July 14th 2016

The MM&P Constitutional Convention will take place on Monday, July 18. It will be followed by the 86th Regular Convention July 19-21.

The authority of our union is vested in the members, acting by and through their elected Convention delegates.

As stated in the MM&P International Constitution: “Such Convention is the source of all true and legitimate authority over the Organization and possesses as such supreme and absolute power over same and all channels leading thereto. It shall, while in session, have the sole and exclusive power to grant charters to affiliate bodies; to suspend or revoke for cause any charter so granted; to hear and determine all appeals; and to enact rules and establish regulations to settle grievances from the Membership Groups or Members thereof, in order to carry out, in the most effective manner, the objectives and purposes of this Organization.”

Follow the MM&P Conventions on Facebook: @IOMMP; on Twitter @MMP_UNION; and on Instagram: BRIDGEDECK.ORG.

Complete coverage of the Conventions will be published in the July 19 Wheelhouse Weekly and in The Master, Mate & Pilot’s Special Convention Issue.

Important Reminder: the MM&P Headquarters Staff will be assisting at the Constitutional and 86th Conventions July 18-22.

If members are planning to use HQ services (including company assignments) if possible please do so by July 15.

You will be able to reach HQ staff by e-mail during the Conventions but members are advised not to leave important messages on staff voice mail during this period and not to come to HQJuly 18-22 in person unless prior arrangements have been made.

Normal office hours will resume July 22.