February 7th 2018

American President Lines has announced that it will replace the five C-11s in the Maritime Security Program (MSP) with newer vessels.

Starting as early as May, the company says, the C-11s will be replaced with vessels from the CMA CGM international fleet.

Details of the turnovers are still being finalized, but tentative dates have been proposed for the reflagging of each ship.

The CC NARMADA is set to replace the APL SINGAPORE by late June or as early as mid-May.

The APL HAWAII will relieve the APL PHILIPPINES in late June or early July.

The CC INDUS will replace the APL CHINA in late June or mid-July.

The PRESIDENT TRUMAN (HS ROME) will flag-in in July.

The PRESIDENT CLEVELAND (HS PARIS) will replace the APL THAILAND in late July or mid-August.

All the replacement vessels will be renamed after former U.S. presidents.​